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Find out why each sign of the zodiac is afraid of engaging in love.

Love is a feeling that everyone aspires to and that has always made hearts of all ages dream. Yet, when you find yourself in love, at times, you can happen to be afraid to commit seriously. This can depend on various reasons such as past trauma, fear of indissolubly bonding with someone, desire for freedom, etc … Obviously, each of us has different reasons that at times may be known, while others are completely unconscious. Reasons that can lead to a real fear of relationships with others.

And, given that the fear of engaging in a romantic relationship may also depend at least in part on the influence that the stars have on each of us, today after seeing what love will be like in March and how to cheer ourselves up. based on your zodiac sign, we will find out what the zodiac signs fear about making a romantic commitment. Since this is an aspect linked in a particular way to the way of being and feeling, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant of each sign of the zodiac, to have a clear idea of ​​the origins of their fears.

Astrology – Here’s what zodiac signs fear from an important relationship

Aries – They are afraid of missing important opportunities
Those born under the sign of Aries live for the day and tend to be always and only focused on themselves. From a sentimental point of view, they love to experience strong emotions and their fears are concentrated in this context. If they think of an important story the fear they have is that of foreclosing on something special, missing an opportunity, or even someone more suitable for them. Stopping is perceived by them as contentment and closing in on new possibilities. This fear is therefore very strong and sometimes it risks becoming the real cause that leads them to miss the opportunity of their life. One aspect they should pay particular attention to.

Taurus – They fear they may suffer from a disappointment
When they love, the natives of Taurus have a strange way of doing it. They generally tend to always keep some sort of distance, keeping the partner away from their inner world and the small group of friends and relatives. Starting an important relationship, then, for them means getting naked, giving the other person more chances to hit them in the weak spots. Bringing the person they are with into their close circle means considering them to be part of the family. This leads them to open up, confide in and trust blindly. A betrayal or a disappointment, in this sense, would therefore be experienced with particular suffering. And that’s exactly what they fear from a serious relationship. A fear that they can sometimes manage to defeat even after months or years of relationship. Fortunately,

Gemini – They fear change
Strange as it may sound, those born under the sign of Gemini, usually so reluctant to stable things, fear just the opposite in front of a serious story. Their greatest fear is that of bonding with someone and then losing them. In the sentimental field, although reluctant to boredom and monotony, they tend to prefer important stories and the fear of suffering due to abandonment is always constant. Fortunately, their way of being and the ability they have to bond with others very easily, helps them to overcome initial fears quite quickly. And even if in a full relationship, the fear of suddenly finding themselves alone, often tends to take over, they still manage to live with it and overcome any “crisis” thanks to their proverbial positivity.

Cancer – They live the fears of the past
The natives of Cancer are sensitive people and in some ways also fragile. This leads them to carry with them every bad experience from the past. Among these there are the sentimental ones and, needless to say, the disappointments had by any ex. Approaching a new story, therefore, pushes the natives of the sign to open old wounds and to fear that they will be able to suffer again. For this reason, they tend to move slowly, trying to keep things as light as possible and all until they finally feel safe. Fortunately, their sense of the romantic and the desire to live love, help them slowly to overcome any possible fear and to face little by little the ghosts that they carry with them, managing to open up to the new partner and thus making them evolve, always. with their times, their relationship.

Leo – They fear opening up to the wrong person
For those born under the sign of Leo, a serious relationship is also a way to find a partner to team up with and to be 100% trustworthy. This aspect often leads them to fear binding themselves in a demanding way because it also means risking opening up to the wrong person. If the story ended they would lose not only a partner but also a life partner. Which they fear they can’t afford and which, as a result, prompts them to think over and over before truly letting go in a relationship. An aspect that they should learn to consider from other points of view as well. The risk is that of being alone and losing the right person only out of a fear that could turn out to be completely unjustified.

