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Impossible to try to “keep them on a leash”: there are zodiac signs that always run away from relationships, even when they wanted them in the first place! Let’s find out immediately what they are!

It’s okay that this love doesn’t have to be a gas chamber but there is a limit to everything, don’t you think?
There are zodiac signs that no matter how much they have insisted on having a relationship with you, as soon as they get engaged … they feel the need to run away!

Dealing with someone like this is particularly difficult (er, not to mention impossible).
How about finding out who the “lazy” are thanks to our horoscope ranking today?

The Zodiac Signs That Always Run Away From Relationships: Find out if your partner is in today’s ranking

Well yes, some people do nothing but allude to the fact that they would like to be with you and drown at your feet but then … well, run away as soon as you are available! Hey, but how is this possible?

Simple, they are in today’s horoscope ranking, the one that deals with the zodiac signs that always run away from relationships.

Some people just can’t help but feel trapped as soon as a romantic relationship looms on the horizon. And to say that they just seemed enthusiastic and did nothing but try to convince you to join them! Why do they suddenly ” disappear “? The reason could also (but not only) be linked to their zodiac sign: here is today’s ranking!

Scorpio: fifth place

Although they are generally very fond of their family and extremely jealous of the bonds they manage to establish, those born under the sign of Scorpio are people who get very scared at the beginning of relationships!

Scorpio is an extremely passionate sign and, let’s face it, also a little selfish. Those born under this sign, therefore, believe that they were born simply to hunt, to be free, and never have problems. A relationship, at least in the beginning, will always scare them!

Sagittarius: fourth place

What a surprise to find Sagittarius in the ranking of zodiac signs that run away from relationships, right? But as a surprise, you should know Sagittarians well by now: they are among the most independent people in the Universe!

Sagittarians are people who manage to often and willingly mask their desire for freedom and independence. They are tender, of course, also playful and nice but they are not a big fan of romantic relationships! If they can avoid them, at least at the beginning, they do everything to escape: they are just too afraid of feelings, they can’t do anything about it!

Leo: third place

There are people who, of the Lions, have only ever seen the back. The reason? The Lion in question was running away from a possible relationship!
Seriously, dear Leos, you know very well that you are people who always run away when there is a relationship: you can’t do anything about it!

You tease others, you make them believe that there is something, and then when it comes to making it all come true, here you pull back. But why are you doing it?
Probably the main reason has to do with your pride: you think that if you “meddle” with love, you will end up being burned by it and having to suffer also and above all in front of others. May it ever be!

Aries: second place

That Aries is in the ranking of zodiac signs that run away from relationships does not surprise us but even in second place perhaps it seems exaggerated, right?
Well, the truth about Aries is just this: they are terrified of relationships, of any kind, and for this very reason they behave inconsistently at times!

Aries are often very charming people who have a real court of suitors at their feet.
No problem in this except that Aries tease, all the time, each one often making others believe that they can’t wait to be engaged.
The truth, then, is another.

Aries often (and willingly) choose complicated situations, where they don’t have to expose themselves in the first person. They are afraid of real relationships and when they appear in front of them they find every reason to run away: in short, they can’t do anything about it at least until they meet someone patient enough to… bear them!

Gemini: First place in the ranking of zodiac signs that run away from relationships

Dear Gemini, don’t make that surprised face, please!
You know very well that you are the kings and queens of confusion, especially in love!
If you’re at the top of today’s rankings, it’s precisely because you tend to run away when it comes to relationships.

It seems you can’t do without it! Gemini is famous people for never being completely convinced of their decisions.
Love relationships, for Gemini, often represent the realization of their worst nightmare: take root and have to stand still on one side, without being able to change? Help!

Not that Geminis lack the ability to love, quite the opposite! They have it and are in abundance! For Gemini, however, relationships are always and in any case (at least at the beginning) a real cage from which they can’t wait to escape …

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