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What is the Greek deity of your zodiac sign? Let’s find out right away together, sign by sign: here is what divinity you were in ancient Greece!

Each zodiac sign has a counterpart even in the ancient gods who reigned over the Greece of poems and heroes.
Do not you believe it? Well, then this horoscope is definitely for you: we have decided to list, sign by sign, which is the divinity associated with you!

Are you ready to find out what divinity you are?

The Greek deity associated with your zodiac sign: we immediately discover your place in Olympus

We all know, more or less thoroughly, the deities of the Greek Olympus. In addition to being a real mountain, very high, on which the ancient Greek gods lived.
Of course, we have read plenty of epic and poetry but we never wondered if our horoscope could have anything to do with ancient Greece!

Each zodiac sign has been associated or “goes back” to one of this ancient divinity. Aren’t you curious to find out which one is yours?

Aries: Hephaestus

The king of volcanoes, the only one able to work in the worst conditions and still be able to have power and success. Hephaestus perfectly represents those born under the sign of Aries!
A dormant force but not too much, which we know well not to have to tease … under penalty of a truly frightening explosion!

Taurus: Dionysus

And no, it’s not just about drinking! Taurus, like Dionysus, has a personality that puts everything aside as soon as you can party. Taurus, just like Dionysus, can leave you speechless: they can
lose any inhibition even if it doesn’t seem like it at first sight. A party with them is highly recommended!

Gemini: Hebe

We are talking about the goddess of eternal youth Hebe, Aphrodite’s companion and capable of making everyone go back to childhood.
Dear Gemini, you too are exactly like Ebe: eternal Peter Pan, capable of making everyone melt and entertain them without worries for tomorrow or the future!

Cancer: The Greek deity of your zodiac sign is Artemis

Goddess of the moon and hunting, protector of children and weak people, independent and with her heart always turned towards others, Artemis is the real match for those born under the sign of Cancer!
Not only are you both devoted to the moon but you also have that desire for knowledge that leads you to respect and care for others.

Leo: Apollo

Arrogant and listless, good at everything but determined not to commit anything: Apollo and those born under the sign of Leo are practically brothers! Leo has a lot of
Apollo: he always brags and tends to self-insensate (and to expect others to do the same). There is no correspondence between Greek divinity and zodiac sign more precise than this!

Virgo: Demeter

Serious and staid, with great responsibility ( Demeter was the goddess who took care of the seasons and their passage), the Virgin may feel a particular connection with this deity.
The Virgin and Demeter are both devoted to the earth, practical and rational as well as extremely precise and accomplished in their work!

Libra: Aphrodite

Yes, dear friends of Libra, Aphrodite is the Greek deity who is assigned to your zodiac sign! You are like her: passionate and inconstant, a little selfish and vain, unable to worry about anyone other than yourself or the person you love most on the face of the earth!

Sagittarius: Hermes

Who better than Hermes can represent the perfect Greek divinity for the sign of Sagittarius?
Inconstant but fundamental, always around, unable to put down roots but involved with everyone and for everything, Hermes is the divinity who comes closest to those born under the sign of Sagittarius.
They flutter free and you can’t dare ask them to be near you!

Scorpio: Hades

The god of the underworld and the dead Hades reminds us a lot of Scorpio. No, dear Scorpio, don’t make that face.
This is by no means a bad correlation! Hades is one of the most misunderstood deities, with a tragic history behind it. You are like him: powerful and respected feared for almost no reason, and completely misunderstood!

Capricorn: Ares

The god of war, Ares, is the perfect one to represent Capricorn. Those born under this sign are almost always in constant war: with themselves, with others, and with all the situations that surround them!
Never happy, always ready to argue, and able to impose themselves with a single fiery gaze: Capricorns and Ares have a lot in common!

Aquarius: Poseidon

King of the seven seas, Poseidon is perfect to represent all Aquarius! And no, it is not the reference to the sea that can make us believe in this association! Aquarius
are people capable of “governing”: generally they are calm and balanced but woe to make them angry! Their silent strength, just like that of Poseidon, is frightening when it makes itself felt: do not tease either the sea or the Aquarius!

Pisces: The Greek deity of your zodiac sign is Eros

Perturbing, taken only by love and the one with a capital A: Pisces and Eros go hand in hand! Pisces is
in love with love and has no intention of giving priority to anything else in their life. As well as Eros, they firmly believe that there is nothing more important than love: a perfect match!

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