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Do You Always Forget Everything? It All Depends on Your Zodiac Sign

Are you one of those people who always forget everything? It’s all the fault of your zodiac sign. Find out more with the leaderboard

Forgetting everything is a characteristic of those careless people, who are often with their heads in the clouds and who have a thousand thoughts on their minds at all times. Have you also happened to leave the remote control in the fridge or get out of the car, try to lock it, and realize you have left the keys in the dashboard? And speaking of keys, how many times has it happened to leave the house keys on the desk before going downstairs and waking everyone up late at night through the intercom? There are hundreds of examples that we could give but today we don’t want to make a list, but rather talk about a ranking.

You may not know it, but the zodiac sign we belong to can alter the way we behave at a certain time of day. So if you always forget everything it could be the fault of the stars. Soon you will have the opportunity to know what is the ranking of the zodiac signs that always forget everything, we will only focus on the podium, to underline the three most deserving signs to be present in this ranking. Do you think your zodiac sign has the right characteristics to be mentioned in this ranking? Well, then scroll down the text and find out if you are right or not.

What is the zodiac sign that always forgets everything?

We have finally arrived at the moment that everyone has been waiting for. In a few seconds, you will be able to read the ranking of the zodiac signs that always forget everything, hoping that your sign isn’t there too, otherwise they would be in big trouble! Before continuing, it is very important that you know one detail: the rankings you find on our site are drawn up based on the generic characteristics of the various zodiac signs, so don’t feel bad if you find yourself in first place today. Take everything lightly, even if there are often surprises. For example, would you have ever thought that Aquarius’ greatest enemy was Scorpio?

Sagittarius: in third place in the ranking we find the sign of Sagittarius. Those born under this sign of the zodiac forget everything and then try to fix it by getting help from someone. Has he forgotten the keys? Here he is on the phone while he tries to have them thrown out the window because surely he was late for an appointment and therefore can’t go home. This sign is not very attentive because he fantasizes with his mind, he always has a whole world of himself in his head, a pity that sooner or later you have to reopen your eyes and come to terms with reality.

Aries: in second place in the ranking is the sign of Aries. Those who belong to this sign of the zodiac have a very particular character and are not always able to express their feelings. Aries is very determined but doesn’t always realize everything that is happening around them. It’s like he’s focused only on his stuff, ignoring everything else. In this way, he can often forget a birthday or an anniversary, also because Aries has the bad habit of relying only on his memory and never writing anything down. Perhaps this is the real problem!

Capricorn: the highest step of the podium is occupied by the sign of Capricorn. Those born under this sign of the zodiac are often able to decipher everything that is happening around them but they need time. While Capricorn thinks, the world goes on and it can often happen that he misses a few steps and doesn’t know what to do. His forgetfulness of him is because he always finds himself with his head in the clouds, immersed in a thousand thoughts and as many projects, almost all of which cannot be realized in a lifetime. Capricorn loses many important joys because of everything he forgets. For example, if there’s a party, he might even show up the next day, but it would be too late by now.

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