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Find Out What Your Karma Is According To Your Sign

If you also believe in reincarnation, in the chance to evolve from one existence to another, well, your zodiac sign can reveal to you what you were in the previous life of this existence.

Nothing happens without a reason and you always reap what you sow. Everything you live now is the result of previous actions, from the current life or from a past life: this is how the law of karma is explained, in short. If you also believe in reincarnation, in the chance to evolve from one existence to another, well, your zodiac sign can reveal to you what you were in the previous life of this existence.

Your zodiac sign, your karma

Aries – you were an artist

A bohemian presence and very sensitive, loving people, withdrawn, full of enigmas, who liked the time spent alone, you had the nature of an artist. Poet, painter, priest, love, and beauty were your purpose. That’s exactly why now you never go unnoticed. You are strong, extroverted, sociable and a fighter.

Taurus – you were a warrior

You liked to make your voice heard, hit the table with your fist, and throw yourself into the fight to defend the values ​​you believed in. You knew no fear and dominated anyone, anywhere, even at the cost of your life. Now, you are more interested in material comfort and peace of mind.

Gemini – you were a banker

You were a rich, responsible, traditionalist person, with unshakeable principles, who worked hard to accumulate wealth. Today you prefer to live in the moment and don’t take the rules into account. You do everything as you feel and spend more than you put aside.

Cancer – you were a writer

Your greatest talent was to express yourself excellently. You composed poems, novels, and entire scripts and you were a learned person, popular in society, maybe a writer or a teacher. Today, you are communicative and generous with information only with the closest people.

Leo – you were in the service of others

Medical assistant, social worker, volunteer, your purpose was to help others, sacrificing yourself for their good. Today you are no longer emotional or sentimental, you put yourself first and you like to be taken care of, appreciated, to lead, to give directives.

Virgo – you were a queen

Everyone was subject to you, you were feared and respected everywhere. Your word spoke volumes in any context, and your orders were carried out without discussion. Today, you get your successes and praises through work, you don’t expect anything ready. But you still strive for perfection and luxury.

Libra – you were a healer

Natural, holistic healing was your creed. Very organized, in search of perfection and healing, you never felt fully appreciated or satisfied with yourself, you constantly wanted to evolve. In this existence, you are looking for balance, harmony, and inner peace.

Scorpio – you were a judge

Lawyer, judge, your mission was to do justice among your peers. At the same time, you were always a pleasant presence, a captivating presence, of a special physical and soul beauty. And now you like to help, but you are more selfish and very possessive.

Sagittarius – you were a soothsayer

You were attracted to magic, and inexplicable experiences, you had a strong intuition and you were very empathetic, but also passionate. You were considered by many to be a mysterious creature, a clairvoyant, or even a witch. Today, you are practical, energetic, and as direct as possible.

Capricorn – you have been a nomad

It rarely happens that you stay for a long time in the same place. You liked to travel, to discover new lands and people. You were a free spirit, eager for adventure, who didn’t make promises and wasn’t tied to anyone. Today, you prefer the comfort of the soul and the tranquility of the places you already know.

Aquarius – you were a teacher

You were a conservative, calculated person, who imposed many rules on himself and did not take risky actions, in order to ensure his success. A model of patience for others, you were probably a teacher or a politician. Now is the time to experiment, break the mold, and be original.

Pisces – you were an invent

You liked novelties, surprises, and challenges, you were extremely versatile and had flashes of genius. Now born under the sign of Pisces, you complete a cycle of existence and can reach a level of depth that others do not have access to. You are a thoughtful, creative, meditative person, eager to transform into the best version of yourself.

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