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Horoscope And Plants: Which Is The Best Based On Your Sign?

Each of us has a favorite plant based on our zodiac sign. Today we decided to talk to you about it in an article that will shed light on this interesting topic in a more than entertaining way. But let’s go in order and, as usual, let’s start from the first of the zodiac: Aries.


This is a sign that always stands out for being impulsive, free, and strongly independent, which is why its ideal plant is the area. A plant that originates in Madagascar and is characterized by the fact that several cane-shaped stems emerge from the same bush, with large and colorful leaves. A plant that adapts perfectly to interiors, large and well displayed.


Your plant? Pilea peperomioides, better known as Money Plant. It has round leaves and a dark, intense green color, and is very fashionable. The bull loves class and style and it is no coincidence that this shrub is in the hearts of all interior designers.


For Gemini, the best plant is Stromanthe, whose thin leaves are beautiful and elongated. It is an impressive plant for the great variety of colors and shapes it can offer. However, you need to dedicate a lot of time to it to take care of it as best as possible.


For cancer, the best plant is the orchid, which stands out for its large varieties and its ability to be demanding in terms of light and water. A bit like this sign, which, to live at the top, needs constant attention.


The lion is strongly attracted to the leaves of the ficus pandurata, a plant from tropical Africa, which can reach two meters in height if grown in pots and stands out for its large leaves and strong personality. Does it remind you of anyone?


The Sword of St. George is perfect for this sign. It is a simple and very decorative shrub and can have green and silver leaves, with or without stripes. It doesn’t need much care, let’s say that it is in a certain sense very autonomous.


The Red Dragon of Madagascar is the plant that this sign prefers. It stands out for its great variety and strong structure, which makes it ideal for interior decorations. It’s a good idea for it to be as brightly lit as possible.


Bird of Paradise. This is the name of the plant that this sign prefers. Its flowers are very showy and its great character, which in some ways recalls the scorpion, never goes unnoticed.


Joy, creativity, and happiness are all typical characteristics of Sagittarius who therefore loves plants that can resemble them, such as colored chrysanthemums, and very resistant and decorative flowers.


The plant of happiness is a shrub that goes well with the classic style of Capricorn and its strong elegance. Direct exposure to the sun is recommended.


The romantic personality of this sign pushes him to love indoor plants, so to speak, which can be cared for and grown on terraces or in shaded areas of the garden. We are talking about a plant that knows how to grow increasingly thicker and denser and to which great attention must be paid to the level of irrigation. Your favorite plant? The bicolor aralia.


The variety and ease of care for succulents are perfect for this sign, very smart and quick in everything they do. If you know Pisces you know how much they love having these types of shrubs in their home.

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