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6 Zodiacs Who Love Dating People Who Challenge Them


Leos are attracted to the strong-willed and assertive, even better if you’re somewhat intimidating to people. They’re one of the most headstrong signs, so they want someone who compliments their strengths and is their equal. They will give the world and think of you highly if you’re that and more.


Aries like challenges in everything they do, especially when it comes to love. They don’t scare easily, even if you give them a hard time. In some ways, they prefer it. They’re aware of the obstacles that come with relationships and appreciate it when they meet someone as tenacious as them.


Geminis only date those who challenge the way they think. The ultimate students of the zodiac, their thirst for knowledge never stops, even when it comes to love. They want someone who sharpens their mind. From friendly debates to pointing out an inaccurate fact, they’ll immediately consider you as a partner if you can do all that and more.


Capricorns are methodical and ambitious, and they have the highest standards. They prefer strong personalities to submissive ones, as they want someone who inspires them to be their best. They want someone direct and honest. That’s why they love the opinionated, persistent, and determined and won’t mind if you dream big.


Scorpios are a force to be reckoned with, so they’ll never mind a challenge. You’ll be on their radar if you’re as passionate and assertive. They want someone who won’t be afraid to call them out. They’re attracted to the forward and decisive and will always appreciate when they meet someone as fearless as them.


Virgos are masters of the complex. So, the harder you play hard to get, the more they’ll want to have you. They want to be with someone who tells it like it is. They appreciate straightforward people who won’t make them wonder where they stand. They love the honest, vocal, and the people who know what they want.

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