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Do we bet you are in the ranking of the best flirting signs of the whole horoscope? (And yes, with this sentence we are flirting with you!).

It takes a real flirting expert to recognize… well, another flirter!
In fact, in the world, there are romantic and a-romantic, sensual and non-sensual people, with serious intentions or with decidedly frivolous intentions. The ones that stand out from all the others, however, are the people who are good at flirting !

Let’s find out today’s horoscope ranking and see if you are among the top five positions.
We are confident of yes ( wink, wink ). Hey, aren’t we in the standings too?

The best signs at flirting: find out if you are in today’s horoscope ranking

Knowing how to flirt means having a truly special and hidden talent, which comes out at the most opportune moments (and no less, as we would be led to think).
There are people, in fact, capable of flirting with others in real ways natural: a smile or a look at the moment the right and the game is done!

Impossible to resist their magnetic gaze, their inviting eyebrows, or their smile that challenges you! Of course, we asked for stars and planets to help us to understand what are the signs of good to flirt around the zodiac .

Isn’t it that you or your partner are also in this particular horoscope ranking?
Better find out now: here are the top five positions!

Capricorn: fifth place

The Capricorn is one of the signs that never would expect to find in the ranking of those who flirt more yet earn a respectful fifth place.
Those born under this sign, in fact, are definitely people capable of flirting, capable of making others blush with a glance!

The Capricorn is a sign that puts the person that likes to the center of the world: gifts, hot phrases, special attention. Nothing is enough to make you capitulate and they will always make you blush!

Sagittarius: fourth place

Even the Sagittarius is a sign very good at flirting though … it does not seem right! Often, the technical Sagittarius is to focus on the other person: he ” sells ” always down and leaves you to be yourself to discover, little by little, his qualities.

In the meantime, however, Sagittarius only has eyes for you and acts as if you are already together. His way of doing it is so innocent and flattering that you will lose your head without even realizing it!

Leo: third place

Even Leone is one of the most talented zodiac signs to flirt (although, to his chagrin, is not the best of all).
This is a sign capable of sending tons of messages subliminal in your direction to let him know that they like you!

Leo is a sign that puts its ” prey ” at the center of its life and ” stuns ” it with a truly unparalleled series of compliments and attention. Its charm will almost always win you over: be very careful!

Gemini: second place

Those born under the sign of Gemini are really good at flirting even if … they don’t know!
Often, in fact, the attitude that this sign has leads him to get stuck in truly terrible situations. All I want, but … he does not want any !

The Twins are people who love to show off in the dark and mysterious and often do not realize how this attitude fascinates others.
Surely, then, the fact of being able to exercise the right charm on other people stuns and ends up often exaggerate.

Here is that the Gemini are, with almost no effort, almost at the top of our ranking of the zodiac signs best at flirting: and to think that they don’t even know how to do it!
The twins are ” magnets ” natural: they are afraid to go deeper with the knowledge, though, because they never know when they will open up without being judged!

Scorpio: First place in the ranking of the best signs at flirting

Those born under the sign of Scorpio earn their first position in today’s ranking by right.
There really is no more good of them to flirt with others!

The Scorpio, in fact, is a sign very fascinating that loves power and, therefore, loves also put the other a little bit ” in difficulty “.
They are discreet suitors, always present but always able to make you feel that “you are not the only ones” in their life. They don’t mince words, they are clear and direct: in short, they are  really… intriguing flirts 

The Scorpio always knows how to give up the others to his will: it can fascinate with its silences, its looks, and often … even simply with his presence!
Be careful if a Scorpio has aimed at you (and no, we don’t mean just in the literal sense . But of course, beware of those too). There is an ( almost ) chance of escape!

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