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Today’s horoscope ranking wants to discover all the zodiac signs that are best at putting on eyeliner. Are you by any chance the only one in your circle of acquaintances who doesn’t get hysterical every morning in front of the mirror?

We all know, or almost, how it works. Every morning, even if we don’t have enough time available, we look at the liquid eyeliner looking at us from the make-up door in the bathroom and think: ” Yes, I can do it “.

Twenty minutes and a crisis hysterical later, you’re struccando furiously eyes while you’re late on the table of march. It has become a personal matter: you may also get fired for having arrived in late but I’ll lay off with a line perfect for eyeliner on the eyes!
Instead, think that there are people with such a steady hand that they wear eyeliner with a single, fluid, gesture: don’t you want to know who they are?

The best zodiac signs to put eyeliner on: are you among them too?

Put the eyeliner might seem, to the eyes ” virgins ” who did not have to take every day, a game from boys.
Just take the brush or the pen-shaped body and draw a line on the eyelid, right?

The answer is, of course, absolutely not!
There are countless women (and even men, why not) who fight a valiant battle against eyeliner every morning.
The hands are shaking, the line jumps, the eyelid is the spot: the elite of cotton buds are thrown (much to the chagrin of environmentalists and the environment) after being used to correct the errors.

In short, you know what happens: you and your eyeliner are fighting and you do not yet know who will win!
Today we have decided, therefore, to ask horoscope to draw up a ranking very special: one of the signs of the zodiac which are the most talented to put the eyeliner!
Do you think you are among the top positions too? Let’s find out now!

Cancer: fifth place

You can be sure of one thing: when Cancer puts on makeup, her eyeliner line will be among the most accurate in history! No matter what happens in his life: maybe you are putting on her makeup in the car or the bathroom of a local public because they entered her crush.

What you can be sure of is that cancer will always be able to make an eyeliner line by hand. It is an innate talent, a unique ability to be precise for a sign that is often very messy. Are you a Cancer who does not wear makeup? Well then you know you should start immediately!

Taurus: fourth place

Long hours spent in front of the mirror, with a ruler and protractor close by, made Taurus one of the best eyeliner zodiac signs. This is certainly not an innate talent for Taurus, but mostly something they have decided to learn and who have decided to learn how to better.

The Toro is one of those signs that, in front of the make-up, question everything himself. If she wears makeup, she does it to put on top makeup and you will always see it perfect. The Taurus does not mind waking up even two hours earlier to have the perfect look: eyeliner takes up a good part of his morning routine!

Aries: third place

Even those born under the sign of Aries can create a look with eyeliner that truly leaves us speechless.
For this reason, therefore, stars and planets have decided to place them on the first step of the podium. Not a bad result, right?

Dear Aries, you know that when you get stuck in trying to complete a mission you can never really stop.
You are people who aim for the result and who do everything to always arrive perfectly at the end of the race. On your eyeliner is simply no flaws, but how do you do?

Scorpio: second place

If anyone can put eyeliner on in five seconds, that someone is Scorpio. They have been training for years now to make this operation not only fast but also simply perfect!
The Scorpio is at the second place in our ranking of the signs of the zodiac as good to put the eyeliner.

But it didn’t just happen by accident! Ever since they started wearing make-up, all the Scorpio-born have also started a tough fight with eyeliner.
To learn how to put it straight and precise, therefore, those born under the sign of Scorpio have taken the right precautions.
The Scorpio, in fact, always and only buys a product that he is fond of and that he knows how to use perfectly for years. Woe to send him out production: his wrath will be impossible to tame!

After deciding what is the product better, the Scorpio is also capable of spending hours of his time (when no other matters more urgent ) to try and try the technique to put the eyeliner.
They watch YouTube tutorials, follow professional makeup artists, and worry about updating their technique now and then. In short, they are the real experts of eyeliner and their hands are steadier than ever!

Virgo: first place in the ranking of the best signs to wear eyeliner

We could, of course, expect it but we must publicly acknowledge it: those born under the sign of Virgo are real “ dragons ” when it comes to make-up!
The Virgo is a sign that he did of perfection and skills its flag: often, people born under this sign, try to fight with the perfect aspect of their tendency to be … rather awkward!

It is not often that Virgo shows the world her awkwardness, precisely because she strives in every area to be simply perfect.
The make-up, of course, is part of his armor! By dint of mistakes and failed attempts, those born under the sign of Virgo have learned to make a look truly no defects.

Whether they use some tricks of the trade (scotch tape or cardboard shapes to apply on the eye and “color”), the shape of the Virgin’s eyeliner will always be straight and precise, without errors, and truly enviable.
It doesn’t matter how long it takes – you’ll never see them if they’re not perfectly made up!

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