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What about your rising sign? Astrologers often tell you to check your rising sign with your sun sign when reading your horoscopes for the week because it gives you a fuller picture. Your rising sign reflects your outward personality, or who you present to the world, and it can also tell you what kind of girlfriend you are — here are the 12 rising signs and what they say about you as a girlfriend.


The Ram represents you taking charge of the relationship as a leader. When your partner feels lost, you’re ready to spearhead the problem or the problem person with those horns of yours. While hardworking and enterprising, you tend to lack patience when faced with obstacles in your relationship. Besides, your point of view is always the right one. If you don’t get results, you get frustrated but are unafraid to try again.


Your partner loves your grounded nature but may get frustrated with your fixed opinions. Taurus ascendants tend to run short in height and mighty in physical appeal. Partner faced with a tough task? You volunteer to take it on.


You run your mouth a lot in your relationship, whether that’s a sarcastic remark or a cool fact. It’s not easy for you to trust someone, and your partner had to earn their way into the relationship. You surprise your partner with handwritten notes or thoughtful texts but tend to detach when you need to process your thoughts and feelings.


You love making romantic gestures for your partner, from the practical to the grand. You’ll pick up the slack and wash the dishes or give them a massage at the end of a long day. You’ll surprise them with their favorite homemade cake, even if it’s a little lopsided. You put work into the relationship, show you care, and say how you feel — through your sensitive side can cast its own storm from time to time.


Charisma is what you’ve got, lioness. Your sincerity and confidence draw your partner in, and they appreciate your zeal to set out and achieve wonders with your life and career. You’re born for adventure and are far from a boring girlfriend.


One day your partner will get used to you organizing their digs — besides, a closet organized by the rainbow is more functional and beautiful. As a girlfriend, you come off shy and reserved, but you’re highly resourceful and grounded. You have an eye for detail and saw this love match coming before your partner even knew realized were crushing on you. You set goals with your partner, and go out and achieve them.


You just want everyone to get along, and communication matters the most to you in your relationship. You treat your partner fairly and lead a healthy social life. You also are the power couple on trivia nights with your knowledge of fast and random facts.


You’re the enigma your partner wonders if they’ll ever get, and that’s part of the beauty of loving you. What they should know is that they have your heart, and that’s that. While private with your lovey-dovey expressions, your loyalty is never questioned. You can be bitter at times, but the key to soothing that sting is taking you away from the world for some one-on-one time. You’re happy to stay in with snacks and Netflix — and the chilling, too.


You’re a smarty pants in your relationship and spend time planning new adventures and explorations with your partner. Life is short, and you’re not about to waste time — you want to spend it seeing the world with the one you love.


You probably made a pros and cons list before getting into your super comfy relationship, or you at least insist on one for decision-making in the relationship. You put on a tough act, but you’re secretly a softy. Difficulties move out of your way quickly, and your partner should know better than to tease you by now — they’re still learning.


When your partner confides in you, they know you won’t tell all your friends your relationship business. Your partner fell in love with your pure heart and passion for helping others. In fact, you’ve probably volunteered at the animal shelter together and came home with at least two rescue pets.


You spend a lot of time daydreaming. You’re soft-hearted, compassionate, and romantic, but you also hate feeling restricted. You expect your partner to treat you like the queen you are and not tie you down — but that doesn’t mean you’re not committed. You may come across as naive, but your partner knows to get out of your way as you handle the haters. Take time away from the clouds to ground yourself with your partner.

If there’s a bad moon on the rise, then there’s a rising sign to go with it. From Aries to Pisces, your ascendant sign says a lot about you as a girlfriend. The next time you peruse the romance horoscopes, check your rising sign, too.

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