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Relationships: the only thing that anyone really wants is love, honesty, and trust. Each of these things is much easier said than done. And the lack of one (or all three) is usually the cause for the end of a love story.

But for those who believe in the power behind their star sign, it’s not difficult to pick up on the subtleties that certain signs give off when a relationship is coming to a screeching halt. For some, the red flag is waved a bit higher than others, but it is true that each star-crossed lover has their own good and not-so-good qualities when it comes to being in love… Or, in this case, out of love.

Not only do each of the 12 star signs demonstrate their own unique traits in their actions toward their partner, but both men and women will put on a different facade when it comes to their closing act.

There are plenty of factors at play prior to a breakup that can be noted if one pays enough attention. While this may not be the case for every relationship, there’s no denying that we have a tendency to stay true to the sign indicated by our birth date.

24 An Aries Girl: The Attitude Is Real

Aries is a fire sign which means that more often than not, the attitude is prevalent above all else. This is an excellent trait when it comes to ambition, determination, and natural progression but can prove tricky when ending a relationship. An Aries girl will likely always be feisty and uncontrollable, as her ruling planet, Mars, will dictate.

Being able to view things from another’s vantage point is not something that comes easily and she’ll likely refuse to stop—let alone slow down—long enough to hear her partner out.

This lends itself to tense situations if she’s in a relationship with a sign that’s much calmer since that person will likely be understanding while Aries just blazes on.

23 An Aries Boy: Sudden Independence

While different, a male Aries will very much be on the same wavelength. Men and women can both be quite stubborn, to begin with, but Aries takes that to an entirely new level when it comes to falling out of love. They’re a sign that is used to getting what they want because they work hard for it so when that doesn’t pay off, the frustration will finally bubble to the surface.

An Aries man will likely focus on expanding his independence and control what he can rather than devote more time to something that’s simply not working. It will be challenging to see things from his partner’s point of view.

22 A Taurus Girl: Headstrong And Unchanging

Taurus is a sign that makes relationships challenging at times. While they excel in leadership and determination, they’re also stubborn and narrow-minded as their symbolic bull depicts.

A Taurus girl will be fully devoted to her partner, but if there happens to be a significant shift in goals or a dramatic change, this could bring the house down for them.

Her headstrong ways will lead her to devote more time to things she’s good at and excels in, a relationship not being one of them. Where she once held her partner up, it may now seem like she’s faltering a bit and departing from the pep talks.

21 A Taurus Boy: Laziness Will Slowly Bring Down A Relationship

A Taurus man will struggle the most when it comes to carving out time to fix a relationship rather than pulling full-speed away from it. While they do usually accomplish anything they set their minds to, a relationship is much more challenging. They’re not the type to be swayed by gossip or drama so luckily, this will never be an issue.

However, if their feelings change or a situation becomes ever-changing, they could begin to work on an exit strategy. With all that determination does come laziness toward achieving balance, and this is something that he will likely display when he wants out.

20 A Gemini Girl: Honest, But Maybe Not With Her Significant Other

Contrary to popular belief, being a Gemini does not mean having a split personality as their symbol of the twins would imply. Rather, it means they have a wide array of interests, and passions that are vivacious and ever-changing. This also means they can be indecisive, including when it comes to choosing a partner.

When they want out, they’re likely to be a bit more flirtatious and open with others, communicate openly and freely with their closest friends, and leave their partners in the dark.

Feeling as though they’re not on a mutual level with their partner—intellectually, emotionally, and physically—is cause for a deal-breaker.

19 A Gemini Boy: Honest, Yet Enthusiastic About A Breakup

This is not to say that a Gemini male will be overjoyed at the thought of a breakup. However, it does mean that they’ll be seeking out what they’ve lacked rather quickly. Geminis are known for being openly flirtatious, social, and inspired by life, which means he’ll likely make a show of continuing on with his life—however, this won’t be done intentionally.

While they do suffer from heartbreak, they’re also quick to bounce back and thrive on exploring new paths as well as relationships. They’ll sign off by beginning this process when they start feeling unsatisfied and may not communicate it immediately.

18 A Cancer Girl: Emotional Is An Understatement

Cancers are ruled by emotion and can’t really hide it. Their smiles can brighten up a room and their tears can break the strongest of hearts, which is why they’re so intuitive and fluid in relationships. Deepening an emotional bond and building something secure is their main goal in a relationship. But when they don’t feel that, they’ll be quick to make it known.

It’s not common to get secrecy from a Cancer, as she’s likely already wearing her heart on her sleeve.

Sadness, anger, and frustration will all be physically manifested for her and will be challenging to hide from others, although she will likely refuse to bring it up unless someone else does it first.

