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Health and weaknesses. Let’s find out those related to each zodiac sign.

When it comes to health, it often happens to justify a severe migraine or a sudden stomach ache, arguing that that is a particular weak point with which one often suffers.. A reality that characterizes everyone and which may depend, at least in part, also on the zodiac sign they belong to. If it is true that health is often the mirror of how we live things, it is also true that each of us has a particular temperament that leads us to somatize on a particular part of the body. Thus, there are those who frequently suffer from gastritis, who from migraines and who again from joint pain. Since this is something that has to do with feeling (especially for the strong emotional component), it is good to remember that in addition to your zodiac sign it is advisable to take a look at your ascendant which, in this particular case, could play a much more important role than the main sign. So today we will discover the weak point (physically speaking) of each of us.

Find out the part of the body that tends to give the most problems to each zodiac sign

Aries – The head
Always on the move and under a certain amount of stress, those born under this sign tend to often suffer from annoying migraines due to the surplus of work and daily commitments to which they undergo. It being understood that to solve the problem it would be enough to take a few breaks from time to time, learning to live situations more lightly, another valid solution, albeit an alternative, is to always try to maintain a certain enthusiasm for life, learning to enjoy the little things. In this way the stress will be able to relax at least for a while giving relief also from a physical point of view.

Taurus – The Throat
Throat is the absolute weak point for those born under the sign of Taurus. From whatever angle you look at it, whether it is related to nutrition or pure and simple sore throat, this is the part that every Taurus should work on. As for the infections that can often affect the throat, it is enough to take better care during the winter season. For nutrition, on the other hand, you need more self-control and a little physical exercise. This, in addition to making the physique stronger, will also help the mind to relax.

Gemini – The cervical
Although often appearing superficial, Gemini tends to accumulate a lot of stress due to the many thoughts they tend to do about everything that concerns them. Their need to always be busy with something interesting, in the long run, can be tiring to the point of making them tense. This ends up having repercussions on the joints and in particular on the cervical. In addition, allergies and colds could also get in the way, worsening the overall picture. The solution? Meditate and learn to feel good even without doing anything. A way like any other not to live constantly in the tension of having to find something to keep busy with. Boredom, after all, has never killed anyone, has it?

Cancer – The stomach
Insecure and in need of attention as never before, those born under this sign are likely to suffer from problems such as gastritis or ulcers often and willingly. All because by nature they tend to keep everything inside, cultivating a sort of rancor towards those who make even the smallest rudeness and consequently feeling more and more tense and nervous. Even the suffering they feel in the face of rejection can be a reason for intestinal problems. The solution? If you really can’t find the right detachment from things and people, the alternative is to take care of your diet, choosing healthy foods rich in nutrients that can strengthen the body.

Leo – The trunk
Although it is a strong sign also from the point of view of health, those born under the sign of Leo tend to have problems related to the trunk, ie the heart, chest and back. This can lead to bronchitis or sciatica pain that is not indifferent and can force them to bed for a while. To remedy this problem, it is useful to write to the gym or start practicing a sport. In fact, releasing the tension will be a first way to start taking care of yourself. The rest will come instead with the natural strengthening of the organism which, once stronger, will be less prone to give problems.

Virgo – The brain
Precise and meticulous as never before, those born under the sign of Virgo risk not really tiring the brain. This can lead them to emotional problems such as gastritis or ulcers but also to depression or problems due to a load of stress that is too strong to be managed alone. The solution is therefore to learn to relax by taking long walks, joining the gym, learning to meditate or contacting someone who can listen, understand and help put thoughts in order.

Libra – The skin
Lovers of beauty and particularly attached to appearances, those belonging to the sign of Libra tend to have “external” problems such as skin. Excessive stress or negative thoughts therefore lead them to outbreaks of various kinds or to allergic forms that are difficult to manage. Finding ways to relax is therefore of paramount importance. A very suitable way for the natives of this sign is yoga, a discipline that, in addition to giving a certain harmony, tidies up thoughts, making the mind and body more elastic and ready to respond to the various sources of stress “offered” by life.

Scorpio – The genitals
In fact, those born under the sign of Scorpio, despite being strong by nature, can have problems related to the prostate, in the case of men, and to the bladder and throat for women. Their biggest problem is that they are far more sensitive than they show. This then leads them to internalize and somatize almost everything. The poor ability to show one’s weaknesses therefore tends to affect both the throat and the bladder or prostate. Any way around the problem? Learn to let off steam or, if you really can’t, keep a diary in which to write down everything that is wrong or that causes annoyance and torment. A run every now and then will do the rest, helping to clear your mind and giving a different view of the problems that sometimes tend to appear bigger than they are.

Sagittarius – The liver
Sagittarians are much more emotional than they let on. This often leads them to be distracted as they are focused on their emotions. The constant brooding leads them to weigh down the liver. To avoid problems they will therefore have to force themselves to think less about what they do not like and to distract themselves with a physical activity which, as such, will also help them to better manage the liver and the metabolism that sometimes tends to make tantrums. causing him some line problems.

Capricorn – The back
Those born under this sign constantly need to feel safe and to have certainties and firm points to lean on in moments of despair. In case of problems, therefore, everything tends to be borne by the back and skeleton, making them prone to sciatica, hernias or similar problems. To remedy this, it is necessary to practice sports in order to strengthen the skeleton and to vent any anxieties accumulated over time.

Aquarius – Ankles
Eccentric and eager to get noticed, Aquarius tend to have problems with the circulatory system and ankles which, instead of supporting them, can become fragile risking unnecessary sprains or giving problems during changes in the weather. Since mostly these are problems related to emotions, a good solution will be to practice a lot of sport and take long walks in order to reinforce this weak point.

Pisces – The feet
Empathic feet like never before, those born under the sign of Pisces, often find themselves having to carry heavier weights than themselves, partly because they prefer not to let others know their emotions and partly because of their innate need to help those around him. The feet are their weak point and a good way to help them is to rely on foot reflexology. Another valid alternative is to take long walks that can ease the anxiety due to things that are not going as you would like. This will also be good for the mind that sometimes, due to too many thoughts, risks giving up.

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