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According to astrologers, some zodiac signs tend to drink more alcohol than others. You are part of the ranking too

Our date of birth and therefore our zodiac sign gives us distinctive traits, some would seem to be bizarre, such as the propensity to drink alcohol.   Yet the stars have no doubts, the zodiac signs of today’s ranking you always see them with a cocktail in hand.

Drinking responsibly and in a controlled manner makes some signs more revelers. The signs we are about to tell you about love to go out and be in company and above all they love to toast . Any occasion is good to cheer and celebrate life.  Here are the most “alcoholic” signs of the horoscope.

These signs are the ones who drink the most alcohol of the whole horoscope

Not everyone can boast of being able to drink alcohol as this requires a strong physique that avoids meltdown. If you can’t stand the alcohol it would be better to avoid it! Health advice aside, there are people who drink more and people who don’t drink at all and say they are teetotal, according to the stars this trend could depend on the zodiac sign.

The signs we’re about to tell you about love to drink alcohol:


Aries is a dynamic and energetic sign, when he is in company he loves to have fun and feel euphoric and alcohol gives him a hand. Aries drinks but in moderation and only as long as alcohol helps them have fun. He knows his limits well and does not go beyond them.


Aquarius also have a passion for alcohol. When the aquarium is in company, he does not hesitate to gulp down a few cocktails, sometimes he even exaggerates and drinks a few too many. However, being a very responsible sign, he does not always drink, but only on the right occasions.


Sagittarius is another sign that doesn’t hesitate to drink alcohol. When Sagittarius is tipsy he feels that spark that makes him even more sunny is fun than usual, a feeling that he particularly loves and which he does not want to give up at all. Hurray for happy hours!

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