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Horoscope For The Week Of August 7-13. Cancer And Libra Earn More Money

After last week’s full moon in Aquarius, which helped us set our priorities and have a clearer picture of the direction we want to go, now is the time to start new projects.

Fortunately, Mercury in Virgo helps us to be practical and organized.

On August 9, retrograde Venus forms a quadrature with Uranus for the second time this summer (the first time was on July 2). This aspect boils down to a change in desires and needs in love, beauty, and sexuality. The relationships that started under this influence are unusual, but that doesn’t mean they won’t last. Also on August 9, Mercury, the planet of communication forms a connection with Jupiter and offers us even more energy and optimism.

Discover the horoscope for the week of August 7-13 for your zodiac sign:


You have a lot of work to do this week and you feel like you need heroic courage just to get started. But instead of starting over, what if you tried to work with what you already have? The secret is to organize yourself better, to free yourself from what stands in your way and confuses you. This week is ideal for giving up everything that is no longer useful to you.


You are dealing with many deadlines this week. Although the first impulse is to rush to do everything as quickly as possible and escape, it is preferable to slow down the pace a little. Venus, the planet that rules your sign, is still retrograde and forms a square to Uranus on August 9, which means that the only thing you can count on is change. Accept what is happening and learn something from this whole process.


Whether your best friend is going through a breakup, your sister or brother is moving to another city, or the neighbors are going through a major renovation, much of your attention this week is not on your problems. Maybe it seemed like a relief because it’s easier to focus on something else than to directly address sensitive issues. But you are aware that it is just a way to distract yourself. Try to regain control over your time.


There’s great news for your career (and your bank account!) at the start of the week. You finally get that opportunity you’ve been dreaming of for months if not years! But now that you have it, you have to work even harder to make the most of it. Use the expansive energy of August 9 to delegate and make a well-prepared plan.


You start to feel in shape again, after a period in which you have not been in your waters. This week is crowded and you have a lot to do, but in a way that gives you satisfaction. Opportunities arise at work, financial problems are solved and your best friends will be with you when you want to celebrate. But this week also reminds you what or who exhausts you. Keep close to what inspires you and let go of the rest.


You feel inspired to share your wisdom this week and teach others your secrets. Mercury is still in your sign and you have a lot to say, both about yourself and the world in general. Join those who have similar interests to broaden your horizon even more. It is possible to meet a special person at a course or meeting.


This week brings you the opportunity to earn more money. Whether you find new collaborations through friends, build a community for your business, or sign a new contract, you get what you’re owed. Venus, the planet that rules your sign, is still retrograde and forms a square with Uranus, which inspires you to think unconventionally and innovatively.


You feel full of life and enthusiasm, so when the chance for a new commitment arises, you jump head first. But take a break and think if you want this or if you want anything that takes you out of your routine. Talk to friends and consider all options. What you accept may be different from what was initially presented to you.


Between deadlines at work, responsibilities at home, and requests from loved ones, you have a very busy week. Rely on your leadership skills to prioritize what’s important, instead of diving into endless to-do lists. Maybe you usually prefer to work in the shadows, but this week you have to take over the reins.


Do you feel that the lack of resources prevents you from living the life you want? Maybe, you are not facing financial difficulties, but emotional ones. It is difficult to relax and enjoy what you have when you feel that you weigh your soul. This week, use the resources you have at your disposal and follow your intuition. Go to the places that charge you and do what you like the most.


Last week’s full moon brought all the attention to you, but now the most important thing for you is that the dear people in your life feel supported. Whether you will be the host of relatives from far away, prepare a party with your closest friends, or go on vacation with your family, it is a support point for your loved ones, whom you make feel at home wherever you are.


When was the last time you felt so busy? Your schedule this week is full of social events, meetings at work, and many other obligations and responsibilities. If you feel overwhelmed, remember that you don’t have to do everything alone. Ask for help from your significant other, your best friend, or your colleagues.

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