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Horoscope For June 2023. Leo Gives Up On A Relationship That No Longer Works

This month you have the chance to build the reality you dream of. The month of June begins with a full moon in Sagittarius, on June 3, which will make our plans much more practical.

On June 5, Venus joins Mars in Leo and brings us a period in which we pay more attention to our personal image. It also gives us the will and determination to fight for what we want. Mercury enters Gemini on June 11 and gives us the power to translate our desires and needs into words.

On the same day, retrograde Pluto returns to Capricorn, after a period in Aquarius.

The new moon in Gemini, on June 18, is perfect for setting new intentions and making plans for the future.

The sun enters Cancer on June 21, and on June 26 it is joined by Mars, the planet of action. Thus begins a period in which we are ready to implement all the creative ideas we have.

The month ends on a dreamy note, after Neptune, the planet of fantasy, begins its retrograde movement in Pisces on June 30.

Discover the June 2023 horoscope for your zodiac sign:


This month you need to focus on the things going on behind the scenes. It’s not exactly what you wanted, but it’s what will help you support your plans. It’s time to get rid of old objects, put your documents in order and free up your space. It is never easy to leave the past behind, but it is necessary. From a sentimental point of view, this month you may have a real obsession with an unavailable person.

Financially, there are chances that you will have a profit at the beginning of the month, get a promotion, or a collaboration that could bring you more money.


In December 2020, you set some very ambitious goals for your career and public image, and this month you can look back with pride at the success you achieved. Your confidence in your strength is growing and now that you have achieved what you wanted professionally, it is time to focus on your personal life as well. Throughout the summer, you will change your perception of your home and family, so that you can achieve the same success on a personal level.

Both the full moon on June 3 and the new moon on June 18 will be in your astral money sector, which makes June a month to focus on finances and paying off debts.


A few years ago you decided to make important changes in your life, but you did not imagine that your path would bring you to where you are today. As your responsibilities increase, you gain more respect and become a true leader. However, you feel somehow detached from the experiences you are going through. Mercury retrograde, which took place last month, gave you the feeling that you are on another planet or that you are not living in the present. Your goal this month is to come back down to earth and enjoy everything that happens in your life.

The full moon on June 3 shows you exactly where you are in terms of the closest relationships in your life. It is a moment that either solidifies some relationships or destroys them for good.


You convinced yourself that to get what you want, you have to choose one thing or another. Whether you choose between art and a stable job, a fulfilled social life or a happy family, an apartment in the city or a house with a garden on the outskirts. As your long-term plans take shape, you realize that some of the sacrifices you made were temporary. All the effort you put in is now paying off. Your goal is to discover the balance between work and private life this month.

You don’t focus at all on the sentimental plane and that’s why love may find you this month, even if you’re not looking for it.


You learned that boundaries are not built in a day. Many of them require time, patience, and difficult conversations. Maybe at first, it seems painful and strange to express your desires and needs, but it is essential to do so. You are ready to turn into a negative character, but only for those who do not respect you. You have to remember that you can’t make everyone like you and you certainly can’t attract everyone to your side.

The full moon on June 3 illuminates your love sector. If usually, this time of the year brings you cute or sexy moments, this time it brings you more clarity. You discover that you have to give up a relationship that is wasting your time.


In December 2020, you set some clear intentions regarding your well-being and the way you take care of yourself. Over time, you adopted more discipline, and the results are visible. This month you have to stand out, share with the whole world what you have learned, and come out in front. It’s time to assume the role of leader.
Emotionally, you must align your plans with those of your partner. Don’t be afraid to say what you want from life.


It was a difficult struggle to create the life you want from scratch, but this month you notice that your efforts have paid off. Whether you want to be on your own or get rid of some debts, the month of June is perfect to achieve your goal of having more freedom. Another important element in this equation is to surround yourself with a strong community. Throughout the summer you will reconnect with some friends, as you give up on others. It is not at all easy to distance yourself from some people, but you deserve the peace you get.


Your life has changed radically in recent years. It was not at all easy to face the instability, but the results of these changes are beneficial and visible. The difficult part of this month is that you still have some changes to make in your professional life. Whether you quit your current job, get another position, or delegate your responsibilities, now is the time to make these changes. Both you and your partner are very focused on your careers and public images this month.


You start this month with a very busy schedule and a well-laid plan to radically change your life. You start playing sports again, you take on more responsibilities at work and you are ready to socialize more. But you shouldn’t rush. Before you exhaust yourself, think carefully about the reasons why you want this change. Do not forget that everything must be built on a solid foundation.

The new moon in Gemini, on June 18, marks a new beginning for your closest relationships. If you are single, you must make a list of all the qualities you want from your ideal partner and start manifesting them. If you already have a partner, it’s time to be on the same wavelength again and talk about your plans.


Taking care of yourself and knowing your true value has been an ongoing process for you in recent years. The purpose of this process was to help you enjoy the small pleasures of life. For you, Gemini season boils down to your professional life, but after the Sun enters Cancer on June 21, your attention is focused on relationships. You will spend much of this summer exploring the power dynamics in your closest relationships. Venus enters your sector of common resources on June 5 and brings negotiations that go very well and that allow you to obtain important gains.


In December 2020, you set some ambitious goals related to your public image. Instead of taking on the role of observer, you wanted to be a more active participant in your community. This month you will see the visible results of that effort. On June 5, Venus enters Leo and your romantic relationship sector, where it will remain until October. The last time your love life was in the foreground for so long was in the summer of 2015. Think about the romantic stories that appeared then to understand what awaits you now.


Your schedule gradually fills up, especially with social events and meetings with friends, and this brings you enthusiasm and a sense of well-being. In recent years you have been quite withdrawn and now you feel, finally, that you are returning to normal. The full moon on June 3 brings an interesting moment in your career or public image that will set the tone for the rest of the summer.

On a sentimental level, it is possible to meet a person who, although not your type, simply fascinates you. Love is in the air for you this month.

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