Don’t Feel Guilty For Cutting Off The One Who Gave You The Scissors

Despite everything this man has done to you, you still question your decision to kick him out of your life.

You still wake up at night, wondering if you did the right thing and whether you should have given him another chance.

You’re a smart girl and you know he is not boyfriend material. But maybe you two should have stayed friends, if nothing else.

After all, he always needed you. He kept telling you that you were his guardian angel and that he could never make it without you by his side.

Besides, he did try reaching out to you after the breakup. However, you were too hurt to hear him out.

You were too angry and devastated to even talk to him. Instead, you hung up the phone and blocked him everywhere.

So now that the resentment is gone, you’re not sure whether you made the right choice.

Now that the bitterness has passed, you can’t help but wonder if you ended up being the bad guy in this story.

Well, I’m going to have to ask you to stop right there. Remember all the pain this man caused you and all the hell he’s put you through.

Don’t forget about all the tears you cried for him. About all the times he broke your heart and all the harm he’s done.

Remember all the second chances you gave him? Remember all the promises he never fulfilled?

Let’s be honest here and remember how many times this guy has given you his word that he’ll change.

And how many times have you believed in his lies and deceptions, just for him to turn out worse than ever?

For years, you kept putting effort into your relationship while he couldn’t care less about it.

You loved him while he took you for granted, assuming that you’ll spend the rest of your life waiting for him to come to his senses.

All of this time, you were the one who fought against the windmills. The one who kept this relationship on life support.

The one who begged him to change his ways. The one who chased him while he was running away.

The one who put her life on hold while waiting for him to finally do the right thing. Who kept settling for crumbs of his attention, when you deserved much more.

After a while, you called it quits and said your final goodbye. For the first time ever, you chose yourself over this ungrateful little bastard.

So, now you’re telling me that you feel guilty for it? Well, I hate to be brutal, but you seem a bigger fool than I thought.

Let me tell you one thing: You didn’t walk away from this man because you wanted to.

You didn’t wake up one morning, determined to dump him out of some silly, childish whim.

Instead, you had a huge reason for doing all of this.

You didn’t stop loving him all of a sudden nor did you replace him with someone new. You didn’t use him in any way nor did you ever think of another man while he was present in your life.

You just got tired. You had enough, which is perfectly natural.

Remember: You didn’t abandon him. Instead, he was the one who let you go.

The one who kept pushing you away with his behavior. The one who kept proving to you that he doesn’t want you in his life.

So, what exactly should you have done? Allow him to keep on deserting you and coming back as he pleases?

Should you give him a chance to keep on hurting you? To reopen your wounds with every text or phone call?

Should you continue serving him as a safety net? Keep on being there for him, if he ever needs guidance or any help?

No, damn right you shouldn’t.

So, why do you feel guilty for cutting him off when he was the one who was giving you the scissors all along?

Don’t you see that it was the only choice you had and that you saved yourself at the last minute?

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