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Do you want to know which are the most reliable signs of the zodiac? Here is the opinion of the stars.

When dealing with others, understanding them is really difficult. Before getting to know a person in depth, in fact, a lot of time must pass and many times it is only lived experiences to lay the foundations of knowledge. This happens because we are all good at describing ourselves in words but often, even if we don’t want to, in the way we act we end up showing ourselves different from what we say. If you want to find out if someone is really trustworthy, the only thing you can do then is try to get to know them while waiting for time and experience to give you the answer. In the meantime you can try to read the opinion of the stars who, as always, influence the different aspects of each of us, including reliability. We will find out which are the reliable signs and which ones it is better not to rely on too much.

Reliable and less reliable zodiac signs

Aries – Not very reliable
Those born under the sign of Aries are people who think a lot about themselves and who for this reason do not have the time to keep promises or to always be available in case of need. If from a friend’s point of view they are people of excellent company and with whom fun is always guaranteed, things tend to change if you focus on their reliability. Better not to rely too much on it and limit yourself to betting everything on your own resources. In this way you will not run the risk of being disappointed and the friendship will not run into problems of any kind.

Taurus – Fairly Reliable
Taurus natives are usually serious people who really care about their word. When they can, therefore, they will always try to keep their promises and make themselves available in case of need. Of course, if taken up by their commitments they may not always be ready to run to lend a hand, you will always have the certainty of having at least one word of support and a friend who, even if from afar, is cheering for us. Of course, sometimes this may not be enough but on the scale their reliability is still average and it is much more than what other people are willing to offer.

Gemini – Not always reliable
Twins are not always reliable, not out of malice but because sometimes their way of being prevents them from being totally there for others. Those who know them well know this and do not blame them by appreciating their sense of loyalty and the efforts they make to give what they can within a friendship. In case of need, therefore, it is best not to rely entirely on them but to try to test the waters first. A plan B is always the ideal choice, with the knowledge that if they are in the emotional condition to do so they will always be ready to lend a hand.

Cancer – Not exactly reliable
Those born under the sign of Cancer do not do it for bad but in terms of reliability they are really lacking. This largely depends on their being smokers, which in a moment of anger leads them to forget any commitments or promises they have made. Relying on them is therefore a choice to be avoided. Better to consider them good confidants or friends to spend pleasant moments with. When it comes to entrusting someone with your life, the choice should fall elsewhere because if in some cases there may be, in others and in a completely unpredictable way they could disappear and get angry even if you point it out to them.

Leo – Reliable but only if it suits them
The natives of Leo are to be considered reliable only if this happens in contexts where they can be comfortable or if it is a question of helping people who belong to their circle of relatives or dear friends. For all the others they will be generous with beautiful words but never ready to offer their unconditional help. Their life is already too busy with work and other commitments to find time for everyone. Their only mistake? That of proving to be more available than they are, thus risking creating false expectations in those around them. Better to act on it.

Virgo – Only Reliable About Certain Things
Whether it’s an edge case or a call for help, Virgo natives are sure to be trustworthy people. If they are in the right conditions, they are ready to rush to help and give the support and support that is needed. They are, however, more on the practical side which is also the one in which they excel most. When it comes to emotional problems, in fact, not only are they not of great help but they even risk being insensitive, having a hard time putting yourself in the shoes of others. As people, however, beyond some effect to be smoothed out and the ways that in some cases can be a bit harsh, they are certainly available and reliable.

Libra – Reliable when you need it
Those born under the sign of Libra do not like to feel constrained by constraints that force them to do or say something. If asked for help, however, they are always ready to offer their help. Always speaking, they never forget a promise and are quite constant even with their own thoughts. Only then rather reliable people even if they tend not to flaunt it from the rooftops, preferring to show themselves for their more external being and showing what they are only to people who are trusted and whom they know they can trust.

Scorpio – Highly Reliable
The natives of Scorpio are highly reliable people, perhaps among the most reliable in the zodiac. They are always available when you need them, whether it be giving advice or offering their help. Their word then has a great value for them, which is why it is very difficult for them to fail to keep it. Of course, on the other hand, they have the particularity of expecting the same treatment from others, which if it does not happen could lead them to feel offended and stop offering their availability.

Sagittarius – Not Reliable At all
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are too attached to their lifestyle to be trusted. If they are free and available when they are needed they do not hesitate to help but never rely on a request for future times. They don’t even know where time will lead them and if tomorrow they will be present or lost in who knows what physical or mental journeys. Better to rely on them in the moment but with no plans for the future, therefore. Also because they would hardly understand any grievances on the subject.

Capricorn – Reliable every other day
The problem with Capricorn natives is that they tend to determine for themselves how important something actually is. This leads them to be reliable in some cases but completely unreliable in others. If they think that a particular request is not so important, they can in fact go so far as to promise help only to find excuses at the last minute. Before relying on them it is therefore essential to know them enough to understand how they will consider a possible request for help. Even with words they sometimes tend to give a slightly revised version, making things appear a little different from how they are and therefore not being completely reliable.

Aquarius – Almost never reliable
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are people who struggle to manage certain aspects of the relationship with others and among these there is certainly what concerns their reliability. Usually taken up by their things and in need of spaces in which to isolate themselves to be calm, they do not always show themselves available, which is why if you need immediate help or comfort it is always better to turn elsewhere. For their loved ones, however, they almost always end up making an exception. Much therefore depends on the type of relationship that is established with them.

Pisces – Extremely Reliable
Although abstract and often with their heads in the clouds, Pisces are very reliable people. Okay, maybe they won’t always be on time, and sometimes they can be dizzy enough to forget a commitment or an appointment. If it is an important thing, however, they are always available and ready to jump through hoops to please others, whether they are friends or just acquaintances. Their word is always kept as well as any promise or commitment (if important) made.

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