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What Dating A Woman Of Each Of The 12 Zodiac Signs Looks Like: Guys Tell Us


She likes to be in control, so if she sees it being taken away from her, she’s likely to run away.

She will never settle for less than she deserves, even if it means she has to wait a long time to find the right one and be left alone.

Better to be single than unhappy.

She gets bored easily, so if you want to date her, you’ll need to be dynamic and imaginative in order to keep her attention.

If you don’t, you will soon become history.

In love, she likes compliments and having her ego pampered.

But you have to be careful not to overdo it or she’ll think you’re just too clingy and pushy. You have to find the right balance.

Prepare to be constantly on a war footing with her. His adventurous spirit is hard to follow.

You’ll have to respect her independence and never try to rule her, because that’s something she won’t tolerate.


You should never force a Taurus woman to make a decision, especially in love.

You must leave her free to think before she makes up her mind. These women are extremely intelligent and they like it to be admired about them.

In the beginning, try to resist your urge to make love to him, to develop your relationship to an intellectual level.

The romance will come later. It’s something she will appreciate.

Confidence is key for her. So if you betray her, it’s over. It might even turn into your worst nightmare.

But as long as you are honest with her, she will give everything to your couple. She will never stop trying.

All she asks of you in return is to be loyal and honest.

Romance and physical intimacy are one of the most important things in a relationship for Taurus women.

Kiss her, caress her, touch her whenever you can. Show her that your love is not only spiritual but physical as well.

She will pamper you and secure you in return.


She is unpredictable and you will never really know what she is about to do. But otherwise, she’s adorable and people genuinely like her.

She’s flirty and fun, so if you go out and meet some of her fans, don’t be surprised!

She will always change her mind and make you feel like she’s blowing hot and cold, but that’s just that she’s changeable in nature.

If you want to seduce her, you will have to learn to deal with her dual nature.

One minute she’ll be horny and the next she’ll be fed up! Go with it – it’s the only thing to do!

She is disconcertingly frank and she will say what she thinks, without holding anything back. If you make a mistake, she will go crazy and let you know.

Be careful, she is not harmless and you wouldn’t want to mess with her.

If you have a fight, never ignore her afterwards or she will vent her anger wildly! You might be scared, very scared.

When it comes to romance, she doesn’t like the ordinary – the naughtier the better. She likes dirty words and nothing is taboo.

But before you do anything, ask her what she would like you to do to her. She will always be honest.


She is emotional and very intuitive – not only about her feelings, but also with those of others.

She dreams of romance, so if you’re trying to win her heart, try hard, do something very romantic.

Family is the most important thing to her, so if you want to be with her, you need to respect her family and friends.

It’s the surest way to find your way to his heart.

And when you do, you’ll find that a Cancer woman’s love is the purest, most honest there is.

By loving a Cancer woman, you will learn what true love is. She will protect you and pamper you like a mother.

She will never let anything happen to you and even if it does, she will suffer as much as you do.

For her, romance is a spiritual act, full of emotions and passion.

Treat her like that and never take her for granted or she will turn her back on you, never looking back.


Dating a Leo woman is the greatest experience in the world. She burns with incredible fire and is full of confidence.

She believes in herself, but also in you. Although she needs a lot of attention, she gives twice as much in return.

If you hurt her, she is unlikely to forgive you. Leo women only give one chance – if you waste it, there’s no turning back.

Winning her heart a second time will be extremely difficult, because she gave it your all the first time and you failed to respect that.

She gets bored easily because she is full of energy. You will therefore have to be very careful and make sure that your life together remains interesting.

Take short trips, be spontaneous and you will have no problem.

Don’t deprive her of the control she has over her life, it’s something she won’t accept.

She is a leader by nature and if she sees herself becoming submissive, she will walk away.

Just like in life, she likes to be in control under the duvet. But despite everything, she also wants you to play the dominant role from time to time.

Try to find a balance and you will make her terribly happy!


She is bright and witty, but quite withdrawn. It takes time for him to open up to someone.

She is on her guard and she protects herself with sarcasm and sometimes hurtful jokes.

But if you can see past her jokes and don’t offend her, she’s more than likely to fall in love with you.

You have to love her as she is, because she won’t change for anyone.

She is very organized – sometimes a little too organized.

She always thinks carefully before doing something, which can make her look cold and distant at times, but she’s just being cautious.

