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According to the celestial configurations, there are three signs that probably have a destiny punctuated by suffering and disillusionment

We all know people who have bad karma. The misfortune seems to hit them to the point of making them doubt everything or sometimes even become very superstitious.

These people think they are out of luck because luck is never on their side. Their fate looks like the plot of a Shakespearean tragedy. Here are the most unfortunate signs of the zodiac.

The 3 signs of the zodiac whose bad luck has a direct effect on the personality:


Characterized by pessimism and distrust, natives of this sign attract bad luck wherever they go. They expect the worst so much that it inevitably ends up happening. These people struggle to achieve their goals because they tend to over-analyze events and consequences. This readiness to think deeply prevents them from taking action. Their willingness to anticipate everything causes them to miss out on great opportunities. They should stop victimizing themselves and finally take their fate in hand. This deleterious attitude is the main reason they feel chased by an evil star. Becoming aware of their successes could be a good first step to extricate themselves from the numbness in which they tend to get bogged down.


Their perfectionism is a burden rather than a boon to success. Indeed, this predisposition to be obsessed with small details makes them miss the point. Natives of this sign are not out of luck, they are just extremely limited. They are willing to try an initiative multiple times even if it is doomed to failure. Their entourage explains to them why their efforts have not been successful, but they will continue to maintain their momentum. Those born under the sign of Virgo should be more vigilant for their ideas to be crowned with success. Their picky side will prevent them from appreciating their wins at their fair value. However, natives of this sign are not lacking in self-confidence. They simply have high expectations that invariably lead them to be disappointed.


Undecided and hesitant, the sign of Pisces has in his heart the desire to please everyone and for this, he makes many promises to everyone. Pisces are obsessed with wanting their choices to be unanimously respected. They let themselves be lulled by this illusion until they have an epiphany: their decisions will never please everyone. This attitude will prompt them to make promises but to always be reluctant to act. Their wait-and-see attitude doesn’t bode well. They will be ostracized by their entourage because their broken promises will quickly become annoying. The natives of these water signs should shed promises to carry out their projects with the best wishes. Staying away from their natural susceptibility will allow them to maintain the bonds they have sometimes had trouble developing.

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