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Discover useful tips, sign by sign, to combat stress.

The return from holidays is notoriously one of the most difficult times of the year. We find ourselves having to resume the usual rhythms, breaking those established during the rest period and all having to do without the sunny days and free time available. Many times, the return also corresponds to having to get back in shape with diets and physical exercise. All factors cause a great source of stress. Living constantly stressed, however, is not good at all and given that, at least in part, the tendency to not sleep or to feel constantly tired and agitated can depend on the influence of the stars, we will discover the perfect antidote to chase away stress based on our zodiac sign. As always, when it comes to how you feel, the advice is to also take a look at your ascendant in order to get a clearer picture.

A good anti-stress remedy for every zodiac sign

Aries – Taking care of nutrition
Generally you are not one to aim for excesses, but during the holidays you tend to let yourself go by eating more than your body can tolerate. This is likely to lead to poor digestion resulting in insomnia and stress due to fatigue. To feel fit again and get back to sleep peacefully, you will need to try to moderate your diet by limiting red meats, fatty cheeses and refined sugars. It is not a question of going on a diet but of giving the body what it needs to support the change of seasons and new rhythms. Green rice, vegetables and seasonal fruit are therefore green light. Within two weeks, you will feel like you have been reborn.

Taurus – Take the mood by the throat
For you who particularly love the pleasures of life, returning to the usual routine is a real source of stress, which often makes you in a bad mood. Unfortunately, you cannot say no to daily commitments but they can be made more pleasant by leveraging one of your greatest passions, namely food. Try making yourself a healthy but tasty breakfast every morning that will make you want to get out of bed. And in the middle of the day, plan a tea or coffee with friends. Knowing that there are pleasant moments to live during the day will help you to endure the hours of study or work more easily, helping you to reduce stress. Seeing is believing.

Gemini – Avoiding excesses
Your decidedly dual nature leads you to do multiple things at the same time sometimes even exaggerating. This obviously leads you to excessive loads of stress that you usually express in a bad mood that can destabilize anyone around you. To sort this out, you have to give yourself some rest, making an effort to do things one at a time. To this you must add some relaxing practices such as reading a good book before falling asleep, practicing some physical activity and paying more attention to what you drink. Better to replace alcohol with some fruit juice and increase your water intake. It will help you feel better right away.

Cancer – Indulge in entertainment
For you, stress is a great enemy that, unfortunately, you know all too well. Your nature, in fact, leads you to fidget even for the smallest things, making you feel out of place or constantly anxious. Fortunately, there are some little tricks you can do to feel better. An example? You could indulge in an afternoon at the SPA, go shopping, or invite your closest friends over for tea and pastries. The options are many and what matters is to indulge in the right entertainment, the ones that are good for the heart and that know how to make you feel relaxed, enough to make the stress disappear.

Leo – Do some yoga sessions
Your wanting to always excel over everything, every now and then you play some tricks by making you accumulate stress. To stem the problem, you should focus less on work and more on something that can relax you, which would be really difficult for you. In cases like yours, yoga can be a good solution. This discipline, in fact, helps you to free your mind and to be master of yourself in the here and now. Try taking a few lessons, you may discover a method to release stress weekly by discovering the thrill of not having to constantly think about the next move to make.

Virgo – Eat healthier
You are basically someone who tends to get stressed out about various things. A good way to be able to sleep at night and to feel happier during the day is to help your body by focusing on some foods that can make a difference during this period. In addition to drinking lots of water, the advice of the stars is therefore to eat more fruit and vegetables and to replace sweets or messy foods with dried fruit, excellent for giving support to the brain and to satisfy the palate. In this way you will see that the feeling of well-being will come soon, making you feel at the top.

Libra – Creating a Pleasant Routine
Your need for harmony leads you to feel highly stressed when it is lacking. The return from vacation and all the new organization that goes with it is therefore more than enough cause for you to suddenly feel nervous or unable to sleep at night. What you need is a routine that can restore harmony. So try to include passages in your days. A cleansing of the face with background music in the morning, a nice bath with lots of candles lit in the evening and finally reading a few pages of a good book with a glass of warm milk with honey before going to sleep. Within three days you will certainly be better off.

Scorpio – With Meditation
When stress approaches you it is such that everything is impossible. First of all it is therefore important to clear your mind and what better way to do it than with meditation? Perhaps the first few times you will find it difficult or even far from your strings. After a few attempts, however, you will discover not only that you have reached it but that you are reaping the right benefits. Try to create a suitable environment with candles and incense, take a comfortable pillow, some suitable music and dedicate yourself to this new experience. It will make you feel like new, relieving your mind of overwhelming thoughts and giving you new solutions to the problems that plague you.

Sagittarius – Spending time outdoors
Returning from vacation, for you who love to travel, is never pleasant, especially if followed by commitments that prevent you from feeling free as you like it. The ideal way to avoid stress is to play in advance, trying to spend as much time as possible outdoors and taking advantage of the last days of light. You can take a long walk or have a picnic with friends. The options are practically endless, up to hikes or trips out of town. What matters is being able to keep up the mood and demonstrate with facts that you can always be on a “vacation”, even when you work or have various kinds of commitments.

Capricorn – Focus on some hobbies
The only way you can get rid of stress is to find an outlet that is also able to keep you mentally engaged. Your always wanting to excel at work and the tendency to fill yourself with daily tasks makes it impossible for you to have free time for yourself. Better therefore to occupy it in an activity that can relax you. All you have to do is choose from your favorite hobbies, concentrate properly so that you don’t think about anything else. You will find that even the commitments that normally seem so urgent can be put on break from time to time.

Aquarius – Fill up on vitamins
The resumption of the usual routine and the change of season make you susceptible not only to stress but also to ailments. To overcome the period in the best possible way, it is better to run for cover, compensating for any shortcomings with a more informed diet and aimed at giving you full vitamins and minerals. Green light therefore to fruit, vegetables and dried fruit. All this is combined with long sleep sessions. For a while, it’s better to go to bed early and try to get a good sleep. Your body will reward you with a whole new charge of energy.

Pisces – Unleashing your creativity
Often by dint of keeping up with your many commitments you run the risk of losing yourself and putting aside your creative streak. This creates additional stress that is not good for you in the long run. If you really can’t feel completely free, find moments in which to unleash your creativity. Whether it’s drawing, playing, writing or cooking, make these moments a commitment you can’t miss. Knowing that an important moment awaits you will give you the right energy to face your days and to relieve stress.

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