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Gemini – Here Are The Most Positive And Negative Characteristics

How do you understand a sign like Gemini that appears to be one of the most changeable in the entire zodiac? We can say that there are a few characteristics that will tell you a lot about him. Here is the first positive trait from which we want to start.


The duplicity and perhaps the duplicity of a sign like this is realized in the enormous curiosity it has towards things and people it does not know. He is among the most curious of all.


It is another of his distinctive traits and he always knows how to act with great cunning and with great shrewdness. This is a symptom of great intelligence that he certainly knows how to adapt to any type of situation.


And then what do we have? Well, it’s one of the signs that manage to persuade everyone he has in front of him, sometimes he just needs a look to achieve results that until recently he hadn’t even been able to imagine. If you know him, you know him very well.

But while there are positive features, there are also quite a few negative things to highlight.
Let’s see them together.


Gemini, by nature, almost by constitution, can never make a definitive decision on what to do. It’s truly amazing, and sometimes it gets lost in a glass of water, even when it comes to making very simple choices.


Superficiality is something very strong in the sign of Gemini which sometimes stays a bit on the surface of things and doesn’t go deep, even when there is a need.


Yes, sometimes the way you act and your behavior puts you in a situation of strong restlessness that is difficult for yourself and for others to manage.

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