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Don’t Forget And Don’t Forgive. These Are The Grudge Signs, Which Bear Enmity

Resentment is a complex feeling that can affect anyone and it is interesting to see how astrological characteristics influence a person’s behavior in a certain situation. Some signs are more prone to holding a grudge than others.

The grudge signs tend to hold enmity and do not forgive or forget until they get their revenge on a certain person.


Aries people are known for their loyalty, tenacity, determination, and desire to succeed. These qualities are used both to protect their interests and to take revenge on the people who hurt them. Traits such as anger and impatience can lead to deep resentments that can last for long periods.

They can remember every detail and every weakness of those around them. They use this grudge as a way to maintain control and avoid further disappointments.


Leos, passionate and egocentric beings, can hold intense grudges regarding their failures or when their egos are offended. They are driven by the desire to be the center of attention and can interpret any insult as a personal threat. Their grudge can be used to fuel their ambitions and motivate them to achieve higher levels of success.

Leo people are known for their greatness of spirit and pride. Despite this fact, they are very susceptible and can take very personally what others say or do and can hold a grudge for life. Wounded pride is a common characteristic among Leos, which makes them very sensitive to grudges.


Famous for their intense passion, Scorpios can hold grudges for years. They remember the details and can return to old wounds at any time. Their grudge is a combination of an incredibly long memory and a desire to have control over situations.

However, they can turn resentment into a driving force, using it to build protection and evolve.


Although Taurus is often perceived as stable and quiet, do not underestimate them when it comes to grudges. They can keep painful memories in their hearts and develop a deep desire for revenge. Their grudge is sustained by the sense of justice and the desire to obtain satisfaction in the end.

Those born under this zodiac sign live for revenge and feel truly reconciled when those who hurt or upset them apologize.


Cancer people are known for being sensitive and empathetic. Despite a quiet and reserved nature, Cancers have a deep sense of justice that can sometimes turn into a sense of revenge.

For Cancers, the grudge comes from their deep emotional connection with the past and personal relationships. They remember every word and every action, and painful memories can be recycled and turned into resentment. Because they are very loyal and protective of their loved ones, their grudge can be triggered when they feel betrayed.

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