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Among the twelve signs of the zodiac, there is him, the sign that is deceived most of all, especially in love.

Our zodiac sign also has a lot to do with our personality according to astrologers. Our astral belonging would affect our way of being, how we react to different situations, how we are at work, and in private life, as friends, parents, or partners. The zodiac sign is our starting point, the base that will shape over time and that together with life experiences will form the adult we will become.

There are zodiac signs that are crafty, and opportunistic, and others that are wary or too good. The twelve zodiac signs are all different and are influenced by the element that governs them. Today we reveal to you who is the sign that collects delusions of love, is too sensitive and too good to avoid suffering and disappointment.

Pisces is the sign that collects the most love disappointments

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Fire, air, earth and water are the four elements that influence the twelve zodiac signs. Our element gives us unique characteristics. Water signs are usually the most susceptible and likely to collect crack hearts: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

These signs are very sensitive, they are also unable to control their emotions and often turn out to be moody. One moment they are elated and the next they are sad.

The water signs are the most understanding signs of the zodiac because they are very empathetic. Finally, it is up to them the primacy in terms of romanticism. Of all the water signs, the last sign of the zodiac is also the one that collects the most scams. All the fault of his ruling planet, Neptune, a planet associated with sensitivity and imagination that makes this already hyper sensitive sign of him even more sensitive. The typical emotionality of the water signs is therefore increased tenfold in Pisces.

The presence of Neptune also makes them optimistic signs, which is why they often don’t pay much attention to negative signals in a relationship.

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Pisces is also associated with the 12th house in astrology, which is the end, the doom and sadness. Pisces must learn to be alert and attentive if they are to protect their heart from disappointments and deceptions.

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