17 A Cancer Boy: Breaking Up Becomes All About Him

With all of the emotion felt prior to a breakup comes the act of closing up for a Cancer. This often results in a rush of emotions—not always good—to the surface when they’re at a breaking point. For a Cancer man, this can manifest itself under the sly cloak of selfishness, although it’s likely the case that he’s just unsure of how to go about communicating.

A Cancer man can feel so much with absolutely no clue on how to go about discussing it. This can be explosive but also hindering to a relationship that should have ended months prior.

16 A Leo Girl: All Roar With No Listening

In staying true to the symbol of a lion, a Leo girl has no qualms about her stubbornness, independence, and desire to explore life to the fullest. The problem arises when she becomes critical of her partner.

While the passion, devotion, and care from a Leo are undeniable, that can all change very quickly when it comes to a non-mutual shift between partners.

Leo will demand the same type of friction from their partner that they give in order to feel evenly matched. When this falls woefully out of balance, a Leo will likely become critical and harsh as opposed to fiercely in love like she was prior.

15 A Leo Boy: The Pressure Of Succeeding Will Lead To Confusion

Leo will strive for excellence and devote themselves whole-heartedly to any challenge they take on, including relationships. While he’ll provide a sense of security and pride, things will begin to feel different if he senses that the relationship is faltering in any way. This will spark a feeling of frustration, as Leo is used to getting what they want, even when it comes to a partnership.

While he’ll be loyally devoted, he’ll also feel far too powerful in the event that a relationship goes downhill—this will lead to harsh feelings that he does not know how to deal with and will likely need to walk away from.

14 A Virgo Girl: Struggling With Perfection Vs. Inadequacy

Striving for perfection is often the downfall of a Virgo girl. Not only is it incredibly challenging for her to open up, but she refuses to let her shortcomings dictate the outcome of a relationship—this may lead to repeated attempts to fix something that just isn’t able to be repaired.

She’ll begin to close up even more and become almost cold, presenting a front that is exceedingly noticeable to her partner.

This will be a breeding ground for the lack of trust and communication that will eventually bring down a relationship for both partners. Although she might be with someone kind and loving, she’ll likely still believe the fault was her own.

13 A Virgo Boy: Frustration Will Lead To Futile Attempts

Similar to a Virgo woman, a Virgo man will also follow repeated attempts to save a relationship.  Giving up is not an option but refusing to accept it will also be his downfall. The greatest challenging will be letting go because it takes a significant amount of time and patience for a Virgo to open up, period.

This time and devotion will leave him with a feeling of guilt and sadness over the fact that he can’t seem to make his partner happy, but it will also be tough for him to admit that he’s not happy, although he may make it known in an overly-critical way.

12 A Libra Girl: Insecurity Could Spawn From An Internal Struggle

Those born under the sign of Libra are known for being able to get along with most as they’re easy-going and social. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t struggle when they sense a relationship going downhill.

The problem a Libra will face is the effort she puts forth to make everyone else in her life happy, including her partner.

This type of devotion is wonderful, to an extent, but can throw her out of balance when taken to the extreme. Feelings of loneliness and personal insecurity will begin to arise when she doesn’t devote enough time to herself and her partner will likely notice the change in demeanor.

11 A Libra Boy: Putting Others First Will Turn Into A Last-Ditch Effort

A Libra man will struggle with the same things as he tries harder than most to please his partner. Depending on who that is, he might see his good intentions go unnoticed or, even worse, taken advantage of. Balance, as indicated by the symbol of the scales, is imperative to a Libra maintaining their happiness.

When this is thrown off, they can begin to spiral down and be left wondering what more they could have done without accepting that sometimes, things just don’t work out. Because of this, he’ll begin to internalize and become increasingly upset over the situation, blaming no one but himself.

10 A Scorpio Girl: Borderline Harsh Behavior

Contrary to popular belief, a Scorpio is not cold by nature. Their stubborn independence and bold way of living often cause the sign to appear that way, but they’re just naturally untrusting of others. This process takes some time to be remedied but when it is, they’re devoted and fiercely passionate with their partners.

On the other hand, they’re all too quick to turn should they suspect deceit, leading to the harsh demeanor that many think of when they think of a Scorpio girl.

Like the scorpion, they can be one of two extremes—they’re extremely loyal, but also won’t hesitate to strike.

9 A Scorpio Boy: Cold And Distant

A Scorpio man will likely be cold and distant when it comes to a relationship nearing its end. He’ll refuse to show any type of vulnerability whether it be through open emotion or communication, leading to a closing up of significant proportions. It won’t be hard to tell what he’s feeling, though, because this will be rather telling in itself.

