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Today astrologers reveal who are the most betrayed zodiac signs of the Zodiac. Very often, their partners pay attention to others.

Belonging to a zodiac sign affects our behavior and our personality because according to astrologers many of our characteristics are linked to our date of birth.   According to this, the astrologers would be able to define which zodiac signs that tend to suffer more betrayal by their partner.

Nobody wants to be betrayed by their partner and yet sometimes, perhaps unconsciously, we behave in a way that pushes the other away or we are forced to choose the wrong partners and thus multiply the chances of suffering a betrayal. According to the stars, three signs are the most likely.

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Here are the three zodiac signs most betrayed by the partner

Betrayal is painful, in addition to disappointment, bitterness, and pain, a betrayal also annihilates our self-esteem. According to astrologers, some signs attract more potential unfaithful partners and they are three. If you are part of the list below, the stars advise you never to let your guard down and to be more alert and more cunning.


The Leo is by far the sign that is most betrayed by the partner. Leo is a fire sign, bright, exuberant, loves to show off, and loves to receive attention and compliments. Within the couple, he wants to be a leader, an attitude that often leads to trouble in the relationship.  The Leo partner may feel overwhelmed and therefore turn their attention to someone who is more considerate. According to astrologers, Leo should learn to be more flexible as a couple, thus giving much more chance to their romantic relationship.

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The second place belongs to the native of the Virgin. Virgo is a sign that always has the need to control everything, precise, meticulous, well organized but also very insecure. Virgo is a very suspicious sign even if as a couple they are quite confident, too much. Often it is even naive. This naivety could lead the partner not to feel threatened by pushing himself into extra-marital attention. Virgo also has great intuition and she will tend to surprise her partner by making him fall into a trap and will never, ever forgive him.

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The native of Pisces closes the ranking, a very sensitive and very sweet and faithful sign as a couple. Pisces is also a sign that cannot keep their feet on the ground and lives perpetually in an otherworldly dimension in which all his dreams reign and this way of making him appear not very concrete. Hence it destabilizes the partner who wishes to be reassured. Furthermore, Pisces is often too naive a sign and attracts malicious people. The stars advise this sign to use their time to get to know the person next to them in depth before committing to them concretely.

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