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Find out how you tend to approach on social media. The answer of the stars according to your zodiac sign.

Each of us tends to have a different attitude when comparing on social media. There are those who feel at ease feeling freer to express themselves than when they are among the people. Who, tends to be taciturn, preferring to read the affairs of others. And then there are those who are exactly like in reality or, on the contrary, quite different.

What is certain is that on social media nothing is ever as obvious as it seems and often, even without realizing it, we adopt attitudes that in real life we ​​would never even think of putting into practice. And since, at least in part, this way of doing may depend on the influence that the stars have on us, after having seen how to attract beautiful things based on the zodiac sign , today we will discover how each of us approaches social media, times without even realizing it . Ready to find out the truth?

Here’s how you approach social media according to the stars

Aries – With the same enthusiasm you have in everyday life
Let’s face it, if there is one thing that never changes with you it is the enthusiastic approach you have towards life and above all its most beautiful parts. Loving being the center of attention, for you social networks are a kind of stage where you can continue what you have not been able to do in the real world. A sort of virtual square in which to talk about yourself and your passions, where you can show photos in which you came to the top and, why not, where you can even make new acquaintances. An extension of your world in flesh and blood and where you like to live a thousand, exactly as you are used to doing.

Taurus – With a more open approach
Often, those who know you tend to consider you a person who has a path to follow and from which he does not intend to sidetrack even for a second. Well, this very precise aspect of you on social networks tends to soften making you appear much more open and ready to launch yourself into new adventures than you are. It is a way to challenge yourself and at the same time relax by giving yourself freedom that you would not otherwise be able to experience. The real problem is when real and virtual mix with each other and you find yourself having to make a decision that goes one way or the other. Learning to transport what you live on the web into reality and vice versa could make your life much easier.

Gemini – With a certain care for appearances
On social media you like to always look your best, avoiding those moments in life when you know you are not giving your best. An understandable attitude but which at times tends to take your hand, pushing you to show a reality that is a little too cheerful and colorful. Obviously there is nothing wrong with it but if you want to know someone, the risk is to show only the most superficial part of you. Allowing the world to know you 100%, including defects, is a gift that you would give to others and a chance that you would give yourself to live more freely and without pretense to maintain over time.

Cancer – With a purely aesthetic way
On social media you don’t like to blurt out your own business. And the thing is evident from the lack of posts that talk about your emotions. On the contrary, however, there are pictures of holidays, cute animals, movie scenes that you like and greedy dishes that you have tried or intend to taste. Your approach is therefore undoubtedly aesthetic and aimed at immortalizing and sharing only frivolous things that you like but that don’t say more about you than you want. Very understandable choice. Provided that you understand that others cannot know you from that nothing and that this does not become a reason for anger towards those who, in your opinion, understand you little even if only virtually.

Leo – Looking for the spotlight
Just as it happens in reality, on social media your intent is always to win approval. Which you do even better than in everyday life. Between photos to retouch, captions to make as captivating as possible and the ability to show only the best part of you, you can get likes and comments just as you wish. But be careful not to forget the world out there. And with it the importance of authenticity, the one that behind the screen you too often tend to put aside.

Virgo – Naturally
Social networks represent an outlet for you to distract yourself and brighten your days. If it comes to you, then, you like sharing what you find on other accounts more than what happens around you. Your approach is therefore natural but in some ways also a bit detached. And all of this sometimes leads those who know you both in the real and in the virtual to feel confused about what you think about the things around you. Putting a little more of yourself on social media would help you avoid misunderstandings and live an experience that is certainly more complete and satisfying.

Libra – By communicating as little
confidential as you are, social networks represent a way for you to stay up to date on the lives of the people you care about. For this reason, you tend to comment and like everyone but writing little. After all, the time you choose to dedicate to social media is also very limited. And this pushes you to have a healthy and balanced relationship and far from the addictions that many often accuse. However, if you want to write something personal from time to time it could show something more about who you are and what you dream about. And the effects would be so positive that it would surprise you.

Scorpio – Being yourself
The truth is that wherever you are and however you choose to interact you will always be yourself. Even on social media, therefore, your approach is the same as you have in everyday life. You appear, therefore, reserved, often taciturn but always ready to say how you think and to stand up for the things you believe in. Yours is a little constant presence but always very vigilant about what happens to the people you love. Those who know you probably won’t notice any difference, finding you exactly the same person as always.

Sagittarius – Unleashing your self-centeredness
Social media is the place where you love to let go and show off. You do it both positively and negatively because when you feel like showing off the most beautiful sides of your life while at other times you give vent to everything you don’t like. A way of doing that may perhaps be a bit heavy for those who follow you but which is certainly good for you so that you can at least partially unload the stress that you accumulate at work and in everyday life. And that, in the end, is just what matters, isn’t it?

Capricorn – Appearing and disappearing
Your relationship with social media is very special because it depends on how busy you are and the desire you have to spend time behind a screen. This leads you to be super present or absent altogether. And that obviously doesn’t help you build relationships. Given and considered that the thing you like to do most is, however, to observe others and understand what happens to them, the result is always to your liking. After all, you always have time to change your approach should it matter to you.

Aquarius – With a strong presence
On social media you are always present but in your own way. In fact, you tend to say little about yourself but always comment on others. And that makes you a strangely present person. Which really clashes a lot with what happens in everyday life. It is not strange, therefore, if your friends, when they hope to find you, prefer to rely on social media rather than a call. An attitude that is also comfortable for you because it allows you to be there when you feel like it and not having to give explanations when you prefer to be on your own. In short, a reality tailored for you.

Pisces – With a real approach
For you, social networks are a moment of leisure in which to pour positive emotions. This pushes you to mostly share the good times and to eclipse yourself in those when you need silence instead. A mode that allows you to make yourself known only halfway. Which often leads others to believe that your life is always perfect. Perhaps also talking about the things that are wrong would generate more empathy towards you. But you are one who prefers to give than to receive and who knows how to help others but never ask for it for yourself. An aspect to work on but not necessarily starting from social networks.

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