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Horoscope for the Week of December 12-18

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After a tumultuous beginning of the month, the situation begins to stabilize this week, when the Sun forms a conjunction with Saturn, the planet of responsibility.

The feeling of confidence offered by this aspect will help us face another, less favorable aspect more easily: the square between the sun and Neptune, which takes place on December 14.

Mercury forms an aspect with Uranus on December 17 and inspires us to have surprising conversations, from which we can learn new and interesting things.

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Discover the horoscope for the week of December 12-18 for your zodiac sign:


Travel plans and career goals seem to become reality on December 12, but after December 14 you are already questioning those decisions that seemed safe. If it is not necessary to insist so much but to let everything come by itself? You will have inspiration on December 17, when you will realize how you can earn or save more money.

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That amount of money you were waiting for will come on December 12th, but by the 14th you will already have a shopping list full of useless things. This money should be put aside for the future, not spent indiscriminately. Some good news appears unexpectedly on December 17 and gives you a boost of confidence. I remind you that it is necessary to look at the whole.

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A difficult conversation with your partner goes much better than you would have expected on December 12. But on December 14, you discover that some new responsibilities are much greater than you thought and you are ready to end the commitment before it really begins. Take a break and think carefully before making an extreme decision. On December 17, you will be reminded that the Universe is on your side, even if you feel that things are out of control.

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It was a challenge for you to get back to a proper fitness routine and a healthy lifestyle this year. But on December 12, you will finally have the motivation to get back on track. Changing your routine can bring you unexpected new social or romantic connections on December 17.

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A love relationship that seemed fleeting becomes serious starting on December 12, but by December 14 you wonder if you got involved too much, too soon. You have to trust your decisions and let yourself be carried away by the wave. You can discover a love that will surprise you! On December 17, you will experience a change in the schedule that allows you to gain free time for relaxation.

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You made some investments for your workspace or dedicated yourself to physical training at home. But after December 14th, you wonder if it wouldn’t have been better to invest the years in something else. Don’t let doubt divert you from your well-laid plans. An unexpected party, together with your friends or children, gives you a feeling of contentment and relaxation on December 17.

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You have moments of intimacy with your loved one on December 12, which brings you a pleasant, secure state. Starting with December 14, you feel overwhelmed by obligations, health problems, or exhaustion. You can receive a surprising gift for the house on December 17, which will brighten your day and remind you to enjoy the small pleasures of life.

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The changes you started in your home finally take shape on December 12. This gives you a pleasant state of stability and order. But by December 14, you will already have other ideas for decorating your space. On December 17, a meeting with a friend turns into a romantic meeting that makes your heart beat faster.

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You have a surprise party with your closest friends. Starting with December 14, the excitement of the parties leaves you, and you are overwhelmed by the stress of the holidays, which comes especially from the family. Don’t forget to take care of yourself and pamper yourself as you wish. On December 17, you manage to change your daily routine in order to be more productive.

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On December 12, you will have a break, which you really needed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long, because after December 14th you return to your daily duties. You have more and more things to do, but less and less time available to do everything you set out to do. On December 17, you find your inspiration in a creative way and express yourself as you wish.

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Friends offer you a helping hand on December 12, but until December 14 you wonder if you really deserve this help. Stop doubting yourself. Everyone needs help, so don’t be afraid to accept it. And on December 17, you will have an unexpected opportunity to relax and get rid of stress. Your life partner or a work colleague offers to take on some of your responsibilities, which helps you a lot.

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Even if on December 12th your merits are recognized for all the work done this year, by December 14th you already worry that you haven’t done enough and you have to prove what you can do. But did you think that it is still enough? A meeting with new and old friends, on December 17, reminds you that life is not just about achievements.

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