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This Is Why You Have Trouble Letting Go, Based On Your Zodiac

No matter how much you try to change this about yourself, you keep holding on to the ones you know you should have let go a while ago. And this goes for almost every relationship in your life, including romantic ones.

But why is that so? Why can’t you move on with your life and get over someone who doesn’t deserve you even thinking of them?

Well, let me tell you that this has a lot to do with your zodiac. Here is the reason why you can’t let go, according to your zodiac.


If you belong to this sign, you know exactly what you want from life and you are not afraid to get it. And the same goes when it comes to the people you want by your side.

Even though this is an awesome personality trait in most cases, it doesn’t come in handy when it’s time to let go. You stick to the ones you care about because you think that letting them go would mean that you were defeated and let’s face it—you suck at losing.


Most people belonging to this zodiac sign are pretty guarded. You don’t let new people in your heart so easily but once you do, you can’t seem to find a way to detach yourself from them.

And that is the core of your problem—subconsciously you are convinced that you’ll never care for someone else like you do for the person you love now. But trust me—that is far from the truth and you just have to be strong enough to let go, to make room for new people in your life and heart.


Even though this is the last thing anyone might think of you, the truth is that you are one of the zodiacs who has the hardest time detaching from the ones you love. You always make excuses for the people you care about and you are always ready to give endless second chances.

After a while, you just end up lying to yourself that your love will change someone who you know will always remain the same. And then in the end, you get stuck holding on to those you should have let go of ages ago.


If you belong to this zodiac, then you are probably a hyper-sensitive person. You definitely have the capacity to love and you know how to show your emotions.

But the problem occurs when your heart prevails over your brain in your judgment-making process. Yes, you are someone who always follows your feelings but there are times when letting go is the only real option you have, even when your heart wants to hold on. And that is a fact you have to understand and accept.


Even though you don’t have trouble being the one who walks away from a relationship, you simply can’t get to terms with the fact that your loved one left you behind. And usually, this is not a matter of the heart—it is a case of your hurt ego, which stops you from moving on when you should.


If you belong to this zodiac, you like to have everything in your life under control. But when the person you care deeply about decides to walk away from you, this is their decision and something you can’t have any impact on whatsoever.

And that is what triggers you—the fact that you start to feel like you’ve lost control and the fact that things didn’t turn out the way you imagined they would.


Librans have trouble letting go because they are usually too afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone. And this is exactly what pulls you back and what prevents you from moving on from all of your relationships—your fear of the unknown.

You are someone who prefers sticking to the wrong people, even though you are very well aware that they aren’t right for you, just because they are familiar. In most cases, you are afraid of the future because you don’t know what to expect from it.


You are one of the most jealous and vengeful signs of all the zodiacs. And this impacts your ability to let go as well.

You simply can’t stand that someone chose to abandon you and you are not ready to let them get away with that so easily. But what you don’t know is that obsessing about getting back to those who left you only harms you because you are the one who is trapped with these thoughts while they are out there, living their life.


When you end a relationship, you are convinced that you can’t get over the person who broke your heart. But the truth is quite different—you are actually suffering because of all the memories the two of you shared and that is what is reminding you of your past relationship.

That is why you have to be strong enough to get rid of all the stuff connected with the person who left you. Trust me—once you do that, you’ll forget about them in no time.


If you belong to this zodiac, your problem is that you have a habit of idealizing your past and the people connected with it. When you end a relationship, you quickly forget about all the things that went wrong with it and you just remember the good things.

The first step you have to make if you really want to let go is to take off your rose-tinted glasses and start seeing things more realistically. Once you do that, you’ll finally see that there is not much to hold on to and moving on will be a piece of cake.


Let’s face it—you are a hopeless romantic. The only thing that concerns you is getting your happy ending and you are ready to defeat every obstacle that comes in your way of getting it.

Don’t get me wrong—the truth is that true love requires hard work. But sometimes, all of your struggles are in vain because some people are simply not meant to be.


If you belong to this zodiac, the reason you have trouble letting go lies in the fact that deep down, you always believe in people, no matter how much harm they cause you. You believe that their good side will prevail and that eventually, they’ll come back to you, realizing the mistake they made when they decided to leave you.

Well, guess what? They won’t. There are some people who are simply assholes who don’t deserve your time or effort and that is something you have to learn to accept.

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