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Great Suffering Awaits 3 Zodiac Signs In January

January brings a brief period of suffering for some zodiac signs. Although the new year begins full of promises and possibilities, three particular zodiac signs may face brief challenges. However, this period of suffering is not a permanent thing, but rather like a temporary shower of rain amid sunshine. You can find out who this rain shower will affect here.


For those born in Leo, January could bring a period of suffering, marked by moments of overwork, loss of performance, exhaustion, and sleepless nights. Despite an otherwise bright start to the new year, some Leos may temporarily face these challenges. However, this period of suffering is not permanent, but rather a temporary cloud that darkens the otherwise clear sky.


January could bring more suffering for those born in Virgo than for other zodiac signs. This is due to the planet Mars, which is causing unusual unrest. Stressful times after the celebrations of Christmas and the New Year could lead to a challenging period for some Virgos. The lack of rest breaks and the dreary weather could be additionally stressful.


For those born with Cancer, January could also mean suffering due to certain star constellations. Here it is the love planet Venus that creates a sentimental mood. As an already sensitive zodiac sign built close to water, this influence could affect Cancers even more deeply and increase negative feelings.

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