Don’t take his nonchalant attitude personally—it’s likely his way of concealing all the things he’s feeling beneath the surface. Whether he admits it or not, being vulnerable is something he fears, which is why he fights it so much.

8 A Sagittarius Girl: Selfish Independence

A Sagittarius woman will make no bones about her need to blaze her own trail. It’s not uncommon for her to care about herself over the needs of her partner, and this is something that will become increasingly evident if a relationship isn’t working out.

Whereas many signs will strive to backtrack and consider their partner’s feelings, she’ll likely move forward and focus on her own needs, striving to find a partner that can handle that.

Being practical and idealistic are both wonderful attributes but can sometimes blur the lines between her own needs and those of someone she loves.

7 A Sagittarius Boy: The Tact Is A Bit Off In His Honesty

A Sagittarius may also be known for their open ways of communication, not likely to fear backlash as they already hold a slightly higher opinion of themselves. Insecurity is not something that manifests easily and it’s more likely that he’ll be calming his partner’s fears rather than his own.

The problem comes when his own ideals are not met, leading to a feeling of dissatisfactory progress in a relationship. He’ll begin to hold his partner to higher standards and be turned off when they disagree or feel the need to move in a different direction. Giving up isn’t taken lightly, but he won’t hesitate to move on if necessary.

6 A Capricorn Girl: Unreasonable Expectations Are On The Horizon

Out of all the signs, Capricorns often hold themselves to the highest standards. While they’re not perfectionists per se, they often set goals and find the determination within themselves to accomplish them.

This produces a very narrow-minded way of proceeding through life, however, which is often unrelatable to others.

They’re likely to voice their displeasure if their partner does not see things from their point of view, leading to unnecessary tension. Their capacity for acceptance is often limited and they are known to be harsh toward their partners if they feel things aren’t working out.

5 A Capricorn Boy: Becoming Manipulative Is Not Unusual

A Capricorn man may resort to (possibly unintentional) manipulation in order to sway his partner to see things his way. Their dedication to their ideals and standards makes it challenging for them to be with someone so drastically different. In their frustration, attempts to sway their partner may come in unconventional means if they don’t learn to back up and see the whole picture.

When matched with someone who is much more fluid and less rigid, they can become even more serious and feel as though they’re not as in control as they could be. This will lead to further efforts to maintain their personal standards, sometimes leading to harsh criticism of their partner.

4 An Aquarius Girl: Hiding Emotions Make Her Distant

While Aquarius is a water sign, that doesn’t mean that they’re as emotional as the others. Whereas other water signs openly display emotion, Aquarius looks for that same type of deep connection with others.

When the feeling isn’t mutual, Aquarius will grow distant and slowly seem to disappear.

It’s not likely that they’ll be able to repair the relationship unless there’s some sort of dramatic shift in intellectual connection, and she’ll display this through her actions and behavior. Communication isn’t necessarily what comes first, and when things are really over, she might be hard to find by the end of it all.

3 An Aquarius Boy: Lack Of Emotional Vulnerability

An Aquarius man will need to connect both emotionally and physically with a partner and without interest on both of these ends, it’s likely the relationship will fizzle out quickly. As quickly as he came into his partner’s life, he can disappear, making it challenging to fix anything in the first place.

While he strives for an emotional connection with others, he’s not likely to become too vulnerable anytime soon. This can create friction between both partners and signify the downfall of a relationship, one that will be tricky to fix if he’s already showing signs of a serious disconnect.

2 A Pisces Girl: Desire To Escape

Pisces is by far the most fluid of all the signs, truly emanating the symbol of a fish in water. A Pisces woman will notice that she becomes quickly vulnerable due to her open, overly-caring, and empathetic nature. She won’t take kindly to criticism and will feel nearly everything, making her outwardly emotional.

She’ll likely exhibit signs of unhappiness in an open way rather than holding everything inside, expressing frustration that’s so unusual for someone so easy-going and accepting.

This sign is incapable of anything but a serious relationship, so when that begins faltering, the partner of a Pisces will likely feel it before they hear it.

1 A Pisces Boy: Easily Emotionally Intimidated

A Pisces man will be easily flummoxed by emotion if a relationship is not working out. This is brought on in an even more extreme way when they’ve connected on a deep emotional level with their partner. Being hurt is something that they feel all too deeply when it happens and their partner will likely sense the sadness emanating from them.

They can’t hide their vulnerability but they won’t try to, making every effort to seek some kind of emotional queue from their partner in order to know where they stand. Being so emotion-based will allow them to express everything without hiding it, something a Pisces is not good at. Things to Remember While Loving a Pisces and if you are in a relationship with a Pisces.

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