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What are the worst flaws of Gemini? This sign has great qualities but also something wrong. Here are the three main flaws

Mercury rules the sign of Gemini , one of the most important air signs. This sign enters the Sun ‘s route from May 21st to June 21st. The sign of Gemini has a very particular character because, if on the one hand it has a very open and curious mentality, on the other it also has several defects . Some really unbearable!

Those who hang out with a person who belongs to this sign of the zodiac will certainly be able to learn many things but perhaps will have little fun. Because? We will find out shortly. Unfortunately, as with all zodiac signs, also that of Gemini has something wrong. Today we will find out what are the main flaws of Gemini : here are three.

The three biggest defects of the sign of Gemini

  • He is too indecisive : after having known the qualities of this sign , now it’s up to the defects. One of the main flaws of the sign of Gemini is eternal indecision. Getting lost in a glass of water is this sign’s favorite sport. Geminis struggle to take sides and make a decision, even if it comes to parking on the right or left side of the road.
  • It is very superficial : perhaps the superficiality of this sign is the defect most hated by others . It is rather annoying to see a person who does not go into depth and is not willing to know all the details of an affair at best. Those born under this sign of the zodiac indulge in hasty judgments too often, risking triggering useless discussions with others. This defect is very much linked to the double personality of Gemini.
  • He is anxious : it would not seem like it, but those who belong to this sign of the zodiac let themselves be overcome by anxiety too many times. This sign experiences a feeling of uneasiness when things go wrong. Although they always have bright ideas, Geminis get anxious because they need to have everything under control at all times. Anyone born under this sign of the zodiac hates to improvise. When he is forced to do it he goes into crisis and risks getting lost in a glass of water.

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