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You can not find them only at the airport but anywhere where there is a means to travel: they are the most wanderlust zodiac signs !

The word wanderlust has known, in the past years, a real widespread diffusion. Everyone wanted to be a wanderlust , indeed, and everyone wrote it in their Instagram bio!
Let’s find out who are the zodiac signs that are in today’s ranking . Are you there too?

The most wandelust zodiac signs of the horoscope: here is the ranking

Surely you’ve ever heard someone claim to be a  Wanderlust .

Among friends and acquaintances, in fact, there is probably someone who can’t wait to talk about the trips they have made and how much they would like to do as much as possible!
Nothing wrong with being passionate about travel and vacations , let alone.
This does not mean, however, to be among the most wanderlust zodiac signs of the whole horoscope!

Let’s find out who is in the ranking of the zodiac signs who just can’t help but perceive life as an immense “journey” .
Here is who is in the ranking!

Sagittarius: fifth place

It might seem strange to you to meet all those born under the sign of Sagittarius in fifth place in the ranking of the most wanderlust zodiac signs of the horoscope .

Sagittarians , in fact, are often independent and lonely people, who love their routine and their spaces. How is it possible that they are also wanderlusts?
The reality is that Sagittarians don’t feel at home anywhere. That’s why, for them, the idea of ​​a “perpetual” journey that always takes them somewhere else is wonderful. Try asking him!

Scorpio: fourth place

Even those born under the sign of Scorpio , strange as it may seem to you, are in the ranking of the most wanderlust zodiac signs of the horoscope .
Let’s say it’s strange because, generally, Scorpios love their spaces and their lives: why go to the other side of the world to seek happiness?

As soon as they begin to travel, however, Scorpios realize that they cannot truly stand still in one place for their entire life.
Travel is something that Scorpios carry inside: for them it is essential to be able to wander around the world, always learning something new!

 Cancer: third place

Oh no, we really shouldn’t have done this. How is it possible that those born under the sign of Cancer , people who love family and a sedentary lifestyle, are in today’s horoscope ranking ?

For Cancers , traveling is absolutely not important, at least if you ask them. Yes, of course, Cancers love to travel and go on vacation but they absolutely do not consider it a priority in life. For them, however, it is very important to be able to know the world and, for this reason, once they are on the road they would never go back. The right conditions must be met, this is true, but Cancers are real  wanderlust : there is no place they would not go!

Pisces: second place

We arrive in second place in today’s ranking, occupied by all those born under the sign of Pisces . Pisces
are generally very spiritual people who are often accused of having their heads a little in the clouds.

Even if, as we said above, Pisces are accused of a certain lightness, we can assure you that they are people absolutely capable of spending a whole life with a backpack on their backs!
For Pisces it is very important to be able to range outside of their life, both concretely and literally. Pisces
would be willing to go anywhere and with anyone: the important thing is the experience, the journey within oneself. Pisces don’t even know they love the idea of ​​travel so much – it ‘s a completely innate feeling in them!

Leo: first place in the ranking of the most wanderlust zodiac signs

Finally, dear Leos , today’s ranking rewards you: you are the most wanderlust of the whole horoscope!
Those born under the sign of Leo are generally restless (in a positive way), unable to sit still.

For Leos , traveling is very important. Not only can they experience everything that others cannot see but they can also bring back pieces of other cultures, of other worlds that contribute to making Leo feel like a truly finite, well-rounded person.
That’s why, in no uncertain terms, we can assure you that Leos are the most wanderlust in the horoscope.
When they can travel, nothing can stop them!

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