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Yes, we have decided to reveal the ranking of the five most depressed zodiac signs of all. What do you say, would you like to find out if there is also yours among them?

Tell us the truth: as soon as you read the word depression you immediately thought of that person who can not help but darken the day when you meet her, right?
Today’s horoscope ranking is more joking than serious: we all know that depression is a real disease, which you can’t mess with!

Undoubtedly, however, some people try to always see everything dark and dark (and maybe they are not even really depressed).
For this reason, we decided to ask stars and planets to provide us with today’s horoscope ranking, taking this possibility into account.
Are not you curious to find out if you are among the top five positions?

The most depressed zodiac signs: let’s find out together today’s horoscope ranking

Think you know someone depressed?
To confirm this, there is today’s horoscope ranking: that of the most depressing zodiac signs there are!

Hey, this ranking is meant as a joke. Depression is a very bad disease, affecting far more people than you might think.
By the very fact that it is a disease, it is almost impossible to understand who it will happen to: you certainly cannot choose to take it or not!

The ranking we have in mind today is that of the zodiac signs who… a little like to pretend to be depressed.
Songs tearjerker on Facebook, post on white and black on Instagram, and when you ask ” How are you ?” they answer “You knew …”: this is the identikit we have in mind!
So, ready to know the most depressed zodiac signs of all? Here is the ranking!

Gemini: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Gemini often succumb to a very particular ” depression “.
Those born under this sign are people who really always have a lot of meat on the fire and who, often and willingly, find themselves having to flee from one situation because they are chasing another. In short, they lead a life definitely on the edge!

For Gemini, however, nothing that happens to them is attributable to their actions; everything has to do, mainly, with the fate that has put them in an unfavorable position. Oh, poor Gemini – there’s nothing they can do! (Spoiler: yes, there is so much they can do but as one of the most depressed zodiac signs of all … Gemini revels in doing nothing!).

Pisces: fourth place

Even the fishes are people who, more often, give way to depression.
Those born under this sign are truly inscrutable and, sometimes, the reason is precisely this self-induced depression. Why are Pisces depressed? What happens in their life to make them feel so sad and dejected?

The Fish they will not say never: are people accustomed to being alone, to solve their conflicts, and to rely only on themselves.
From the outside, the life of Pisces is always exciting and electrifying: when you know them well, however, you soon realize that this is a farce!

Aries: third place

Does it seem strange to you that Aries is in the ranking of the most depressed zodiac signs of all? So obviously you have never met an Aries!
We have often said that those born under this sign are a lethal mix of insecurities and arrogance.

When Aries are at their peak and try hard, there is no one more purposeful, positive, and happy than them. At the slightest stumbling, however, Aries ends up practically crying. No one is more unfortunate than them, they will never be able to pull themselves out again! The Aries is run by friends, in search of support and affection and smother them by dint of requests impossible. What happens next? As soon as the wheel of fortune turns in their favor again, the Aries … evaporate!

Taurus: second place

If crying were a sport, those born under the sign of Taurus would be Olympic champions and champions.
Dear Taurus, we are sorry to have told you in this direct and crude way but someone had to take the trouble to reveal the truth.

You are among the most depressing signs of the zodiac because you like to complain even if, more often than not, you have practically nothing to worry about! The Taurus creates problems where there are none and invent complications at full blast; the reason? Simply that of feeling unfortunate, unfortunate, and alone in the face of destiny!

Dear Taurus: You know very well that you have the skills, abilities, and possibilities to make it through life. Enough of this depression … fake!

Leo: first place in the ranking of the most depressed zodiac signs of all

Dear Leos, do not be angry if we tell you that your first place in today’s ranking is not only deserved but also very fitting.
You are the most depressed zodiac sign in the horoscope and you know it very well!

Those born under the sign of Leo particularly like to feel sorry for themselves. They do not show it when they are socialized, this is not the case, but if you are very intimate with a person born under the sign of Leo, unfortunately, you cannot help but agree with us.
They are really “depressed” or they want to be: having to deal with a Leo, often and willingly, is a deadly bore!

Leos like to feel disadvantaged (even if, often and willingly, they have many privileges on their side, including a particularly combative character). Leo should always feel less able, less beautiful, and less good of others to be able to enjoy even more success than him. I am depressed OCD; don’t let us talk about what they do when they break up or have some love disappointment!

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