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Here’s What Kind Of Ex He’ll Be, Based On His Sign.

20-Fire Signs Show No Weakness To An Ex

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, otherwise known as the fire signs, can feel like they’ve been knocked off their cloud after a breakup. These signs are proud, and suddenly being single, or being dumped, can really hurt their self-esteem. Because of this, they tend to focus on recovering their pride and reputations as soon as possible. They can become obsessed with proving to their ex that they’re doing great without them, and will never break down and admit that they’re struggling.

19-Aries: The Ex Who Moves On First

Aries is one sign who rises to the challenge, no matter how big or small it is. After a relationship, especially if his pride is hurting, he becomes the ex who just has to move on first. He hates for people to pity him, and doesn’t want them to think he’s still pining over you, so he’ll do what he can to start dating someone else. Sometimes it works out between him and his new partner, and sometimes everyone can see it’s a total rebound situation. But he always has to be the first to move on. And you’ll know about it.

18-Leo: The Ex Who Has To Win The Competition

A typical fire sign, Leo sees everything as a competition. That’s especially true where a broken relationship is concerned. No matter who did the dumping, he will consider the two of you rivals until he’s fully moved on. This means that he’ll try to start dating again before you do. It means that he’ll want to do better at work, or get in shape first, or stay in contact with more of your mutual friends than you do. Get ready for everything to be a competition between you, no matter how nice he is to your face.

When he’s hurt, winning means everything to him.

17-Sagittarius: The Ex Who Falls Off The Face Of The Earth

Sometimes when a relationship doesn’t work out, it can feel like your ex has fallen off the face of the earth. They disappear, and you go a really long time without seeing them (or in some cases, never see them again). This is Sagittarius’s go-to move. He’s a bit of a wanderer at the best of times, but once things are awkward between him and an ex, he likes to get as far away from them as possible. It will be his mission to move in different circles from you and start totally fresh without any reminders of the past.

16-Fire’s Likelihood Of Getting Back With An Ex: It Could Happen

When it comes to getting back with an ex, the fire signs can be unpredictable. It totally depends on the breakup and the relationship they have with a particular ex.

The one thing to know about these signs is you should never say never.

They are quite impulsive, so they often say things they don’t really mean and then make decisions you never thought they would. Aries is big on forgiveness, and though it doesn’t seem like it, Leo never truly gets over someone he loves. Sagittarius is also a natural at forgiveness and follows his heart wherever it leads him.

15-Earth Signs Can Hide How They’re Feeling

Out of all the signs, earth exes are the most gifted at hiding their true feelings. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn might not all be great at putting on an act, but they can refrain from aggressive outbursts toward their exes in public. Taurus, in particular, is great at acting, while Virgo hides his feelings by avoiding the situation altogether. Capricorn is probably the one earth sign who struggles with containing his feelings, but he’ll still never lose it like a fire sign would. Confrontations with these signs are never explosive or embarrassing, though they can be awkward and cold.

14-Taurus: The Ex Who Tries To Keep Things Civil

As far as exes go, Taurus is a good one to have.

This sign doesn’t like conflict and doesn’t like awkwardness or drama, so he will try his very best to keep things civil between you.

He might avoid you if it was a bad break up, but not if that means avoiding seeing his friends and maintaining his social life. Don’t forget that this sign has a reputation to uphold and a social status to maintain. If he has to see you, he will always be as polite and friendly as possible.

13-Virgo: The Ex Who Avoids You

Like Taurus, Virgo doesn’t like conflict either. The difference between these two signs is that Virgo is known for his brutal honesty, and he finds it harder to be polite and civil if he’s upset with you. In order to avoid facing his fear of conflict and having it out with you, and having to pretend he’s okay with you when he’s not, he simply dodges you. He will sacrifice his social life if it means he doesn’t have to deal with seeing you, and will carefully plan his schedule so that he never risks a run in with you.

12-Capricorn: The Ex Who Makes Things Awkward

Capricorn is less apt to hiding his feelings than the other two earth signs. He’s good at keeping things to himself most of the time, but if he is really angry or hurt after a breakup, you’ll know about it. He doesn’t go through the effort of avoiding you or of putting on the charade that everything is fine. Instead, he’ll let you know how he feels.

This sign is more passive-aggressive than aggressive or assertive, so he’s not likely to make a scene if he runs into you.

But he can make you feel uncomfortable with a snide comment.

11-Earth’s Likelihood Of Getting Back With An Ex: Not A Chance

The earth signs are the best at keeping their promises and honoring their commitments. They make decisions based on what makes sense and what their long-term goals are, and they don’t get carried away by what their hearts tell them. Considering that, there’s very little chance that they’d get back together with an ex. Stubborn Taurus doesn’t budge from his point of view, and will never compromise with an ex. Virgo is careful, and would never open himself up to being hurt a second time by the same person. And once Capricorn has formed an impression, it tends to be set in stone.

