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Here Is Your Zodiac Sign’s Horoscope for a Bright, Fun, and Vibrant May 2022

April showers bring May flowers and this month will be the result of the seeds you have planted throughout the year. Be ready for unexpected surprised, reunions, and lots of fun. Full Moon in Scorpio is happening on the 18th and the Sun moves to Gemini on the 21st. May will be a vibrant and fun month.

Aries – You will experience Taurus Season with a lot of joy and excitement. With Venus currently in your sign, all eyes are on you, especially with those in the second deacon. Pampering yourself, eating good food, and experiencing the joys and excitement that life has to bring will be on your mind right now and with Venus in your sign, you will feel more at ease talking and meeting with new people. Everyone will see the best of you now, so take the opportunity to continue to shine. With Jupiter in a fellow fire sign, those traits are amplified and allow you to magnetize everyone around you. Appreciate this moment, especially if you are on the artistic and creative side, to use your gifts for that project that you have been contemplating for some time. This is the perfect time to get things rolling now that we are no longer dealing with pesky Mercury Retrograding. Your forte is starting, not finishing, but use this moment to get things done.

Taurus – It is your birthday month and season and you are enjoying every minute of it. With the Sun, New Moon, and Uranus in your sign, you feel alive and joyous. Take the opportunity to connect with others, to bring them the joy you are experiencing (during your grandiose birthday celebration), and just relax and enjoy. With Saturn making a smooth trine to the sun, you may feel like you want to take things slow and get back to work (after the partying is done). This season you are partying in moderation, knowing your limits but also exploring. You will feel inclined to keep things more on the intimate side and not discuss the issues that have been bothering you. It is also a very psychic time for you, as you feel and try to dismantle the messages being sent through the dream world. Your hard work could easily help you earn a lot more money during this transit, but be careful not to spend too much. Have fun but think things through as you prepare yourself for the tests that will be brought in June.

Gemini – You are on top of the world and you are driven to succeed. With Mars in your sign, you might be more combative than usual. Use this energy and channel it into getting things done, making plans for the future, or just trying to keep the peace with people around you. With the New Moon in Taurus, you might want to take time to reflect on what you have been going through this year. Those issues that you may not have wanted to be brought to light might be popping up in your subconscious. With that pent-up aggression, you might want to take on a more meditative task to help you breathe. The Sun enters your sign on the 21st, creating an explosive time for you as you feel motivated and inspired to take on challenges.

Cancer – With Venus in Aries, you will experience a pull to take the spotlight in all of your career-driven ventures. Sun and Mercury in Gemini later this month will give you the mindset needed to meet people, get noticed, and push forward. Take your time and make sure to plan things thoroughly because all eyes will be on you during this transit. Take things slow and remember to learn how to take some time to recharge those batteries. With Mars entering your sign, you will be driven to take on more challenges. Things will feel harder later in the month and that would be Saturn telling you to take it easy. The Full Moon in Scorpio should ease tensions for you as you focus on fun and leisure. Remember to put your best foot forward and think happy thoughts.

Leo – This feels like a mellow time of year for you, as the transition to the fellow fixed sign Taurus gets you amped up for the next several months before your birthday season enters. You want to be praised for the hard work you’ve been doing and fret not, the opportunity to get those accolades is getting close. With Venus in a fellow fire sign, Aries, you can expect a pleasant surprise with something that has been on your mind. You will feel more at ease, especially after the Full Moon in Scorpio later this month. When the Sun shifts from Taurus to Gemini, you will want to relax and connect with the spiritual and the Full Moon can inspire that to happen.

Virgo – There is never a dull moment with your sign, as you feel a little bit of the pressures on you easing up. The Full Moon in Scorpio will give you the mental momentum you have needed. Sparks will fly as ideas burst through your head that will help you tackle those pesky issues. You’ll be more inspired to go with the flow and see how those plans have been going. Saturn has provided you with plenty of tests during its transit in the sign of Capricorn, so you are used to this hustle. With Mars entering Cancer, you can use this opportunity to connect with new people that can help you in the long run. This is also a good time to reflect on the things you have done this year and shift plans to help you get on track with your goals. With the Sun and Mercury in the sign of Taurus, you’ll be compelled to take a trip after the Full Moon. Once the Sun and Mercury shift to Gemini, the energy will be felt by you and change your outlook on things.

