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How predisposed are you to loneliness? Here is the answer based on your zodiac sign.

Loneliness is a difficult state of mind to manage and which can depend on various factors, some related to the circumstances, others of a character type. Beyond why one gets to feel alone, each person is more or less predisposed to this state of mind and to the difficulty in getting out of it and this depends at least in part on the influence of the stars. Today, therefore, after having seen what kind of woman is hiding in each of us and what is the correct way to flirt with each zodiac sign, we will try to understand if and how much we are predisposed to feel alone. Since loneliness has to do with feelings and how we are made, it is advisable to also check the profile of the ascendant to have a clearer picture of the situation.

Are you predisposed to feel alone? Here is the answer of the stars

Aries – Not at all
If there is one thing that you do not fear and that can be said to be far from you, it is loneliness. Accustomed as you are to surrounding yourself with people and partying, the risk of feeling alone is very distant. Sometimes you are so sought after by others that you almost want a moment just for you, even if in the end you never give in to this feeling for fear of what may await you. In some ways, your constant living outside seems to evoke an underlying fear of loneliness that you face in your way and in a way that, as you are made, turns out to be most efficient. Remember, though, that sometimes being alone with yourself can help you get to know yourself better and experience other types of feelings that can sometimes be even pleasant.

Taurus – In some cases
Your predisposition to loneliness depends on the circumstances and varies constantly. For this reason, it is difficult to determine if you are predisposed or if it is just random moments in which you seem to seek moments of introspection. Being alone is not something that you experience negatively. You know how to manage the times and take advantage of the situation to explore inside yourself, cultivate your hobbies and grow as a person. Somehow it can be said that you are looking for it yourself and that this makes you predisposed but positively. After all, you know well that you can live among others at any time and that you just have to decide to do so to be surrounded by more people than you can consider. This certainty is probably your winning weapon.

Gemini – In a chaotic way
Your relationship with life and with others, in general, is quite confusing. So even loneliness seems to appear in your days without precise cadences. Although you are an extremely sociable person and well disposed towards others, sometimes you tend to isolate yourself without a real reason and sometimes against your own will. For this reason, when it arrives, the loneliness you feel is often intrusive and unpleasant, intertwined with the boredom that you fear so much and that you escape as best you can. A condition that only you can avoid but that often struggles because unaware of the steps to take to succeed. Because, sometimes, even amid a thousand people you end up feeling alone and it is only by comparing yourself with yourself and learning to know yourself better that you can remove the fear of loneliness and with it,

Cancer – Temperamentally
enough, it turns out to be a person very prone to loneliness and this is because you are the first to look for it and consider it almost a refuge from everyday chaos. When you are alone you feel safe, safe from criticism, and able to be fully yourself. Details that make you very inclined to feel alone but in a positive way, precisely because it is not a condition in which you are unwilling but that you are the first to look for. But now and then you should also try to resist this urge and consciously face the world. In this way the moments when you decide to be alone will be more complete and able to give you that little bit more, allowing you to know yourself more deeply and to explore parts of yourself that you do not yet know.

Leo – Almost for nothing
Your sunny character, the active life you have, and the passion you put into everything you do, make you a person constantly among the people and always ready to make new friends. For these reasons, loneliness is something that is almost completely foreign to you and that you tend not to even take into consideration. You do not fear it or even think about it and this means that you are not among the people predisposed to experience it. However, now and then, a moment just for you to reflect on who you are and how far you’ve come could lead you to know yourself better and see things differently, making you even more open and available to others. So the risk of sinking into deep and negative emotions does not even touch you.

Virgo – Only when you are in a negative phase
Loneliness is a feeling that you don’t love and that you don’t know how to manage. When you happen to try it, you always risk sinking into depression, feeling trapped and afraid of not being able to get out of it. This happens because when you feel hurt or are simply in a negative phase, you unconsciously tend to reject others, ending up being alone. This way of acting makes you a predisposed person and the only thing to avoid it is to learn to live with who you are, both in good times and in bad. In this way, you will feel fully yourself both alone and among people and you will realize that being alone is a normal state that can also have positive implications if taken and addressed in the right way.

Libra – Average
Your predisposition to loneliness is average. Being alone, however, rarely makes you feel the weight of loneliness, more often than not allowing you to explore your inner world and find new ideas to follow in your life. Just when you are down for some reason you tend to experience a feeling of overwhelming loneliness, made up of voids to fill and the awareness of not being able to handle your emotions. Fortunately, these are short parentheses that do not make you immune from loneliness, pushing you towards it in a silent but constant way. Only by learning to seek the help of others when you think you are in trouble will you be able to close this vicious circle, dedicating yourself only to the positive and enlightening aspects of this particular state of mind.

Scorpio – A lot
Introspective as few you are a person who tends to loneliness. Sometimes to take a break from everything and take refuge in your thoughts, others to find yourself, and still, others to escape from the chaos and from the people you don’t always manage to feel akin to your way of being and feeling. Your loneliness changes with you and varies from one nuance to another, rarely stopping long enough to grasp its essence. Sometimes, however, you may feel the darker and stronger one make its way into your soul and the weight of it hurts, making you hope to be able to keep it away forever. Yours, however, is a repulsion that inexorably also contains a part of the attraction. And that’s why loneliness will always be part of your way of being. It’s up to you to convey it in the right way and to do it,

Sagittarius – Really rarely
You’re always living in the moment, walking around, and exploring the world around you should make you a person who reaches out to loneliness. Instead, it turns out to be quite the opposite. Even when you are alone you know how to organize your days so that you never feel alone. You surround yourself with people you have just met, you get lost in small talk, and try to share your world as much as you can. This denotes a kind of fear in wanting to face the innermost part of yourself. A problem that you do not decide to solve and that you drag on over the years, thinking you can always postpone it.

Capricorn – Accidentally
Your days are so busy that you would need extra hours to feel alone. It must be said that sometimes your filling yourself with things that makes you do it seems like a way to avoid being alone with your thoughts or feeling, in fact, alone. A situation that would instead help you to understand what you want from life to escape the true loneliness that sooner or later could come and present the bill. So, yes, you are predisposed to feel alone but only in certain cases and if the circumstances cross in such a way as to be able to overcome the protective wall that you build on time with commitments and tasks to attend to.

Aquarius – So Much
For you, loneliness is a positive state that you like to seek and pursue. Many times you prefer to be alone rather than among people and this makes you a person predisposed to be alone. Nonetheless, yours is solitude that makes you feel good and that allows you to relax and give yourself a little relaxation from a world that is chaotic, to say the least. As for the other way of feeling alone, it must be said that you’re always staying on the sidelines and avoiding forming relationships unless this becomes indispensable, making you an almost destined person. It will be up to you to decide how to deal with the moment or whether to remedy the matter before it arises.

Pisces – Very often
As a person living in a world of their own, loneliness seems like an ingredient in your life. Something that you cannot ignore and that accompanies you both when you are well and when you feel sad. Sometimes feeling alone is what helps you understand yourself better and help others by getting in perfect harmony with their emotions. Other times, it is something that makes you sick and that pushes you to isolate yourself more or to look for people who can push away the emptiness you feel. This is because your sensitivity always risks crossing with the feeling of being alone. Only by working on it can you avoid this sort of symbiosis, managing to fully experience solitude and only in a positive way.

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