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Find out if you are indecisive based on your zodiac sign.

In life we ​​often talk about decision and indecision . The latter, in particular, is seen as something negative as it places those who live it in a stalemate in which they do not know if and how to move, risking to block even those around them.
It is a problem that can be experienced in various areas of life and which depending on which it concerns can also be quite annoying. An indecisive person at work, for example, risks not seizing certain opportunities or doing his job poorly because he is not reactive enough when it comes to making important decisions.
Obviously, even the indecision that almost always depends on the experiences lived and the education received, is influenced by the stars, which is why it is possible to identify which are the signs that live it well and which are completely overwhelmed by them.
So today, after seeing how anxious we are and how insecure we are , we will try to find out how indecisive we are .

Here’s how you experience indecision according to the stars

Aries – Hardly ever indecisive
Being a person of action you are used to making your decisions on the fly without thinking too much. This makes you a person who almost never gives in to indecision but who, on the contrary, often makes his decisions so quickly that he risks making the opposite mistake, that is, not reflecting enough on the various options. A little balance, in this sense, would help you get better results especially when it comes to feelings, an area where your decision comes almost as a reaction to the fear of having to choose, thus ending up instinctively moving to escape stress. of the moment.

Taurus – Undecided
You like to be practical, which is why when you are faced with a problem, your first move is to look for the simplest and easiest solution to implement. It cannot therefore be said that you are an indecisive person except for those times when the tension tends to make you some joke making you go into the ball and leading you to fear of making a mistake. In those cases you end up blocking yourself by putting aside your self-control. Fortunately, these are borderline cases beyond which you are always a calm and relaxed person, therefore able to decide everything calmly.

Gemini – Very undecided
Let’s say that when you are in your alternating phase, indecision is king, putting you even in crisis. This happens because while often changing the fear of making a wrong choice is so strong that every possible move seems to be the last. The advice of the stars is therefore to relax and always remember that most likely every decision you make will be limited in time because even before you know it you will have already changed your mind. Is it worth it, then, to grieve for so little?

Cancer – The eternal undecided
If inside you you seem to have very clear ideas, when it comes to expressing them or sharing them with others, everything changes, making you in fact a constantly indecisive person. In fact, every smallest choice seems to put you in crisis to the point of making others feel uncomfortable too, who often do not know how to help you despite being aware of your agitation. The only way to deal with the problem is to learn to cope with it and train yourself to make decisions every day. Initially you can do it with something small and unimportant, only to then increase the shot from time to time until deciding is almost spontaneous.

Leo – Almost not at all indecisive
In life you know what you want and how to get it. This makes you a totally indecisive person, especially when it comes to the workplace. If we really want to look for a weak point this could lie in the affections where the fear of hurting others can push you, albeit very rarely, to be undecided about how to deal with a certain issue or how to act. However, these are very sporadic cases and which should not be taken into account. For everything else, in fact, you remain a person who is anything but indecisive.

Virgo – Half Undecided
Formally you would be an indecisive person. In practice, however, your desire not to constantly swing leads you to make your decisions rather quickly even at the cost of making the wrong choices. What anguishes you most is in fact the feeling of having to take steps towards the unknown, which is why when you find yourself having to make decisions you stop and think about it but without dwelling too much on the various aspects. As soon as you feel anxiety set in, in fact, you end up opting for the choice that seems most obvious to you, putting aside the rest and limiting yourself to hope.
A method that in the end seems to work and that when it doesn’t work, you are able to deal with it, despite the bitterness in your mouth that obviously remains.

Libra – Against all forms of indecision
It is not that you never have indecisions, the point is that it bothers you so much to find yourself in similar situations that you still choose something to get it over with. Fortunately, you have a great ability to think clearly in every situation, which leads you to almost always make the right choice. When this does not happen, you have an underlying tranquility on your side that helps you metabolize and contextualize everything, so you don’t feel too bad about it. A way of acting that suits you and that in the end even turns out to be successful, at least in 80% of cases.

Scorpio – Undecided only occasionally
Your sign does not thrive on indecision. You always have a clear idea of ​​what you want and how it should be achieved and as far as the others are concerned, you know immediately who you are in front of. There is also a certain ability to perceive things on your side that helps you feel confident in what you think or feel deep down. The only thing that makes you indecisive is the desire not to believe certain sensations. A bit like when you feel a sympathy for someone you think is not suitable but you would so much like to be able to consider differently. Whether it happens with people or with situations, this dichotomy sometimes risks putting you on the path of indecision. Fortunately, time and experience are masters for you and help you how to move in order to make you more and more determined and confident.

Sagittarius – Not at all indecisive
It can be said that you are confident enough in yourself that you almost never get indecisive. The rare times these occur you tend to minimize them by focusing on what you want and going straight on your way. A way of doing things that seems to have worked up to now. Of course, every now and then you have encountered some disappointment but knowing that you always have in mind how to act repays you for any failures and gives you the necessary security to allow you to try again each time with greater confidence.

Capricorn – Undecided
It can be said that however determined you may appear, in reality, inside you live constantly in doubt of what you do or say. In some ways it is a form of insecurity that you cannot shake off and in others a form of extreme attention that you have towards what surrounds you. In every situation you tend to look at too many aspects, coming to get confused when it comes to having to decide on one path rather than another. The council of the stars? At some point, you have to stop considering the various options and decide to follow a path. Sometimes, after all, certain situations can even change during construction, right?

Aquarius – Undecided? Never
If there is one thing that just does not affect you it is indecision. In fact, by not caring at all about the opinion of others, you know that you have to give an account and reason only to yourself and this is a very important component when it comes to indecision. Sure of what you want and not inclined to evaluate options other than those you deem right for you, you always know what to choose or how to move both positively and negatively. A way of being that gives you serenity and that certainly makes you stronger than others in several respects.

Pisces – Often undecided
Although you know inside of you what you really want, when it comes to deciding you always seem to close something forever and leave it behind, which is why, when you can, you always tend to try to push away the moment of decisions by preferring remain in a stalemate. Fortunately, if it comes to important things you tend to put aside certain ways of being in order to get to put a point and when you do it the result is almost always positive, including the feeling of well-being that follows.

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