Libra – Your love life may or may not be on cloud 9 as Venus settles into Aries this month but this could also mean some powerful movements regarding your career. Those issues that may have manifested earlier this year with either work or school could very much play in your favor now as Mars enters the sign of Cancer. With the Full Moon in Scorpio, you may see a more optimistic outlook brewing inside of you that may be off-putting at first because you may think you don’t deserve it. Bask at the moment, enjoy it because you’ll be thriving. Sun and Mercury in the sign of Gemini later this month provide the mental boost needed to take on finances and some mental struggles that you have been meaning to face. This is a time to self-love and care as you get ready for the heat of summer.

Scorpio – With the Sun and Mercury in Taurus earlier this month, you might feel conflicted in terms of relating to others and finding a balance between their needs and your wants. Set the ego aside and aim to keep the peace. You’ll feel a lot more relaxed after the Scorpio Full Moon later this month. All of this energy from your sister sign Taurus is putting you in a love-hate relationship with some. However, with Venus in Aries, you will feel like you are getting things done. Plans are in order, you are prepared for challenges and you are keeping the peace at work. Apply that to your relationships and you will be golden! With Mars entering Cancer, you will thrive during this transit, as you appear more worldly to others and provide a mentoring position to friends and family members that seek you.

Sagittarius – The previous month probably felt perfect for you since you felt the Aries intensity. You felt alive, partied, connected, and thrived during Aries Season. Luckily, Venus is in Aries so you still have the energy around you. Channel that into work-related projects or simply use it for creative projects. Everything you work on or create now can impact you in a good way later on, especially with Jupiter transiting in your sign. Take advantage of these lovely opportunities. Now is the time to work and put in the effort for the remainder of the year. Drama in the workplace is possible but you will be too busy to care. You will experience the culmination of something that you have been working on for several years. Celebrate because you have earned it. The Sun and Mercury shift to Gemini will make you much more charming than usual later this month.

Capricorn – The tests and the trials have been the theme for you these last couple of years. But, you can take it because Saturn is your ruler and you know how to navigate the maze. You have learned the value of consistency and endurance. With the Sun and Mercury in the sign of Taurus, you will enjoy more of a relaxing period (you need it), allowing you to recharge those batteries. When those signs move to Gemini, expect the challenges in the workplace. Venus in the sign of Aries brings a few peaceful moments in your domestic life as well as the relationships you have with family and friends. You may even be compelled to spend more and careless during the impulsive Venus in Aries transit. With Mars shifting into Cancer, you will see yourself take a more aggressive and or protect to close friends and romantic partners. Things tone down when the Full Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, where you’ll be able to further enjoy the company of friends and loved ones.

Aquarius – It can be a great time for Aquarius to take a break and relax at home with the Sun and Mercury in the sign of Taurus. When those signs move to Gemini, you’ll be more intuitive and your connections with others shall intensify. Things will take a more mellow approach for you this May and with Venus in Aries, you’ll be motivated to take on any creative ventures that involve writing or you might feel inspired to take short trips. When Mars enters Cancer, you will want to focus on yourself and plan to get things done at work. Your motivation will be inspiring and you might even get other people moved to join you in any pursuits. During this time, your messages resonate with many people and if you love using social media, you can easily amass a large following, especially with Jupiter in Sagittarius, giving you the luck and courage to take on new challenges.

Pisces – Dreamy Pisces will flow with the Sun and Mercury in Taurus. You’ll be flexible when it comes to discussions of income and Mercury will allow you to concoct new ideas that can help you in the long run. Venus in Aries will motivate you to spend but your mindset will be sharper this transit so you’ll be able to control those impulses. When Mars enters the sign of Cancer, you’ll be diving into the social sector, having fun, and connecting. Luckily, Saturn will remind you to take it slow again and have fun responsibly. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, dreaming of other places can be a reality as you decide whether to travel or stay put later this year. 2019 has proven to be a year of self-discovery. Instead of traveling with the pack, you may be flying solo and rediscovering what makes you amazing.

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