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Dear God, Let 2023 Be The Year In Which I Find Love

Dear God,

Now that this year is ending, I have to admit I’m a bit tired of everything I’ve been through.

I feel like this year had one goal and that was to make my life a living hell. Okay, it wasn’t quite like that, but it wasn’t far from it either.

And although I am bruised and broken, I won’t let this year take my hope away from me. I think that I’m done with life lessons and ready for the bigger and better things which are ahead of me.

I was always a dreamer and a person who kept finding faith and hope in places where nobody thought of looking.

And while everyone is grateful that this year has come to an end, I’m grateful for everything that I have been through.

It was one hell of a ride, but I learned so many things. I have grown, I have upgraded and now I’m finally ready for the ultimate gift of life. I’m ready to finally experience the one true love.

I’m done dealing with toxic people in my life. I pray that all the toxic people around me never again get a chance to come close to me.

I pray that I remember everyone who hurt me before and their patterns so I’ll spot someone who’s not good for me and stop myself from welcoming them into my life.

I’m done with letting people get away with empty promises. All they do is keep breaking their promises again and again.

And if they fooled me once, I know they’ll do it over and over and as many times as the chances I give them. So from now on, there are no more second chances.

I am done with making a fool out of myself and letting others lie to me repeatedly. I have finally learned to let go of the people who keep hurting me.

I’m done with people breaking my heart. And I’m done forgiving them for doing so. Now I’m wiser and I know better than to trust others so easily.

I finally realized that I’m in charge of my own happiness and I’m ready to take care of myself, but this time for good.

I’m finally ready to admit that my happiness depends only on me and on my actions and that I’m in charge of my heart. I’m never again letting anyone to get to my heart if the didn’t deserve it.

Thanks to my faith in You and the strength You gave me, I managed to get up each time I fell down.

And although I’ve been through so many ugly things in life, I haven’t for once thought of giving up.

I always held on to this hope that there are better things coming my way. I always trusted You.

And as each new day passes, I try to be a better person than I was. The more people want to bring me down, the more I rise. The more they want to see me miserable, the more I smile.

And I know I couldn’t have done all this without you God, so I want you to know that I’m grateful for everything I got and everything you saved me from.

I finally feel ready for the big things in life. I feel I’ve been through so much and that I’m no longer that small and naive girl who trusted everyone.

I’ve aged and I’ve grown up and I stopped crying over every ittle thing that bothered me.

I’m no longer helpless and I don’t wait for anyone else to come and save me. I take care of myself now. Now that I’ve finally learned to be happy on my own, I think I’m ready for one last thing God and that’s love.

I’m ready to be with someone because I want to and not because I need to.

Dear God, let 2023 be the year in which I find love, true love, the one that won’t leave me broken.

I’m finally ready for the love that stays. A love that isn’t going anywhere. A love that will be there for better or for worse. A love in which I’m enough. I am ready to meet that someone who’ll see me as more than enough.

Dear God, let this year be the one in which I find someone who’ll love me just the way I am. Let it be someone who won’t try to change me or fix me or make me a little less of a mess.

Please, let it be someone who appreciates my imperfections as much as my good sides.

Dear God, let this year be the one in which I find someone who will appreciate all my efforts. Who will see how hard I’m trying and who won’t ever close his eyes to it. Someone who will know how much he means to me and someone who won’t ever take me for granted.

Dear God, let this year be the one in which I find someone who won’t give up on me. Someone who will not give up on me when things get rough, someone who will not walk away after we hit the first bump in the road.

Let it be someone who will fight for me as much as I’m ready to fight for him. Let it be someone who will stay and try because he sees me as worthy of his efforts as well.

Dear God, let this year be the one in which I find someone to whom I’ll give all of me. Someone whom I will love in Your name and whose love will be as pure as mine.

Let it be someone who won’t just take all my love without ever giving me anything in return, but someone who will choose to love me more and more each day.

Dear God, let 2023 be the year in which I finally find love.

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