Virgo – They are afraid of not being accepted
Although they often have questionable ways of doing things and appear more confident than ever in their way of being, the natives of Virgo are very afraid of the opinion of others. And, especially, they fear that of people they feel are important in their life. When they find themselves evaluating the possibility of embarking on a love story, they end up asking themselves several stakes, many of which are useless and decidedly harmful. Fortunately, in the end, if involved, they almost always decide to take risks. The risk, however, is that of taking too long and losing the right person or one able to understand and accept them as they are. This is why they should learn to be a little more instinctive, at least in love.

Libra – They are afraid of engaging in something unproductive
When it comes to life choices, those born under the sign of Libra tend to become especially rational. In particular, regarding romantic relationships, they begin to consider the future implications, and what they fear most is the idea of ​​deeply engaging in a story that could one day end. This, beyond the normal pain it entails, would lead them to feel that they have invested their time in the wrong way. A problem that they live quite strongly and which, consequently, pushes them to think in-depth before considering whether to make a story more or less serious than it is at the present moment. It is a sort of defense that they put in place to protect themselves but which often risks making them lose the possibility of living a love that, regardless of how it can evolve,

Scorpio – Fear of being disappointed
The natives of Scorpio have an unshakable faith in love but, for this very reason, they fear that it could be betrayed. What they fear most in a serious relationship is therefore the risk of trusting the wrong person. For them, an important story implies a pact of trust that leads them to open up and give themselves completely to the chosen person. Knowing they can make mistakes and be betrayed or hurt is something that scares them beyond measure. Fortunately, they have a sixth sense that helps them most of the time to understand who they are in front of. And that, coupled with a little self-confidence leads them to understand if it’s worth a try. Of course, at first, they will always stay a little on their own but over time they will know how to relax and live the relationship in the best way.

Sagittarius – They are afraid of making mistakes
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius love to live to the fullest and this applies to any type of life experience. When it comes to love relationships, then, they often find themselves wondering whether or not they are doing the right thing. Among the things they fear most is stopping with the wrong person, losing their beloved freedom, or getting hurt. It is therefore more than a fear and all together they can be summed up in the fear of making a mistake. A problem that can push them to keep their distance longer than they would like and that, in the long run, can make them wrong. Losing the right person is, for example, one of the risks they run. At the same time, due to their way of doing things, they risk staying still and missing out on important opportunities that could make them happy.

Capricorn – They are afraid of getting too distracted
Capricorn natives have a sense of responsibility for everything they deem important that goes beyond all limits. If they think about love, then, what they fear most is the possibility of getting distracted and losing sight of the things they care about. For some it may be work, for others, it may be a hobby or passion they care about a lot. At the base, however, the fear that remains to them is precisely that of losing sight of something. A problem that they must learn to face to understand if and when to dedicate themselves to love. Because sometimes, what they risk is missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be with the right person. And ironically, realizing it could make him lose interest in everything else.

Aquarius – Fear of having to change their lifestyle
When it comes to love, those born under the sign of Aquarius have several fears, mostly related to how this could affect their personal life. If we talk about an important relationship, of course, things get worse because they begin to fear losing their freedom, the privacy they care about a lot, and the opportunity to dedicate the time that is only and exclusively for them. This means that on many occasions they may find themselves taking a step back and even choosing not to get involved too much. An option that in the long run can lead them to live too much alone, to the point of missing someone by their side. Which if not caught in time could end up compromising their lifestyle.

Pisces – They are afraid of being made fun of
Pisces natives are sensitive people, who believe a lot in love and who always hope for the best when they start a relationship. Nonetheless, they can’t help but think about the possibility of being made fun of. Aware of their goodness of mind when feelings are at stake, they are therefore afraid of finding themselves suffering when the only thing they want is to live a happy relationship. For this reason, it can sometimes take a while before you let go completely. However, these are short periods because, despite everything, they are small people of great strength and a lot of hope for the future and people. And this is something that in their hands is equivalent to great strength, able to open the doors to love and the possibility of being truly happy.

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