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Four Zodiac Signs Struggling With Temperament in Their Love Lives

You don’t want to end up chasing someone wonderful away because you let your temper get the best of you.

Even though your emotions are valid and deserve to be expressed, there are a thousand different ways to get the same point across.

When you love someone, you need to try to express yourself gently–unless they have completely crossed a boundary. Here are some zodiacs who need to be careful so their temper doesn’t end up ruining their love life:


Aries, you aren’t the type to hold a grudge. You get angry quickly, say what you need to say, then end up cooling down pretty quickly. But just because you’re over an argument a little while after it happens doesn’t mean the other person feels the same. The words you use have power. If you hurt someone, they don’t owe you forgiveness. Even if you apologize and try to set things right, that doesn’t mean you’re going to get another chance. You need to be careful with your temper when dating because you don’t want to push a good person away. If you are annoyed with them, you can get the point across in a gentler way.


Gemini, you can change your mind quickly, which means you might be incredibly upset with someone today and then will be cool with them tomorrow. You need to learn to pick your battles. Yes, if someone is treating you wrong, you need to speak up. But you don’t want to start screaming at them unnecessarily. You don’t want to pick fights that could have been quick, mature conversations. It’s important to tell your person how you’re feeling, but you can do that without raising your voice.


Sagittarius, you have an impulsive side. Sometimes you end up saying things in the heat of the moment that you end up regretting. It’s not because you want to hurt anyone. In fact, it’s the opposite. You pride yourself on being authentic. You want to be the most real version of yourself at all times — but you need to be careful about the words that you choose and the tone you say them in. You don’t want to end up regretting the way you treated someone you care deeply about. They deserve for you to act thoughtfully and conscientiously.


You have a sense of righteousness about you. Whenever someone treats you unfairly, you want them to recognize what they’ve done wrong so they can correct the issue. You have too much confidence to let others get away with treating you terribly. But there’s a difference between standing up for yourself and picking fights. You don’t want to take someone’s words the wrong way and punish them for it. First, ask them to explain themselves. Make sure you’re on the same page and that there isn’t a miscommunication happening, especially if this person means a lot to you and has never treated you wrong before. Then you can decide whether what they’ve done calls for an argument.

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