From the outside, she may look like a heartless shrew, but deep down she is a charming and sweet young woman.

You just need to find your way to its heart to find out for yourself.

If she lets you approach, never betray her, don’t play with her trust, because it’s something she won’t be able to forget.

She may forgive you, but she will always remember that you betrayed her and it will be very difficult for her to trust you again.

And your relationship will be doomed, so to speak.

When it comes to romance, give him time to relax. Don’t force her to do what she doesn’t want to do, or she’ll walk away without looking back.

Help her relax and realize that she is safe, loved, and will give herself completely to you.


Libras are very sociable, but it takes them a long time to make a decision.

So, if you force her to do anything, she will get scared and go away.

Let her be a little indecisive, give her all the time she needs to make up her mind, and she’ll probably make the right choice – to give you a chance.

She loves everything that is beautiful. She will love it when you take her to charming places.

Don’t be confused if you see her greeting everyone she meets – she clearly befriends everyone…

But don’t trust just anyone. There, she knows how to be very careful.

Don’t be surprised if she sometimes uses a little manipulation, because Libra women know how to get what they want.

But it’s not very bad and besides, if you take her hand in the bag, she will recognize it.

But there is little chance of that happening, she is very talented!

She’s a romance goddess and it’s something she loves a lot!

And since she likes it, she expects you to be talented and pull out all the stops.


She is very mysterious and you will have a hard time saying what you like so much about her.

There is something that attracts you – something you cannot explain.

She is very secretive and she won’t tell you everything. So, if she tells you something that few people know, know that she trusts you and that for a Scorpio, it’s not nothing!

If she falls in love with you, you will become the center of her universe. She will be able to go to the end of the world for you.

But you will have to be very careful, if you betray her and hurt her, he will make you pay for it.

If her dangerous side is revealed, you will never see her again.

She loves romance , but she won’t let you try anything if she’s not comfortable.

Also, you will have to be careful, because he sometimes uses romance as a means to achieve his ends…


She has a great sense of humor, she is full of energy and she is adventurous.

You’ll never be bored with her – but you might just get bored, because she’s hard to follow!

Be ready to do new things every day, because she loves to learn and discover new places all the time.

She likes having time for herself and if you try to deprive her of it, she will leave you. She won’t go anywhere and won’t cheat on you, be sure of that.

She just needs a little solitude. It will eventually come back – it always comes back.

She is honest and is also under the duvet. If you don’t do it right, she’ll tell you…

But gently, telling you how to improve. Also, she will have a hard time keeping quiet!


She may seem cold and distant, but she is quite the opposite. You just have to dig a little to get to his heart.

She is ambitious and she knows how to achieve her goals.

She needs to be loved. She needs to feel supported emotionally and also financially.

It’s not really about the money, but knowing that you can take care of her makes her feel safe.

She expects you to make her your priority – not because she is too spoiled, but because she will make you her priority.

If you have a problem, she’ll drop whatever she’s doing to come and help you.

You will always feel her support, because she loves success and loves you just as much.

When you meet, she won’t say much.

She will keep a lot of things to herself until she feels she can trust you.

And it will be the same under the duvet. Before you get to that, you need to earn his trust.

Pay attention to how she moves and how she reacts when you touch her.


She is anything but ordinary. You will have to give a lot of your time to keep his interest.

She doesn’t like ‘classic’ things and she gets bored very quickly. You will have to be able to adapt to his eccentric way of life…

But you’ll enjoy it, because it’s fun!

Don’t expect her to be submissive.

She is extremely independent and if you tamper with her freedom or try to control her, you won’t do it twice – she won’t give you the chance.

She’s a free spirit, but when she falls in love, she really falls in love.


She knows how to listen and she has a big heart, in which there is a place for everyone.

She belongs to the most sensitive sign of the zodiac.

If you want to be with a Pisces woman, you have to take the first step. She won’t open up until she gets to know you.

But once that’s done, she’ll open her heart to you and be incredibly generous.

She is an ideal life partner. She will always be there for you.

She will always have your back, in good times and bad.

She will do everything she can to satisfy you and make you happy.

She loves taking care of people, but she also loves feeling safe and protected. So, show her that she is, once in a while.

She’s a delicate flower, but will turn into a passionate dominatrix under the duvet!

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