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The stars reveal to us what particular intelligence each zodiac sign develops. Discover yours.

Did you know that there are different types of intelligence? Each zodiac sign develops a different one and according to astrologers it depends on his personality. What intelligence have you developed based on your sign?

Intelligence is a broad concept, some people may have a very high IQ and be very clever geniuses in calculations and so on and yet they may have no artistic, emotional skills, no coordination and knowledge about life experiences. In our own way we are all particularly intelligent about something, intelligence has different facets, each  zodiac sign does not show specifics.

Tell me what sign you are and I’ll tell you what kind of intelligence you have developed

The zodiac signs are influenced by different elements: fire, earth, air or water. Their type of intelligence also depends on the influence of these elements. Each zodiac sign also has distinctive characteristics and a personality that affects their behavior which is the result of the combination of their astral home, life experiences and ascendant.

Here is the type of intelligence of each sign


Aries possesses intuitive intelligence . This sign can see the potential in everything, in any situation. Furthermore, he is extremely brave and ready to take any risk if his instinct suggests it.


The native of Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus consequently they possess a kinesthetic intelligence , in practice they have the gift of physical and mental coordination, they are able to coordinate their mind with their body.


The sign of Gemini is a great persuader. His intelligence is linked to communication so his intelligence of him is linguistic . A Gemini will always know what is the right thing to say in different situations.


Cancer is a very empathic sign, its intelligence is intrapersonal.   No one like Cancer can understand himself and decipher all the emotions he feels, this allows him to know exactly how to behave to achieve success.


The Leo native possesses a creative intelligence . In addition, this sign has the gift of adaptation, he is able to adapt to any situation thanks to the enormous confidence he has in himself.


Virgo develops a logical intelligence . being endowed with a very great gift of observation and mental acuity they are excellent in formulating hypotheses AND proving their correctness.


The intelligence possessed by Libra is of a musical type . These signs have an excellent sense of rhythm and a very good ear, they perceive all the sounds and languages ​​used by music excellently.


The scorpion, on the other hand, possesses an intuitive intelligence.   Better than a detective, he combines his perception with his intuition and manages to defeat anyone. Fooling a Scorpio is impossible, they can read people as if they were open books.


The native of Sagittarius, the solar plus sign of the Zodiac, develops an existential intelligence . No sign asks questions about existence, being and substance as Sagittarius does. This thirst for knowledge drives him to constantly relate to new people and cultures and to feel the need to travel a lot.


The most hardworking sign of the Zodiac develops a practical intelligence . There is no sign as skilled as Capricorn in resolving conflicts and balancing situations as well as finding solutions to problems, especially this quality emerges in the professional field.


Aquarius develops a temporal-spatial intelligence and is extremely intense. The aquarium is the only sign capable of carrying out a mental transformation of visual images.


Pisces is the most sensitive native in the entire zodiac. This sign develops a natural intelligence , has a great ability to understand all living beings and is also inclined to predict natural phenomena such as weather forecasts.

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