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Horoscope for the Week of February 13-19

This week’s astral aspects are perfectly aligned with Valentine’s Day.

Venus, the planet of love, forms an aspect with Neptune, the star of dreams, which brings an atmosphere of romantic fantasy. But on February 16, the Sun meets Saturn in Aquarius, the planet of discipline, and reminds us that relationships don’t just mean fun and love, but also require effort.

Discover the horoscope for the week of February 13-19 for your zodiac sign:


Before planning something very special for Valentine’s Day for your partner, make sure they are on the same wavelength and want the same thing. For you, this week will end either in a euphoric state or disappointment, nothing in between. Some harsh words from a friend will displease you, but at the same time, they bring you down to earth.


Discipline is your strong point, but this week your head is in the clouds and you have a euphoric state. You devote yourself more to pleasures and can neglect some duties. Although it is good to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday life, there is a risk of forgetting an important deadline.


If everyone is interested in the romantic and sentimental plan this week, you are more focused on your career. A meeting with your boss, scheduled for February 15, will give you a feeling of agitation. Will you get that promotion you’ve been dreaming of for a long time? Or the recognition you were waiting for? Do your best to keep expectations realistic. You will have even more work after you get what you want.


A relationship that kept you stuck in a complicated power dynamic is about to end, as are some financial obligations that prevented you from achieving abundance. Keep an eye on your long-term goals, travel plans, and opportunities to broaden your horizons. And don’t forget that it’s okay to immerse yourself in the world of fantasy from time to time.


You are delighted with a potential partner, but before you fall head over heels in love, think about how this new relationship makes you exceed your limits. You know you deserve the best, but despite all that, you sometimes get stuck in relationships where you give more than you earn. You have to be where you are treated with the respect you deserve.


You are not the type of person to fall prey to the sweets specific to Valentine’s Day. But this year you are more romantic and sentimental than usual. Whether you are single or already in a relationship, you are delighted to share your love with the favorite people in your life. This state makes your responsibilities seem lighter and easier to manage.


If you are usually not afraid to show your love through romantic gestures, this week you channel your sensitivity towards noble causes. You have the opportunity to help people who need support and you do it without thinking. You feel better when you give, and this helps you gain more inner peace.


The romantic fantasy you’ve been immersed in since the end of January will reach its peak on February 15, when Neptune forms an aspect with Venus in your sector of sentimental life. This can mean a special romantic meeting or a day marked by creativity and fun. Open your heart, but at the same time be firm about the limits you have imposed.


I understand your regrets this week. But do you think it’s worth staying and thinking about past loves? Instead of falling into the trap of “what if…?”, try to stay anchored in the present and your current reality. Maybe now there are fewer people in your life than a few years ago, but quality matters, not quantity.


Think about where you were at this time last year and also where you were at this time in 2021. After Saturn, the planet that rules your sign forms an aspect with the sun on February 16, you experience a renewal. The changes you are going through now were necessary and you should see them as opportunities. Try to evaluate where you are and where you want to go, and if you have clear goals, write them down or make a washboard.


For you, it is a week marked by ups and downs. One day you feel incredibly confident, and the next day you feel down to earth. Instead of letting yourself be engulfed by self-criticism and thoughts that only demoralize you, try to deal with those negative feelings through a relaxing beautification ritual.


Everyone wants to work with you, take you out on the town, or ask for your advice this week. But for various reasons, despite all the compliments you receive, you can’t get rid of stress and anxiety. Spend time with people who support you and make you feel good. Avoid those who do nothing but accentuate your negative feelings.

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