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Tell us the truth: aren’t you in the ranking of the most spendthrift signs of the zodiac? Let’s find out now: here are the top five!

Okay, okay: we will not do the bills in your pocket and we will not ask you to present your bank statement.
(At least for now).
What we want to know, only, is if you are one of the zodiac signs who just can’t help but spend money: we ask for a friend!

Stars and planets can help us identify which signs of the zodiac they like to spend.
Better to know before to get together with someone and find out too late that loves change all the furniture in your home, buying them new, every six months.
Do not you think?

The most spendthrift signs of the zodiac: are you in today’s horoscope ranking?

Let’s do a quick calculation: how many items have you bought in this last period, which are completely new and which, to be honest, you didn’t need so much?
Okay, okay: better start with another question. What is the last time in which you went to dinner out knowing that in the fridge had everything to prepare a good dinner?

Hey, come on, don’t be offended: we told you before that we don’t want to do the math in your pocket, and in fact, we don’t want to know how much you spent!
We simply want to understand if you are one of the most spendthrift zodiac signs in the entire horoscope and, to do this, we have asked you all these questions.

Nothing wrong with that, in the end, if you want to spend some money: if you earned it and you have no other urgencies, we certainly won’t be the ones to tell you how to live your life!
The people around you, though, might want to know what zodiac signs are spendthrift like you.
You never know: maybe one day you may find that you also don’t appreciate having a completely spendthrift partner by your side, don’t you think?
Better to know who is in the top five positions of the ranking of the most spendthrift signs of the whole zodiac!

Taurus: fifth place

Okay, dear Taurus, needless to feel cornered. You know very well that when you want to, you can become the real and its spenders here is because you are in the standings, now!
The Bull is a sign that is susceptible to shopping: it happens very often that he finds himself spending money without knowing… really why!

Those born under the sign of Taurus do nothing but let themselves go for five minutes and find themselves with a truly exorbitant bill.
Shopping for groceries or go shopping for a pair of trousers can be harmful to them and their account in the bank. Better be careful when you go out with them!

Cancer: fourth place

Impossible to try to separate someone born under the sign of Cancer from what they want when it comes to material objects. You just bring them in a kiosk in-store items for the home or cartolibreria to send them into bankruptcy 

Those born under the sign of Cancer are people who have absolutely no problems when it comes to spending money.
For them, accumulating money is not a great goal: they want to buy!
Whether it’s a house, a plant, a dress, or a lamp, Cancer doesn’t care. Buy, accumulate and pass down: they are the big spenders (which are often full of things that give … no problems!).

Gemini: third place

Those born under the sign of Gemini earn third place in our ranking today. Not bad for a sign that generally shows very little interest in money!
Here, perhaps this is precisely the problem of Gemini when we talk about money: not being interested in the practical and material problems of life, Gemini behaves with money as if it were that of Monopoly.

They do not make absolutely any problems spending figures exorbitant for small pictures or vases of plastic, unnecessary accessories or clothes or they’ll throw apart a second later.
The Twins, after all, are made well: do not care about the value of things, and thus they spend their money without the knowledge of the cause.
As long as it’s theirs, there’s no problem: but when it’s “your” money, then the trouble begins!

Aries: second place

Even those born under the sign of Aries do not fare badly when it comes to spending and spreading.
For Aries, the “problem” with money is that they spend a lot of it when they are out with friends. We all know those born under the sign of Aries: they are always out with their friends!

The Arieshave a generally very active social life and a practically endless circle of acquaintances. Accustomed as they are to always be in the midst of problems and tragedies and abhorring life at home, Aries ends up being truly spendthrift when they go out.

Dinners out, long sessions to drink with friends, breakfast by the sea: for Aries has no money spent in a manner better than to be with other people.
Here all the salary ends in the evenings at the disco or trips, museums, experiences to try. In short, with Aries, the money runs out quickly but we can assure you that at least the fun is at its best!

Leo: first place in the ranking of the most spendthrift signs of the zodiac

Yes, dear ones born under the sign of Leo, it is useless for you to hide behind a finger (or a paw).
You are the most spendthrift sign of the zodiac, you know it well!
Those born under the sign of Leo treat money almost with contempt: they do not need it (or so they think) and therefore do not have problems spending and spreading.

According to Leo, life has meaning only if you live it by giving yourself everything, or almost, what you want. We have to live in the great and the great!
A new pair of sneakers, the latest arrivals on the market? Buy. The new console for playing with friends online? Already pre-ordered for a few months. A suite of branded, expensive, and only tried to fool around in the shop? Why leave him on that crutch?

The lion is a sign that very much and enjoyed it spends. From food to shopping, holidays, and travel, Leo has no intention of saving.
Of course: he lives to the fullest and has fun, but perhaps it is appropriate to have a little speech with your partner Leone when he independently decides to buy a very expensive bottle of wine for the house instead of double-glazing for the windows!

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