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From November 20th, A Particularly Challenging Phase Awaits These Zodiac Signs

The stars sometimes have surprising effects on our daily lives and feelings. From November 20, 2023, certain zodiac signs will face a particularly complicated time. This phase of frustration mainly affects three zodiac signs, for whom patience is put to the test. Without further ado, let’s find out which one.


Taurus friends, prepare yourself for a delicate phase in which your calm and collected temperament could be undermined. You will probably feel like you are constantly being questioned and having your desires thwarted by unforeseen obstacles. The areas of work and family will be most affected during this time.

Work :

In this area, delays and setbacks can occur, leading to a growing sense of frustration. You must show perseverance and remember that these obstacles are not insurmountable. To stay on top of this sea of ​​frustration, thoughtful decision-making is essential.

Family Life:

The atmosphere at home is also likely to be restless, and there may be conflicts and misunderstandings between family members. Then it will be necessary to communicate with distance and diplomacy to solve these problems before they become too big.


For Sagittarius, this frustrating time will result in Decisions that they will have to face and that will make them uncomfortable. Whether it’s deciding on a new career direction or making decisions regarding their romantic relationships, this indecision will take a toll on their morale.

Professional Hurdles:

Since they will be largely affected by the Moon’s bad influence in November 2023, Sagittarius will likely need to think about alternatives to their current situation on a professional level. And while some will see this as an opportunity to reinvent themselves, others will feel a deep frustration associated with this need for change.

The Heart :

On the emotional side, this period will be marked by questions and questions about the existing relationship or the possibility of starting a new one. Sagittarius must therefore be careful not to make hasty decisions and pay attention to their instincts to better guide them in these tense moments.


If Aquarians are known for their dynamism and thirst for new things, this period will test them by blocking certain projects and forcing them to stay. Aquarius’ frustration can manifest itself in the form of excitement and discomfort. with the feeling of being trapped while longing for escape.

Threatened Projects:

Whether in the professional or personal sphere, Aquarius will find his ideas and initiatives hindered by various obstacles that will force him to rethink his plans and adapt to the situation. This commitment to changing course can be difficult to accept for this sign, which is used to getting its way.

In Action:

Often considered a very energetic sign, Aquarius needs to channel its energy elsewhere during this time, particularly through sporting or artistic activities that allow it to blow off steam while maintaining some control over the situation.

  • Taurus: Upheaval and questioning (work; family life).
  • Sagittarius: difficult decisions (professional obstacles; the heart).
  • Aquarius: Restlessness and stagnation (thwarted projects; in action).

As of November 20, 2023, Taurus, Sagittarius, and Aquarius will need to remain patient and flexible in the face of the multiple challenges that stand in their way. Although this time promises to be frustrating, it is important to remember that these difficult times will eventually pass, making way for a long-awaited renewal for each of these zodiac signs.

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