According to the stars, some signs are secretly jealous. They will never show it but they can’t resist these feelings.

Since we are little, our parents have taught us to be compassionate and kind to others. Growing up knowing that we are special and have great potential helps us not to feel any feelings of envy towards people who are more successful than us in life. This feeling of envy sometimes manifests itself equally but it is not always a manifestation of malice, it can also be linked to healthy competition.

Jealousy in some cases is due to a lack of self-confidence. By trying to fill in one’s gaps, jealousy fades and disappears. In other cases, this feeling is simply an innate characteristic of some zodiac signs. Our date of birth greatly influences our personality and sometimes puts jealousy and envy among our main flaws.

These 3 signs are the most secretly envious of all

According to the stars, 3 signs would be secretly jealous. Even if they don’t show it, they can’t help but harbor these feelings:


On the podium in the ranking of the most jealous signs, we find Leo. Narcissistic in nature, his desire to excel makes him appear overly selfish. Leo nurtures great self-esteem and is certain to possess an intelligence superior to all others. This sign is convinced that they know how to do everything and that they can do it better than others.

He does not accept being outclassed in any situation. He would always like to be the brightest star in the sky. For this reason, if he notices outstanding skills in other people he cannot help but compete and surpass those skills. Leo will never show his envy, but he will find a way to bring out your limitations and his qualities.


As the name of this sign implies, its greatest aspiration is to maintain a certain balance. Libra goes to great lengths to thrive personally and professionally. He does it to live in harmony, without too many worries. Anything that poses a threat to its internal balance is assessed as a threat. The scale in this case cannot help but feel a very strong sense of annoyance which is the trigger for his jealousy.

A natural reaction that is triggered every time something or someone stands between him and his main objective. In this case, the scale will try to use you, or the obstacle, to achieve its objectives and will do so by exploiting all your qualities to its advantage. A gentle and talkative sign like Libra will easily succeed in this feat.


Scorpio is the most mysterious sign of the zodiac. It never shows its true nature, it is a sign that it is discovered little by little. Scorpio’s obsessive jealousy comes out the moment you prove to him that you don’t deserve all of his benevolence. If you hurt him or betray him he will see you in a different light and this will motivate him to no longer be kind and empathetic towards you but to see you as an obstacle that brings negativity into his life. In these cases, the Scorpio will not show you his anger but will very simply start to manipulate you.

He will not offend you if you hurt him, on the surface, it may even seem that he has forgiven you but as soon as you let your guard down he will present the bill.

He is not a hypocritical person but just a person who cannot stand hypocrisy and acts accordingly.


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