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Here’s Why Men Find You Difficult To Address Based On Your Zodiac 2022

What is that particular thing that makes the opposite gendor see you as impossible to conquer?

What makes you hard to have? It all depends on the astrological sign you belong to.


One of your greatest qualities is without a doubt your independence.

However, this is also what often makes your potential partner run away, especially when they see that you are completely independent and that you don’t need, and that you will never really need them.

You have this amazing ability to go through life on your own, but sometimes it can also sometimes make others feel like you are too difficult to win over.


You are the most stubborn sign in the whole zodiac. You want things to always go your way and in order to be ready to compromise with a man, you need to be truly in love with him.


Even though you may seem like a very easy person to approach, the truth is actually quite different.

If you belong to this zodiac sign, it is likely that you have more than one personality: that is, a face for the rest of the world and one that you keep deeply hidden.

This second personality is sensitive and vulnerable and it has all the qualities that you hide in front of those you have just met, no one could imagine that you have them inside you, so well you hide them.

In truth, it takes a while for you to be able to show your true self in front of others, and before you can show your full facets in front of your romantic partner.


Being one of the most empathetic signs in the entire zodiac, you have the ability to read people and see their true intentions as well as their true personalities the very moment you meet them.

You do not tolerate lies or deceit and no one can fool you into pretending to be someone they are not. So basically you are not that hard to conquer, but rather hard to fool.


The last thing you would be willing to devote your energy or time to is being with an immature person who needs you to raise them up, no matter how much in love you may be.

Therefore, people who don’t know what they want in life or who are not able to be your equal partner, will never be able to seduce you, not even in a million years.


What makes you so difficult to conquer are your strong breaking points and your too high standards, which you are not ready to lower for anyone.

It’s not that you pretend to ask too much for the opposite gendor to chase you down – it’s just that you know very clearly what you want (and what you don’t want), and you don’t want to. to settle for anything less.


If you belong to this sign, people are likely to view you as someone indecisive and often confuse this quality with not knowing what you want.

Nonetheless, the truth is, you seem too picky because you always want to be sure you picked the best option possible.

Yes, you take the time before you really want to commit to someone, which can make you seem like a person who is difficult to win over, but, once you decide to commit to a relationship, you do. as it should and until the end.


For you, romantic relationships have a much deeper meaning than for others.

Often times people think that you are only interested in love, when in real life you are constantly looking for a deeper connection and a much higher level than just the physical.

What in the eyes of others makes you difficult to conquer is the fact that you are not ready to settle for someone who cannot give you all of the above.

You just don’t want to get into a superficial relationship or with someone who doesn’t get you.


When it comes to your social circle, you’ve always been known to be someone who always tells someone the truth in person, but if it’s hard to hear ..

You cannot stand those who are not completely honest in all circumstances, much less people who want to roll you in the dust, or make fun of you.

These people couldn’t even have you in a million years.


What makes you hard to conquer, just like the Aries woman, is the fact that you are not in need regarding your romantic partner.

You know very well that you are a whole person and you think that it is fake to believe that we all have another half waiting for us somewhere.

Nonetheless, this quality can be intimidating for others and especially for people who want to make you dependent on them.


You are reserved when it comes to love, and it would really take a very special someone to be able to tear down all those walls that you have been building for years.

You don’t allow just anyone to come into your privacy, and it takes a long time before you can trust others and give them permission to see your vulnerable side.


What makes you hard to conquer is the fact that you have a hard time expressing your feelings like everyone else, which can sometimes make others feel like you are neglecting them on an emotional level.

It takes some time before your partner can pick you up and understand your unconventional ways of showing your love.

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