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Find out which dessert to eat on the day of the Befana. The right choice to fully enjoy this last day of celebration.

Tomorrow is the day of the Befana. The date is usually expected by children because of the sweets that are usually found in the stocking. Yet, this day, experienced more sadly by adults due to the end of the holidays, should represent a moment of joy for everyone. And what can make this time off from the holidays more special than a dessert to be enjoyed during the day?

Today, to make tomorrow’s day more special, we will find out which sweet could be more suitable for the various signs of the zodiac.

An epiphany dessert for each zodiac sign

Aries – A coffee chocolate
Those born under the astrological sign of Aries are active and energetic people. For them, there are never really breaks. So even on holidays, what really matters is the ability to do what they like best or what they deem useful at the moment. In order not to succumb to the laziness given by the feast day, a sweet that is right for them is the coffee chocolate. Light enough to allow them to carry on with their stuff and full of flavor. Just enough to give him a moment of pure mental relaxation.

Taurus – A slice of chocolate cake
For the natives of the astrological sign of Taurus, every moment dedicated to sweets is sacred. For this reason, they are not satisfied with a few tastes, aspiring to enjoy a moment of pure relaxation. For this reason, even if it is not a typical stocking dessert, the perfect choice for the natives of the sign is that of a great slice of chocolate cake. A perfect way to start the day, to dedicate a special break, or to end an evening of pampering before resuming the usual after-party routine.

Gemini – Filled chocolates
Those born under the astrological sign of Gemini always need to change. At the same time, they are very greedy for sweets, especially if they can meet their needs in terms of taste. For the Befana, an excellent choice is given by filled chocolates. In this way, the surprise effect will not be lacking and among hazelnuts, soft cream fillings, and other delicacies, they will feel more satisfied than ever. Exactly what they need to get off to a great start after the long Christmas break.

Cancer – Toffee
The natives of the astrological sign of Cancer always need to feel a little at home. And this, when it comes to sweets, means allowing them to savor something that even vaguely reminds them of childhood. An excellent choice in this regard is given by toffee candies. With their sweet taste, they will in fact remind them of the most special moments of their childhood, while at the same time allowing them to relax in the right way. In this way, they will feel more than ever ready to start the new year in the best way.

Leo – The bar of dried fruit
Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo always need to feel energetic. And this is also true when compared to sweets. For the Befana, therefore, in addition to focusing on taste, they can indulge in a bar of dried fruit, perhaps with the addition of chocolate. In this way, they will have no feelings of guilt and will face their snack in the right way. And all to fill up on energy. The same one they need to resume their usually hectic life.

Virgo – A slice of chocolate panettone
The natives of the Virgo zodiac sign are also rational when it comes to food. So, instead of throwing themselves on new treats, for the Befana, they prefer to focus on what they have at home. For them, therefore, an excellent choice can be that of a slice of their favorite panettone to which to add chocolate. This way they will have their share of the sweet without feeling guilty and aware that they have been saved. A way like any other to face the many calories with a calm soul.

Libra – Quality Chocolate
Those born under the sign of Libra don’t really care about the frills. For them, a dessert must first of all be of quality. They, therefore, prefer quality chocolate over chocolates and various sweets. One of those that in addition to being good is also healthy and possibly dietetic. Good dark chocolate will therefore be for them. Since it is also a superfood, it will allow him to enjoy the moment of tasting without any sense of guilt. And all by relaxing enough to feel ready to face the new working year.

Scorpio – Chocolate chip cookies
The natives of the zodiac sign of Scorpio have always loved contrasts. For them, therefore, the combination of a fragrant biscuit with the important flavor of chocolate that melts in the mouth is perfect. It is in fact a perfect combination that will allow him to enjoy a decidedly relaxing moment of break. A moment in which to enjoy with your eyes closed something they love and that they will know they can enjoy even in the following days. A good way to look to tomorrow without too many worries of mind.

Sagittarius – Gummy candies
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius always love to be a little kid again when it comes to parties. And the best way to do this is to enjoy some great gummy candies. In doing so they will feel in an excellent mood and even ready to think about the commitments of the future days. Greeting the holidays with a full tank of sugar is in fact a way to help them relax and to fill up on mental energy.

Capricorn – The soft nougats
The natives of Capricorn love typical Christmas sweets and this means that to greet the holidays they need something that helps them to say goodbye in the right way. For the Befana, therefore, the best choice is to opt for nougats. Even better if it’s the soft ones. Better able to offer them a taste experience that can make them happy. In this way, they will feel more than ever ready to look to the future with a smile and with their usual desire to do.

Aquarius – Crunchy cereals and dried fruit
Those born under the sign of Aquarius get tired of everything easily. To taste something that can surprise them, they must therefore approach completely new flavors. In this sense, what suits them are crunchy cereals and dried fruit. Even better if covered with chocolate. A good way to fill up on beneficial properties while also enjoying the sweet and enveloping taste of chocolate. Exactly what he needs to fully enjoy this last day of celebration.

Pisces – The pistachio cremino
The natives of the astrological sign of Pisces need sweetness more than ever. And to separate themselves slightly from the holiday season, they must be able to experience as much as possible. On the day of the Epiphany, therefore, the choice that best suits him is that of a soft chocolate cremini. A sweet that they will love and that they can enjoy with their eyes closed, relaxing, and immersing themselves in the party atmosphere for a while. And all before starting again towards the new year.

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