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What kind of ex are you? You can get an idea based on your zodiac sign.

After seeing you may want to find out what kind of ex you would be or have already been in past relationships. Sometimes, in fact, when you are personally involved, it is difficult to recognize certain defects or ways of doing things. Reading within the characteristics of your zodiac sign, however, can help you to know aspects of yourself that are sometimes completely unexpected.

Aries – the detached
Once you have closed a story you do not look back but rather focus on the future. An attitude that in some cases can end up displacing the poor ex, especially those who may not have been entirely convinced of the end of the story. This, of course, does not mean not to suffer but rather that, aware that life is full of opportunities, you tend more to be nail-biting than to wallow in memories. Lend only not to hurt your heart.

Taurus – the one who looks ahead
The word end has a clear and precise meaning for you. The moment you realize that a story is wrong, then stop thinking about it and make up your mind. This is why you can be a good friend to your exes. Sure, unless they want to get back together, but that’s another story that thankfully doesn’t concern you.

Gemini – the non-ex
Your being dichotomous and the tendency to quickly change your mind often leads you to risk closing and reopening a relationship several times. A game that in some cases can be fun keeping the fire of passion burning but that in others can be dangerous, especially if the other gets tired and ends up hurting your heart.

Cancer – the unforgiving one
Let’s face it, you have a problem with forgiveness. Inside you tell yourself that everything is ok but in reality after a fight or, even worse, a breakup you are unquestionably hurt and this leads you to harbor a grudge. Staying truly friends with your ex is therefore unlikely unless time gets in the way and gives you time to mend your wounds.

Leo – the vindictive
When it comes to ex the word friendship is out of the question. A finished story for you equates to a challenge, especially if it wasn’t you who closed it. Luckily, your rational side helps you take the blows and put the best face on a bad situation. Too bad for that “very small” part that continues to meditate revenge.

Virgo – the one who doesn’t get it right
Accepting that the final word has come is always difficult for you, especially if it means having to question yourself. Although you are also willing to a careful inner analysis, in fact, it is really difficult for you to find and recognize any breaking points. Have you ever thought that even finding them things would not change? Looking ahead, in these cases, is the best choice.

Libra – the eternal dissatisfied
It is difficult for the way the story ended to appear correct and this regardless of who put an end to it. The very idea of ​​having wasted time makes you freak out and you also don’t like having to use more time to recover and move on. In short, the end of a story does not align with your strings at all. The only thing you can do is resign yourself and wait calmly for anger and dissatisfaction to subside as well.

Scorpio – The Difficult
Let’s face it, you are by no means an easy ex to handle. If the story ends badly, your primary intent is to hurt the other and make him feel bad at least as long as you are and if this means bringing up his shortcomings or those defects by now forgotten, it doesn’t matter. Also, continuing to rethink each moment you have lived together to thoroughly look for any errors or red flags hurts you and prevents you from moving forward. Sometimes it’s better to accept that failures are a part of life and that the same goes for love affairs as well.

Sagittarius – the one who makes the super friend
Your nature and your way of doing make you the perfect friend for every ex. Too bad that sometimes the hope you harbor risks making you feel bad, also jeopardizing the feeling of friendship that you have deluded yourself into having towards your ex. She learns to look inside you more carefully and if you know you still feel something, then she avoids pretending, primarily to yourself.

Capricorn – the complicated
Understanding what your real intentions are is sometimes really difficult, even for you who risk confusing everyone as the ex. Every break brings with it a moment of crisis in which it is good to stop to find the right balance before leaving. And you are good at leaving. So, just take your time, roll up your sleeves and go!

Aquarius – the one who can move forward
For you, accepting the normal course of things is practically normal and this also happens in relationships. Relationships with an ex are therefore essentially useless, after all if it didn’t work out why invest more time in it? This particularity of yours will surely be of great help to you in overcoming even the biggest disappointments.

Pisces – the understanding that she feels bad
As an ex you are understanding and friendly, it’s a pity that before accepting the end of a story you take some time and that you decide to show it or not, it is clear to everyone that you feel terrible. Do not worry, however, because of your way of being whoever is next to you will only know how to appreciate you whether it is an ex, friends or future loves just waiting to be born.

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