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Find out what causes the signs of the zodiac to always think the worst. The opinion of the stars sign by sign.

We often hear about positive thinking and how to work on yourself to learn how to make the most of life. Whether it’s seeing the glass half or full or half empty, however, the truth is that for many people always thinking positively is not easy at all. Sooner or later, in fact, we all find ourselves thinking negatively. Just as it can happen to expect the worst in life.

An aspect that concerns everyone and which can depend on various aspects, among which the influence of the stars should not be forgotten. Today, therefore, we will try to understand, at least from the point of view of the stars, what prompts the various signs to think about the worst.

Why do zodiac signs think the worst? Here is the answer of the stars

Aries – To have pleasant surprises
Always positive and projected forward, you don’t usually think the worst. And if you do, it’s just to have some pleasant surprises. In fact, you like not to make yourself castles in the air but to take what comes. Even better if it is something infinitely bigger than what you imagined. Something that you can make even more special precisely because it lacks expectations about it.

Taurus – Why do you struggle to recover from the past
When you are wronged you struggle to forget and this also applies to bad experiences you may have had in life. If you happen to think negatively it is then to protect yourself from new disappointments. An aspect that characterizes you deeply and that makes you a person in need of confirmation. Confirmations that will gradually help you feel more and more confident and embrace the possibility of thinking positively again.

Gemini – Why do you want to be ready
For you, life is a challenge, and when you think the worst it is just to be ready and to give the best you can. This is an aspect that involves you much more than you would like but which is also a considerable strength. In this way, in fact, you can always create winning strategies and can take you exactly where you want. And all without much effort.

Cancer – Because you are insecure
What makes you always think the worst is your innate insecurity which is mixed with the fear of not making it and experiencing disappointments in life. Fortunately, you always have people by your side who can give you the right support. What you need to always keep the door of hope open and to learn that being strong is something that comes from within and that working on it can change for the positive.

Leo – Not to hope too much
You count a lot on your abilities. For this reason, you don’t like to rely on dreams or hope. Your fear is in fact that of being disappointed or losing sight of the goal you yearn for and that you need to look to find the strength to fight properly. A force that has always helped you to get everything you want, including your many dreams.

Virgo – Because you don’t like to be under illusions
Realist as you are, you don’t like to rely on dreams and hopes if you are not sure that they can be realized. So, when faced with two possibilities, you always end up thinking the worst. A move that is not at all suitable and that you should strive to change to live better and with more serenity. A serenity that, once experienced, will help you unlock and think more and more positively.

Libra – Why
You Think So Much You are such an analytical and future-thinking person that when you are faced with two options you always end up thinking the worst. This happens because thinking for a long time you cannot fail to see defects or possible flaws that, once noticed, push you to be alert. A way of doing things that once set aside will help you experience something infinitely better.

Scorpio – Why You Want to Avoid Suffering
Rather than thinking about the worst, it can be said that you avoid disappointment. And that is why you prefer to think about what can go wrong to find a remedy. Which you obviously wouldn’t be able to do by always thinking positively. A way of being that you know how to manage and that has always brought you some luck. Exactly what you need to live to the fullest.

Sagittarius – In order not to have to
exert too much effort, you don’t like trying too hard and therefore when it comes to options, you prefer to focus on the negative ones. Thinking about the worst you are in fact able to construct an alibi that prevents you from working hard for something you are not sure you can achieve. A way of doing that can sometimes backfire and therefore you should change. And all to commit yourself to get more acclaim and, last but not least, more luck.

Capricorn – Why You Don’t Trust Enough No matter
how hard you try you aren’t exactly able to trust others. And this leads to not wanting to beat yourself up too much to think about the best. Maybe you can when it comes to dreams projected into the distant future. If not, and if there are people involved, you prefer instead to go all out in order not to encounter unnecessary disappointments. The same ones that would make you lose the desire to act.

Aquarius – To Feel Safe
If there’s one thing you like about it, it’s living in your comfort zone. A feeling of peace that you would not give up for any reason in the world. And to do so, you are also willing to expect the worst and think negatively. So everything can only go well without disappointing you or ruining your days. A thought that you can’t help but make your own and that you put into practice perhaps a little more often than you should.

Pisces – To be strong
For you who are so good at dreaming, it is much easier to think positively than negatively. However, there are times when you feel the need to protect yourself and to think even the worst. A modus operandi that you put in place to feel stronger as you are ready to fight and respond properly to any setbacks. Luckily you can balance it all with your will to live between dreams. Which you always do perfectly.

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