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Horoscope for the Week of January 16-22

This week we have beneficial astral aspects, which allow us to enjoy a new beginning.

Mercury resumes its direct movement in Capricorn on January 18, and on January 21 there is a new moon in Aquarius.

Discover the horoscope for the week of January 16-22 for your zodiac sign:


The new moon in Aquarius, on January 21, is a good start for your social life. It is not about a fabulous party but an intimate meeting with friends and colleagues. This moment will remind you how important it is to have the support of others for the fulfillment of your dreams. If you have your own business, now is the ideal time to set your goals for this year and approach possible collaborators.


The new moon in Aquarius, on January 21, brings you a new start in your career and public life, after several years of worries and insecurity. Whether you had a long dispute with your boss, insecurity related to the next step in your career, or difficulty gaining the respect of your colleagues, this new month allows you to start over. Use the opportunity to present yourself again, as you wish to be seen.


The new moon in Aquarius on January 21 amplifies your desire for adventure. It’s the perfect time to decide on future vacations and what you most want to visit. Your world has shrunk in recent years, and travel plans and study opportunities have been reduced to a minimum. But now is the time to have big dreams again.


The sector of common resources and collaborations will be illuminated this week by the new moon in Aquarius. You have made a lot of compromises in recent years and you wonder if you will be able to make decisions again, on your terms. It’s not the time for total autonomy, but it’s a good time to get support. Solve everything related to taxes, debts, or credits. Ask and you shall receive!


The new moon in Aquarius, on January 21, offers you a wonderful start in your romantic life and your close relationships of all kinds. 2022 was not a very good one for you in terms of love, but now is the time to regain your shine. What kind of connections do you want in your life this year? Set new intentions and the Universe will give you what you want.


It’s been a long time since you haven’t felt a state of balance in your daily routine. But the new moon in Aquarius on January 21 offers you exactly this: the possibility of a fresh start. Whether you started a new job, returned to regular physical training, or adopted a healthy diet, now is the ideal time to make a change.


The new moon in Aquarius is a chance for you to have a new beginning in your romantic life or creative projects. You attract what you manifest, so it’s time to use the power of this new month to get what you want. Don’t forget that a positive attitude is everything.


For you, the new moon in Aquarius brings the opportunity to rest and recover. You have gone through many difficult changes in your home and family life in recent years, and now is the time to set new intentions, which are only yours. It doesn’t matter what others think, what matters is what you want.


This new moon in Aquarius is the ideal time to set up your schedule. In recent years it has been a real challenge to establish and maintain a daily routine. But now you feel that you are settled and that you can use the better organization to gain more freedom. It is also a good time to reconnect with a brother/sister or an old friend that you miss.


Your sector of money and resources will be illuminated this week by the new moon in Aquarius, from January 21. But it is not limited to setting the budget for 2023. It will also make you reflect on the things that make you feel good. You have your plans and you’re raising money for a major investment, whether it’s a car or a house, but you shouldn’t deny yourself the small pleasures that bring you joy.


Your season begins on January 21st and with it a new moon in your sign. If you’ve thought about making a change of look, a transformation of your wardrobe, or a skincare routine, now is the ideal time to start. It is also a good time to focus on health issues.


Although most people focus on resolutions for this year, you are more inclined to take a step back and reflect. The new moon in Aquarius takes place in your subconscious sector, which makes this period ideal for rest. It is the perfect time to start a meditation program.

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