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Are you experiencing a NO period? Remove negative energies with the right crystal. Here’s which crystal to choose based on your zodiac sign.

Have you ever heard of the power of gemstones and crystals? According to some, these would be able to ward off negative energies and help you feel good. Astrologers suggest which crystal to choose based on our zodiac sign.

Start attracting positivity and well-being. Make sure that negative energies can’t touch you. A great shield from negativity could be a crystal. These stones are great for capturing the negative vibes that surround you, preventing them from oppressing you. Each astrological sign has its perfect crystal. What will yours be?

The crystal you should have to ward off negativity based on your zodiac sign

We all go through stressful and overwhelming times that we seem unable to overcome. It could all be the fault of the influence of negative energies. Luckily we have a solution for you: a crystal to repel them starting from your astrological sign.

Here is the ideal natural mineral that will help you smile and feel good again:

Aries: Blue Agate

Blue Agate has magical properties. Promotes calm of the mind and silences emotions. This mineral is also known to promote communication and kindness and to dissolve any blockages in the nervous system.

Taurus: Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a mineral that promotes protection. In addition to keeping evil people away, it helps you regain your energy and relieve bone tension and pain. Finally, this stone is said to strengthen the immune system and increase self-esteem.

Gemini: Emerald

The emerald is the crystal called to protect the heart. Its properties will help you bring out all the feelings governed by your heart. In addition, this crystal detoxifies the liver and kidneys and helps you solve respiratory problems. Emerald clarifies your ideas and improves memory.

Cancer: Smoky Quartz

This mineral appears to be able to absorb the negative effects of radiation. It also helps you break free from habits that are bad for your health and will enhance your judgmental skills to help you make the right choices. Also great for relieving anxiety and stress and making you more fertile.

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Leo: Rainbow Hematite

This crystal is known as the stone of transformation. It helps us identify what is wrong with us and that we want to change, allowing us to allay frustrations. Thanks to this crystal you will be able to reconnect with your inner self. It improves oxygenation in the body and is excellent for counteracting anemia.

Virgo: Amethyst

Amethyst is a crystal that promotes relaxation, calms anxieties and anger, and helps to regain mental calm. Amethyst improves inner security and reassures. Just keep it next to you at night to keep nightmares away.

Libra: Carnelian

Carnelian stone is a mineral that accentuates vitality, positivity, and a feeling of euphoria. Remove hatred and jealousy and attract good humor. Stimulates a sense of justice and attachment to one’s values. This crystal will help you find motivation and not give up after you set a goal.

Scorpio: Obsidian stone

Obsidian stone empowers intuition. It will allow you to see more clearly inside yourself, it will facilitate an indispensable introspective path to bring out all the suffering rooted within you. This mineral helps overcome traumas and fears.

Sagittarius: Amazonite

Amazonite is a special stone that can improve self-confidence. It also helps to regain freedom and minimize stress. In this new emotional state, it is easier to make major changes and set new goals. This stone will help you accomplish your new goals.

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Capricorn: Citrine Quartz

Natural citrine is a stone that attracts financial well-being as well as mental well-being and positivity, a state that also favors new love encounters. This sun-yellow crystal is energizing and eliminates build-ups of fatigue.

Aquarius: Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite increases mental strength, promotes concentration and mental order. Its various shades benefit tired and confused minds and relieve stress. Fluorite stimulates the skin and mucous membrane regeneration and relieves inflammation, especially in the lungs.

Pisces: Aquamarine

The Aquamarine stone promotes the restoration of emotional balance. This crystal is known as the Mermaid Stone and is said to be an excellent ally for emotional, physical, and mental healing.

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