10-The Air Signs Have No Shame

The air signs are definite believers that all is fair in love and war.

Since breakups are a blending of love and war, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius do whatever they feel like doing in these periods, even if it hurts their exes and would be considered bad etiquette. These signs have a tendency to ghost, which comes from their need to wipe the slate clean and start totally fresh with no baggage. But they also have no shame when it comes to trying to get back with an ex, even if they left things in a really bad place.

9-Gemini: The Ex Who Acts Like You Never Dated

Sometimes you’ll run into an ex after a breakup and find out that they’re acting like you were never together. This is Gemini to a ‘T’. A clever sign, Gemini can do this as the ultimate form of revenge. He might delete all pictures of you and treat you like a stranger when he sees you, which can hurt. But there are also times when Gemini does this not to be cruel, but because he genuinely wants to move on. Sometimes he’ll treat you just like he treats anyone else in the room because he doesn’t want any reminders of the past.

8-Libra: The Ex Who Slides Into Your DMs

A natural charmer, Libra is the kind of ex who can be difficult to make a clean break from. Depending on whether you want him back or not, this can be a good thing or a bad thing.

This sign doesn’t stay mad, no matter how you left things, preferring to be on good terms with everyone.

Since he’s such a natural romantic and is happiest when he’s in a relationship, don’t be surprised if he shows up in your direct messages trying to start things up with you again. This is a wise sign, but sometimes he follows his heart instead of his head.

7-Aquarius: The Ex Who Turns Into A Ghost

Aquarius is the king of ghosting, which drives a lot of people crazy. Rather than sitting someone down and explaining why he wants to break up with them, he tends to subtly distance himself until he disappears for good. And once he’s disappeared, he makes sure to avoid seeing you so he doesn’t have to explain why he ghosted. So in effect, he turns into this phantom that you never hear from again. After a while, he might turn up again, but only once he’s sure you’ve got the message that he doesn’t want to be with you anymore.

6-Air’s Likelihood Of Getting Back With An Ex: Very Likely

The air signs don’t think about things as deeply as other signs do, so often they get back with their exes, even if it’s not a good idea. They tend to make decisions based on how they’re feeling in the moment rather than based on what makes the most sense for the future, or based on evidence from the past.

Geminis like to give anything a try and believe everyone deserves a second chance.

Libra is a natural romantic and loves a happy ending, so is inclined to try for one with an ex he once loved. And fickle Aquarius is known for changing his mind.

5-The Water Signs Take A While To Get Over Heartbreak

The water signs—Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces—have a tendency to spend a longer time getting over breakups than the average person. These signs feel things more deeply in general, so naturally, a break up has a longer-lasting effect on them than it does on others. Cancer takes a while to get over it completely, but will always act like everything is okay in front of his ex. Scorpio will hold a grudge long after everyone else has forgotten the relationship ever happened, and Pisces will try to be happy for his partner, even if he’s hurting inside.

4-Cancer: The Ex Who Acts Fine But Is Still Secretly Upset

If there’s one thing Cancer is good at, it’s putting up a wall so people can’t see how he’s really feeling.

When he’s in a relationship with someone, he knocks down that wall and lets them see the real him, which happens to be super emotional. But once you break up, you end up on the other side of that wall again, and you get the charade instead of the real Cancer. He will act like he’s fine, though he might be a little cold. But he definitely won’t let on that he misses you, or that he’s still hurting from the break up.

3-Scorpio: The Ex Who Holds A Grudge

There’s one sign in particular who knows how to hold a grudge better than all the rest, and that’s Scorpio. Blessed with a great memory, this sign isn’t great at letting things go for the sake of living in peace. Instead, he’ll hold onto things for a long time. Break ups with Scorpio can be painful because he isn’t afraid to tell you how he really feels, and the storm tends to take a really long time to pass. He holds a serious grudge and sometimes takes years to get back on good terms with an ex.

2-Pisces: The Ex Who Is Happy For You

A spiritual and understanding sign, Pisces tries his best to be happy for his ex after they’ve split up. He tries to see the breakup from their perspective, and if he feels any anger, he works hard to let it go.

He knows that he may as well be happy for you if he can’t have you, because holding on to pain will only hurt him.

This sign is also naturally optimistic, so he will focus on the good times you had rather than dwell on the bad. When he moves on, he doesn’t want any lingering negativity to ruin it.

1-Water’s Likelihood Of Getting Back With An Ex: Possible, But Unlikely

The water signs sometimes get back with their exes, but it doesn’t happen often. These signs are very in tune with their feelings, so they don’t tend to make careless decisions that aren’t true to their hearts. Plus, they don’t want to go through any more heartache than they have to, since they feel it so strongly in the first place. Cancer might succumb to temptation and get back with an ex, but only after he’s fully healed from the first breakup. Scorpio would probably never get back with someone who’s hurt him once, while Pisces likes to give everybody second chances.

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