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The stars advise us which date NOT to choose to celebrate the wedding in 2022. Here’s what awaits you if you get married on this day!

Have you decided to get married in 2022? We regret having to warn you that the astrologers have revealed the date that does not suit the marriage vows. Eternal love, fidelity, and loyalty until death do you part may not come true if you decide to get married on this date.

Some of you will be tempted to change the wedding date where you find out what astrologers think and why they call this date the worst wedding date of 2022. Are you ready to find out what day it is?

The worst date to get married in 2022 according to astrologers

Astrologers advise lovers not to take marriage oaths on the date we are revealing to you. It cannot be said of this date that it is a day that in astral configurations is aligned with love, this means that sealing your love on this date could lead to relationship failure and separation.

The date indicated according to astrologers is not very far off. Experts recommend not getting married on this particular day at all zodiac signs. The astral configurations make it the worst date to get married. This date is bad not only for getting married but also for making any other commitments, such as starting a relationship, going to live together, going on a trip. This date brings bad luck and misunderstanding between partners.

Do you want to know what day we are talking about? 28 MARCH 2022.

On this day the pointer points to bad luck. According to the arrow configurations and the planets, this date is affected by a negative omen that could sabotage the couple and not favor a happy marriage.

New encounters that happen on this day also don’t bode well and this warning applies to singles. On March 28th Venus, the planet of love, and Saturn align creating an astral configuration that brings upheavals in the field of understanding, harmony, and unity. This date brings doubts and feeds resentments.

On MARCH 28, 2022, many couples may have doubts about their relationship and feelings and want to question their relationship. A transit far from ideal for which to receive heartfelt wishes.

If you do not want you or your partner to feel the need to back down and cut the commitment, it is better to celebrate the wedding at another time. The marriage contracted on this date will not be solid and full of alchemy but worm-eaten by continuous quarrels and misunderstandings.

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