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Let’s find out immediately if you are one of the zodiac signs that are always wrong: today’s horoscope ranking will reveal the top five positions!

Hey, don’t blame us but the stars and planets if you think you are not in this ranking but you end up finding out that you are in the first position!
What we want to find out today, in fact, is if you are part of that category of people who just can never get one right.

It is not just about choosing the right scratch card at the tobacconist’s but also about making the wrong decision on time or always making a bad impression when you quickly answer a question of general knowledge. Today’s ranking will reveal all the signs that they just never manage to do the right thing: aren’t you among them?

The zodiac signs that are always wrong: here is today’s horoscope ranking

There is not much to do: if in life you do nothing but make bad decisions or make mistakes in what you say you will be aware of it, right? Today we want to show you a very particular horoscope ranking: that of the zodiac signs that always make mistakes, whatever they do!

Of course, we certainly don’t want to say that you are ignorant or don’t know what you are doing. For each of the signs in the ranking, in fact, we have also identified the reason why, often and willingly, we find ourselves in the wrong.
The important thing, however, is to know whether or not you are in the top five positions of today’s horoscope ranking!

Come on, don’t get down on it.
Everyone, absolutely everyone, happens to make mistakes at least once in their life: if you are in this ranking it means that, at least, you are constant!

Sagittarius: fifth place

Confidentkindopen, and helpful: those born under the sign of Sagittarius almost systematically make the wrong decision because of their character! Sagittarius, in fact, trusts others a lot and often ends up not listening to their intuition or decides not to make uncomfortable decisions.

The result? Sagittarius often finds himself on the wrong side: it is impossible for him to find the courage to make the right decisions!

Gemini: fourth place

Even those born under the sign of Gemini end up in our ranking of the signs that are always wrong.
It’s certainly not about trying to embarrass them but we have to be honest about it: Gemini really struggles to make good decisions!

Their desire to do everything, and have results immediately, and the inability to compare themselves with others or wait to improve, lead Gemini to make decisions in a hurry.
And haste, we all know, is not a good counselor! That’s why Gemini always make bad decisions: in a rush to ” escape ” from the previous situation, they throw themselves headlong into a new one!

Libra: third place

Even those born under the sign of Libra can never really make the right decision. But how come?
This is a sign known for its ability to adapt to others and its voracious intelligence: why are they in this ranking?

Often and willingly, Libra is a sign that ends up having ” too much confidence ” in its proverbial cunning and ends up making bad decisions.
By dint of believing that others are more foolish than him, Libra often gets into hot situations from which they do not come out too well. In short: too much and excessive confidence leads Libra to make mistakes … almost always!

Pisces: second place

Haunted by bad luck but also unable to make a concrete decision at the right time, Pisces is in second place in our zodiac signs ranking today.
Certainly, in fact, Pisces always end up making short-sighted decisions, especially in love.

This is a sign that it struggles to impose itself and lets others make decisions for them.
Certainly, it does not often happen that others decide for their own good: here, therefore, Pisces find themselves really in difficulty!
Often and willingly, in fact, Pisces are ” victims ” of the decisions of others but the situation can always get worse!

By dint of letting others decide for them, Pisces often end up not knowing how to make decisions on their own. The best recipe for… well, disaster!

Leo: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that are always wrong

Dear Leo friends, don’t get mad right away as usual!
We know very well that being in first place in the ranking of signs that always make mistakes makes you literally angry but let’s face it: what doesn’t make you angry?
Leo is a sign that is always wrong because of his fiery temperament of him.

Those born under this sign, in fact, are by no means more foolish or less capable than others, quite the contrary!
Unfortunately for Leo, however, his character is often influenced by two characteristics that he has well emphasized: his blind loyalty and his tendency to ignite.

The blind anger that often and willingly pervades him makes Leo truly opinionated and capable of facing problems with arrogance. The result? Almost always, when faced with an important decisionLeo will end up making mistakes! In the same way, their loyalty often leads them to make little conscious decisions: they would do anything for their friends but often, poor Leos do not receive the same treatment!

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